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Audeze EL-8 Titanium?

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  1. Jeremy

    I have considered an outboard DAC/AMP for my iOS devices but honestly can't be bothered with all the hassle. Thus the appeal of the EL-8 plus I'd never heard planars before and was eager to hear some. To be honest, listening to music through my iPhone and iPad has become truly enjoyable again with the EL-8. I never really felt that way with the Edition 8 because I've never felt satisfied with the DACs on iOS devices. Why don't you just buy and audition them for the holidays? You have until January 8 to return them for a full refund. Only you will know if they are to your liking or not.
  2. Jazz1

    Probably will on the 23 which is payday for me. Will have to have a delayed X-Mas:D
  3. Chudalicious
    Still enjoying getting to know them but TBH, they made me fall more in love with the HD800s and my WA7 using Tidal hifi. That pair is just sick to the nth degree.

    That said and my love for the TH900s make me think these EL-8s may be going back. They sound good enough for their price and features and at my desk, the isolation is insane (they do clamp a bit) but they arent really portable enough for my needs. I could just as easily tote around the Fostex or these. Both big and clunky enough to really not be considered portable. Granted the cypher cable and dac/dsp/amp make the Audeze more convenient, the actual weight and form factor of the headphone itself put them both in the pain-in-my-arse-to-carry-around category. That being the case, there is no need to keep both as either would suffice for an office setting with the Audeze isolating much much more.

    SQ speaking, it was interesting to compare the Fostex flagship with the 3.5mm jack vs. the EL-8 via the lightning connector and built in goodies as the Fostex still had more space and depth, and much more low end thump. Both being inconvenient, I'll prob stick with the Fostex for work. :rolleyes:
  4. Soundizer
    I am surprised it has taken so long for such a convenient all in one solution for ios with Dac/amp integration. Opportunity for other manufacturers to enter this realised market segments where there are a ton of high fi enthusiasts waiting to buy in.
    BlinkST likes this.
  5. msp
    I also find this product interesting, would love to hear more impressions of the sound quality, especial when run from the lighting cable vs the normal 3,5 output from a i-device.
    Kind regards Morten
  6. Soundizer
    They have also announced a less expensive on ear model with amp/dac built in at Ces 2016. Can we really hear better this way than Bluetooth which is great out if ios due to codecs utilised? Need headphone with good BT receiver or the Creative E5 soundblaster.
  7. Allanmarcus

    I don't think the Sine has a built in DAC/Amp.
  8. BlinkST
    Neither of them do. With the Sine, I think you have to custom order it with a "Cypher cable", which instead is free with the El-8 Titanium. 

  9. trentrosa
    Audeze definitely dropped the ball with the distribution of the titanium. Local dealer was unable to order them in as Audeze was instead interested in filling the demands of Apple. Not very nice considering I put down a deposit with my dealer. They won't be available for 6 weeks despite Audezes claims on their website.
  10. wdh777

    I was able to pick up a pair at a local apple store that had them in stock.  I used the apple app which told me which stores offered in store pick up.  Not sure if the main apple site could ship them to you?
  11. Soundizer

    In the UK currently they are nit even available from Apple online Store or Retailers.
  12. obzilla
    Got a pair of regular EL-8 closed about a month ago, one of the drivers got funky so I took them back to the Apple store and opted to 'upgrade' the titaniums. They look much better IMO, but the sound is really the same as running them through a portable DAC/amp (I had been using a Fiio e18). Which is a win actually because I no longer have to bring the brick with rubber bands around with me. EL-8 closed ran fine from an iDevice, but the E18 helped control things, better bass, less shouty in the upper mid/lower treble. Minor things in the EL-8s are ameliorated this way.
    Cypher cable seems to be doing the same thing pretty well.
    If you already have something like am E18 and don't mind the bulk/clutter, then there is nothing for you in the titanium edition unless you are just stuck on the metal aesthetic over the fake wood one. If you don't have an iDevice, obviously don't bother, again unless you are dead stuck on the looks as it does have a regular 1/8' cable. If you do have an iDevice and had previously been considering a portable DAC/amp, then this would be a good option.
    I'm happy with the setup for the office and commuting. It's funny to listen to these and then my LCD3s and vice versa. You can see (hear) a lot of shared DNA in some songs and makes you wonder why anyone would buy the LCD3s, then in other songs the superiority of the LCD3s stares you in the face with authority and there is no doubt.
  13. msp
    Thanks Obzilla
    I have been through various desktop and portable amps… Now I only use Tidal and was searching for a good solution to go with my iDevices I do not want to use an extra device. Now I am using a B&W P7 directly out of the iDevice—I think I will upgrade when the Titanium becomes available in my part of the world—the solution with only one cable and no need to recharge etc. is appealing.
    Kind regards Morten
  14. obzilla
    I just started a Tidal trial. I really like it!
    I think if you want you can just get the EL8 and order a Cipher cable. It will be the same, obviously minus the finish.
  15. trentrosa

    I don't believe the cypher cable will be available for sale out of the titanium.

    Tidal is great, but honestly, the convienance of Apple Music on apple devices is too hard to ignore.
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