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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. The_Blood_Raven

    Production drivers and cherry.
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  2. frankietown
    Noobie here who just started into the life of audio equipment. I've been using my k7xx with a magni 2 / modi 2 setup and I do love it. I went ahead and got the Eikon Paduak as my first big headphone purchase. I just had a few questions maybe someone can help with:
    1) Will i need to upgrade my amp/dac
    2) After seeing the reviews for the Atticus, it seems like that may be more tailored for EDM / Hiphop (music I primarily listen to). I'll be waiting for the Eikon reviews coming, but anyone who had exeprience with them, which musical genres in your opinion would fit the Eikon?
  3. heliosphann
    1. Your Magni 2 should be fine with the Eikon, so you don't NEED to upgrade it. However, the Magni 2 is pretty bright amp, so a warmer (possibly tube) amp might compliment the more neutral sounding Eikon better.
    2. I don't think there's a going to be a huge difference in which genres shine between the Atticus/Eikon. Certainly not like a LCD-3 vs a HD800 or something like that. In fact if you like EDM/Hip Hop, the Eikon actually has better sub-bass, where the Atticus has more pronounced mid-bass. So both should handle those genres really well, they'll just have a slightly different flavor from each other.
  4. thecrow
  5. ProfFalkin
    So what you're saying is...
  6. LepakVT
    Can anyone comment on if the Atticus is a step above a modded HD650? (Rear baffles dampened and rear foam and spider cage removed)
  7. heliosphann
    Whoops! Yea, I got distracted and forgot to finish that. [​IMG]
  8. verbositynow
    Haven't seen an "all your base are belong to us" reference in a while. Thanks for making my day, ProfFalkin! Now where did I put that tshirt...:grinning:
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  9. ProfFalkin
    :) :)
    I'm a geek, what can I say.
  10. DWbirdseye
    Thanks for the detailed review, I'm glad I ordered the Eikon.
  11. JerryLeeds
    So I have a Modi multibit and a Magni 2 Uber ..

    What extra headphone amp should I purchase (as a holiday gift for myself)?

    I ordered both the Atticus (paduak) & a cherry Eikon

    I was thinking about getting ... a LTA MZ2-S or a Woo Audio WA7 Firefly or maybe even a Cavalli amp

    The Magni is my first headphone amp ...

    Maybe I should wait and see how things sound before Ordering something else ... I just feel the need to spend ( not married so that makes things easier )
  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    You should wait to see how it sounds with the magni. Then you can think wether or not you want another amp. If you do, then you can think about what flavor you would want to add to the headphones, having known what the magni does for the sound.
  13. mwhals
    Even though I do not have a headphone amp and these headphones are my first (I have Angie II IEM), I will wait too.
  14. JerryLeeds
    Thanks for the words of wisdom ...
  15. ProfFalkin
    Don't listen to them! You must buy all the things!
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