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Audeze EL-8 Titanium?

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  1. RojasTKD
    Exactly! I got a used LCD-2C in the same day. I also paid $250 for my referb EL-8 Ti, but I just don't find the sound very appealing with out cranking the volume to levels that I probably shouldn't. Id it's too hard to drive for something that is considered portable. If the Cipher cable made it shine with iOS devices maybe, but it doesn't. Can't even get it to a volume I'd prefer.

    I'll continue to listen for a but before deciding for good. I would like a sealed headphone, just don't think this is it.

    At $700 - $800 is defiantly not worth it. At $350 - $400ish I'm still not sure I'd choose it. At $250 it might be worth keeping and that's the only thing that might save it, maybe.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  2. trellus
    I was similarly somewhat bored by the EL-8C -- mine isn't the Titanium, but I believe it's identical, sound-wise, given that it's the 2016 version, and that I purchased directly from Audeze a Cipher cable. Without the Cipher cable it seemed especially unexciting to my ears. Clean and detailed but as @RojasTKD alluded to, without any oomph or dynamism. I guess I was expecting it to sound a little like what I imagine the LCD2 to sound like?
  3. phthora
    Yeah, it's very bright too, which doesn't help with listening at a good volume. I like the Ocho for it's detail, speed, and clarity, but it does lack bass. Even boosted, it's probably short of neutral. The HE560 is a more complete listen, since it has wonderful bass, so the EL-8 will never be top-level to me. But, I'll keep mine. It's good enough, definitely different enough, and closed enough to have a spot in the roster. But, I wouldn't have spent more than $400 on it.

    The LCD-2 has a lot more dynamism. It only lacks oomph in comparison to some dynamic drivers. More bass too. Honestly, the LCD-2 is a better headphone and much more of an all-rounder. I've never thought it was laid-back or relaxed really.
  4. HumdrumPenguin
    I wonder if you ever had the opportunity to try Senns HD700 & HD800, and a few other really bright cans like the ones made by Beyerdynamic and Grado. It would probably change your opinion about the LCD2 not being relaxed. They are.
  5. phthora
    Well, maybe we have a different understanding of "relaxed." I was speaking in terms of dynamics or 'punch.' The LCD-2 has very impactful sound for a planar and stacks up pretty well against all but the hardest-hitting dynamics. Elears, for example, make it seem relaxed, in this sense, by comparison.

    Given the examples you listed, maybe you are referring to treble presence? In that sense, I would agree that they are relaxed or, as I've more often heard it, polite by comparison.
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  6. HumdrumPenguin
    Yeah, that was what I meant. I find sound with a very open treble very irritating sometimes.
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  7. phthora
    How do you find the treble on the EL-8 Ti? For me, it's about all the treble I want.
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  8. trellus
    Same here!
  9. phthora
    Wow... okay... I will never be listening to Master of Puppets with these headphones again. Yikes. They really reveal all the numerous, numerous flaws in that recording, and it ain't pretty.
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  10. RojasTKD
    Adorama had the Audeze Sine for $225 (B-stock) so I ordered a pair. Maybe those will b more to my liking and easier to drive.

    Gave the El-8 TI another listen and just can't bring myself to keep them.This one of three headphones I ever returned. The other two being the Audio-Technica M50x and the Monoprice M560. There was also the Philips Fidelio L2, they where used so sold them as I could not return.
  11. trellus
    Lol! Yes, they do! :laughing:
  12. trellus
    Excellent price on the SINE, I saw that, too, considered it - just wary of the on-ear form factor hurting my ears and ruining what I believe would be a winning sound.
  13. phthora
    I had the SINE for a while, before they were stolen. I considered picking up another set at this price, and I actually I may do so soon. Very underrated headphone, IMO.

    The SINE is mid-focused with more bass, slightly more low-treble, and much less treble overall. It comes off as vocal forward, but with some decent bass and treble presence to keep it relatively in balance. Detail is not on par with the EL-8 and there is a spike in the mids that bothers me personally, but it's much more of an all-rounder. To me, it sounds like a B+ version of the LCD-2F.

    As trellus mentioned, comfort is an issue. I didn't find them uncomfortable, just finicky. The trick, I found, is to not move them once they are on. Put them on and leave them, and I could listen to them for hours. If I took them off and put them back on, I could never get them situated right again and then they were uncomfortable. However, there are all sorts of pads switches and other soft mods on the SINE thread that have helped other people with comfort.
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  14. RojasTKD
    That can always be an issue, but I don't usually have very long listening sessions, and if I do it will be at home with some of my larger over-ear headphones. For used while traveling or on trips I think I'll be ok.

    Thanks for the input. I really hope these will be something I will enjoy. If you really want another pair if consider jumping on this if still available. The EL-8 Ti B-stock only lasted a few days if I recall. At this price is hard not to give the Sine a try, especially if you know you like them.
  15. phthora
    Believe me, I'm tempted! I love their portability, but I think I would always be comparing the sound to the LCD-2F. If I could find a balanced cable for them, I'd do it. I hate the stock cable.
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