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ATH-W1000X Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sokolov91, Apr 25, 2010.
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  1. Clownzor
    The W1000x has a big mid-bass hump but then there is a large roll-off, so there isn't much presence in the very lowest regions.
  2. manveru
    Thanks. It's always nice to know specifics.
  3. zeroakuma
    The LCD-2 has plenty of bass. While I like this headphone, it feels that something is missing compared to my D7000.
    It's also bad for television shows/movies. It's great for music - songs sound much more interesting - however, it makes me think that every recording was done in a Japanese studio.
  4. manveru
    Is this accidentally posted in the wrong thread or something? Or did you mean W1000x? [​IMG]
  5. thenorwegian
    Here's how much I love them... I bought a 2nd pair, and got hold of beautiful leather case to store them in![​IMG] LOVE IT! The case and 2nd set where bought used, so I can't help anyone get hold of the case - sorry [​IMG] Why buy 2 of them? I just don't want to risk beeing in a position where they break and AT has stopped producing them or something.. I just can't see myself listening to music with anything else than the w1000x.
    awesome1.jpg awesome2.jpg
  6. Frank I
    I like the case and love the headphone I bought too. Where can those cases be purchased and how much do they cost?
  7. Meoow
    I am so buying a 2nd pair...since I accidentally chipped a piece on the left wood cup. its tiny but it still annoys me when I look at it grrrr...(=.="). Once I got the 2nd pair I will give the old ones to my father XD
  8. namaiki
    Anybody here have the ODAC/O2? Just wondering how it sounds paired with the W1000X. I have mine currently with a Audinst HUD-MX1 at the moment but it sounds a bit harsh and fatiguing at times. (I get the impression that the ODAC will sound cold, but not sure about the O2)
    Or otherwise, I'd love suggestions for a USB DAC/AMP combo <$500.
  9. WestLander
    I can't speak to the ODAC combo, but I quite like the Matrix M-Stage + Audinst, though I have switched out opamps from the stock OPA 2137 to the Audio GD-Sun. There's plenty of advice/comments/impressions of various opamps in the M-Stage in this massive thread. If you'd like to upgrade to an all in one option, the Yulong D100 Mk II has been getting good reviews..
  10. preproman
    Where can I wind a pair of these headphones *cheap* so I can join the club?
  11. manveru
    For Sale forums probably.
  12. daigo
    If I ever build a mini to RCA cable, I'll plug in the ODAC I received last week and try it out.  I do not have an O2 amp though, and it will go through my tube amp so my impressions may not be ideal for you. 
  13. namaiki
    Thanks. Does anyone know or heard what amps or hardware the ATH-W1000X were built around, or what AT might possibly have used during development?
    I ask this because:
    I think it would be nice if there any ideas about the same thing in respect to the W1000X. I ask because it's like with my ATH-AD900 where they seem to lose bass when plugged into my Audinst HUD-MX1 amp compared to when plugged into my laptop's headphone out - which seems to have trouble with low impedance earphones like the TF10 (that situation produces a yucky midcentric sound) though I don't know if this is directly related.
  14. namaiki
    Anybody tried the AT-HA26D or AT-HA70USB or other Audio Technica USB DAC/AMP with their W1000X?

    I'm still looking to get a new DAC/AMP. Anybody have a Dacport? Is it? worth to get that with the $100 mod to lower the output impedance from 10 to 1 ohm? (From what I understand a 10ohm output impedance won't play well with headphones that have an impedance of less than 80ohms) Or is there something better in that pricerange?
  15. crzycuyler
    How are these with gaming. Here is what I am looking for:

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