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Audeze EL-8 Titanium?

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  1. Darryl l
    Lightning cable broke less than 2 weeks.They are so easy to break.I have never ever seen headphone cable that sensitive.When I got up ,I accidentally pull the cable away from iphone and cable broke.I contacted Audeze and they want $75.00 for replacement.Not so happy about it.
  2. DanDorn
    Just want to weigh in on discussions about the el-8 titaniums. I really like these headphones (one of my keepers), and I feel they're quite different than/superior to the regular el-8 closed. I tried those out and returned them, not liking the sound. The titaniums sound better to me, though they benefit from a modest break-in period. Two observations:
    -The cables ARE delicate, there's no way of getting around it. I keep the cable connected to the earpads at all times to reduce strain and minimize damage down the line.
    -The case that Audeze markets and sells for the el-8s is TOO SMALL. When I purchased the first titaniums from Audeze, I also got the case designated as the el-8 case. The yoke on the headphones broke within a weak due to cramming them into this too-small case.  Audeze replaced the headphones free of charge, but I recommend getting a larger case or pouch (the titaniums close flat) to protect these fragile cans.
  3. HumdrumPenguin
    I tried these at the Apple Store. They were paired directly to an iPod touch. The iPod is simply not enough to drive these, therefore I can't understand why they would use a lighting port as the connector. I believe a nice amp could do wonders to the mid and treble, but there was simply NO bass. If these cans could be paired to a good amp and had the same bass found on the LCD-2, I'd seriously consider buying it. Not being the case, my personal opinion is to stay away from these.
  4. DanDorn
    Have to disagree. Personally, I find the lighning ended cable with app-driven built-in amp provides quite the punch and power via my iPhone. That said, The EL-8 titaniums are mid- and treble-centric, an issue you can nicely resolve with EQ. More importantly, planars in general (and maybe the EL-8s in particular) need lengthy break-in to reach their peak sound. Really. I'm skeptical about break-in claims in certain cases, but not in this case. 
  5. bosiemoncrieff

    I tried these at the Union Square apple store, and they had them (and three Bose QC35s) connected to the same iPad Mini. I think their conundrum was putting out enough power to drive EL8T but not so much as to blow the drivers out of the Bose. I bought a pair, intending to return them in the 14-day window. Will post my impressions here unless there's a separate EL8 impressions thread. 
  6. zerolight

    They ship with two cables. You can use the lighting cable withe the built in DAC or you can use the regular cable and an amp or whatever.
  7. HumdrumPenguin
    zerolight This certainly changes the game then, but only if you dont listen to anything bass oriented. At this price point I think there would be some other cans with a better overall feeling though. But I do remember liking the treble signature. The wooden version EL-8 is probably the best looking phone out there in my opinion. I wish it had a sound that is more to my liking.
  8. zerolight
    I've not heard them yet. Only the open back, and not sure if they were 2015 or 16. But many posts are claiming the bass to be very prominent. Maybe the iPod was the problem, someone could have changed the eq. Or maybe someone tinkered with the cypher DAC eq?
  9. Shell of Light
    I just got a set of these recently.  They sound good, a bit heavy but I think they will meet my current needs.  I'm wanting to get a case for them, something small so I can transport them with me in a bag.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. jdwhitak
    I tried these at a local Apple Store also. I thought they were horrible. I suppose something could have been wrong with the demo pair though.

    I have the EL-8 open back on its way to me. Hopefully it will not sound the same or it will be going back. If these don't work out I'm going to get a pair of Fostex TXXRPs. I demoed the Fostex at Guitar Center and I liked them.
  11. WriterHead
    My EQ for the EL8 titanium (with cipher cable) to bring back the Audeze sound instead of the Grado sound they tried with these. Best "portable" headphones, even better than SINE and more comfortable and better isolation. If you can grab them for 350USD used It's a steal.

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  12. RojasTKD
    I just got a pair of EL-8 Titanium and after a couple of days I'm 99% sure they will be returned by week's end.

    I found their sound to be a little lacking. Dynamics are missing and the bass is a little underwhelming. Vocals aren't bad but still something's missing. These are suppose to be for portable use but I find them to difficult to drive fort that purpose.

    At max volume non of my portable gear get them to a volume that's adequate. Even using the cipher cable at max volume is too low. If I crank up the volume on my desktop gear they start to come alive, the bass starts to make its presence known and dynamics improve... But vocals become a bit harsh due to the higher volume.

    For such heavy headphones with 100mm drivers, not to mention the price tag, I'd expect considerably more. For about the same price the LCD-2C is a far superior headphone.

    There are some that may like these for their decent mids/vocals and good but low in quantity bass, but that person is not me.
  13. phthora
    Your iFi Black Label will drive them portably, and that bass boost brings the sound up to at least neutral on the low-end. Turbo mode (with IEMatch on) will also help with the dynamics, as that mode has tons of power available.
  14. RojasTKD
    I'll give it a try, but doubt I keep these. It would have to absolutely magical to get me to keep these.

    The Black Label is more my transportable setup for me. Calling it a portable is a stretch for most people.

    EL-8 Ti just doesn't seem like a "real" portable headphone. Think I'll put that money towards some other gear. Eyeing a balanced DAC, one I can find one worth getting.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  15. phthora
    That's fair. I don't mind carrying around my DP-X1 and Black Label, but it's only technically portable. It's pretty subjective whether or not it's portable for you.

    Plus, if you can get the LCD-2C for the same price, that's a no-brainer. I got my EL-8 Ti for $250, so it occupies a different mental tier for me. At $800, it was not even remotely a consideration. The AEON C is also a really good option, BTW. Much more comfortable, though no easier to drive, and better sound IMO.
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