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Audeze EL-8 Titanium?

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  1. obzilla

    www.hifiheadphones.ca has them. Go to cables, pull down the type. Last option is apple lightning cable with built in amp and DAC.
    For some reason I can't paste the url, but it's there.
  2. BlinkST
  3. obzilla
    Thanks. Something about the headfi message window on the iPad, no paste feature. Lame.
  4. msp
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I wonder what will happen if you try to procure the cable it is listed to only 59 $--the normal lightning without DAC and amp is 69$...
    I haven’t tried Apple Music, I use Tidal on my Aurender at home and it only supports Tidal. And if I play a playlist and there is a track that is not HiFi you hear it right away--hence the high resolution is a must for me…

    Kind regards Morten

  5. yewtreetrinity

    When the Titaniums were announced I emailed Audeze to ask about a UK release date and whether the Cypher cable would be available separately.  They emailed me back almost immediately to confirm that the Cypher cable WILL be available separately and will work with the existing EL-8 range (and I guess anything else that uses the same connection system).  They quoted 'spring' as the UK release date for the titaniums and the global release date for the Cypher cable.
  6. MikeRight
    I would like to share this great review of the EL8 Titanium while waiting for the full version :wink:

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  7. MikeRight
    I have just receive my EL8 Titanium and I have to say they are just awesome!

    I have tested closed and open versions, but this are absolutely other level.

    The integrated AMP/DSP/DAC is superb.
    At 60% you do not need more volume from your iPhone. Compared to 80-90% in other versions.

    But not only the volume, the quality is just "here you have! your music in your face".

    Soon I would be able to test other portable amps with the standard cable to see differences.

    But by the mean time, I have to say that this a serious bet from Audeze to release the definitive portable rig.

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  8. MikeRight
    Today I have enjoyed 3 hours of music with my new EL8 Titanium.
    It is a pleasure in portability and sound quality.

    Imagine you, your iPhone and the titanium.
    You do not need any more. Specially thanks to the cipher cable.
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  9. obzilla
    I like my EL8s a lot. However I run them with the normal cable and the cipher cable. I find no meaningful difference.
    Portable is relative term. These are great for the office, but I would never take them outside, or on the metro. Much too cumbersome for that IMO.
  10. MikeRight

    I think the difference is awesome when you use an iPhone 6 as a DAP.
    In volume, from 90-95% with jack cable to 40-45% with cipher.
    In sound quality, with cipher cable the Titaniums are more balanced in medium and high bands, but specially the difference is so big in bass. From no bass to a powerful but no contaminating bass and sub-bass.
    Of course, everything is subjective. But this is my point and my recent experience :wink:
  11. obzilla
    Yeah, I am using an iPhone 6s Plus. I am at about 70-80% volume and I could go to 100% without hurting my ears. I don't have the standard cable with me to compare but I recall it being quite similar.
    EL8s are great and I highly recommend them, I just don't think the cipher cable is anything to hype about. I mean the DAC may or may not offer anything (I think DACs vary very very little from the ones in phones to desktop monsters, they convert 0s and 1s to wavforms, it's a simple process and they SHOULD all do it the same, anything else is coloration).
    As far as amping goes, well it gets its power from the phone itself as opposed to an internal battery or external source, so, how much more juice could it give them?
    I like my Titaniums and use them every day at work, but I got them because I didn't like the aesthetics of the standard wood veneer EL8s (which I had bought first and returned), and that's the only measurable difference I can find.
  12. MikeRight
    Cipher cable is not hype.
    The difference is you are using an IPhone 6 from Canada or USA.
    Here in Europe the same phone is blocked reducing the output power by law.
  13. antsin3d
    I'm evaluating a set of these at the moment. I demoed some older el-8 closed backs last month and found them decent but nothing too special. I could be crazy but either they fixed newer models or the Titaniums are somehow different than the closed backs. I'm not disassembling to find out! They are truly pretty heavy and quite large. I'm curious how lengthy usage will be on one's neck. The clamp is a bit much too, but may loosen. Initial sound thoughts without burn in: lush and detailed, but slightly cramped and the highs are overwhelmed frequently by the lows. At first I thought it just wasn't portraying the highs at all, but that's not true-in songs without much bass the highs are represented beautifully. It's just that with the bass-heavy setup on these it tends to get overshadowed. Good for some music, bad for other. Mids are really quite nice. Smooth, warm. Most vocals sound quite nice, reasonably forward, and separated from the instruments (which is exactly where I like them-nothing kills it for me more than recessed vocals). All in all so far these are really quite nice for the money. Considering getting some Ether C's for comparison, although those take so long to burn in I might run out of time to compare :)
  14. antsin3d
    Sooo gotta send these back. Too heavy/hot/pressurized inside the cups for my ears. They sound really good for shorter stints, but for my purposes (8+ hrs at work a day) the sound was fatiguing. Great craftsmanship, lovely detailed sound, but in the end just too tiring overall for long stretches. I actually found the vegan XC's less tiring because the pads didn't seal my drums in. Highly recommended though for 1-2 hrs and for people who like a warmer sound!
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