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ATH-W1000X Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sokolov91, Apr 25, 2010.
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  1. Stevesebastianb
    Will do, I have asked my AT agent and awaiting his feedback. It's a good case, I now have 3, one for the AT, one for my Darth Beyer and another for my Fischer. [​IMG]


  2. aspenx
    Envious is a major understatement......
  3. soraff

    I think I might gonna change the pads too, since everyone is having a positive feedback about it:D
  4. aspenx


    I'm gonna change mine too. The pleather's falling apart............
  5. daigo
    I replaced the pleather pads with some L3000 leather pads that I bought from audiocubes after reading all your positive remarks and they are definitely more comfortable.  The leather and padding is much softer and better conforms to your head so I barely notice them now. 
  6. ksvieb
    sorry for the late reply. Since I'm living in Osaka I bought them from here: http://goo.gl/CwEMr
    The product code seems to be HP-L3000. They go for 5000 yen at the moment. 
    They also have the W5000 pads here: http://goo.gl/SnLm1
    They are just a tad cheaper and I was wondering if they are any different from the L3000 pads.
    Also they have all sorts of audio technica pads: http://goo.gl/Sab6y
    Mind though that most are not for the larger driver cans. I really enjoy my AD2000 velour pads as well so that might be an option for some folks. 
  7. aspenx
    I have been using my W1000X with my new amp and think I finally understand what you guys mean by the cans having "romantic" bass.
    The decay and damping (or rather the slight lack thereof) makes the headphones produce a reverberating "thud" sound whenever I changed tracks midways. Of course, the pitch and what not of this "thud" depends on what was previously playing.
    I find this really strange and wonder how it has been affecting the sound of my music without my knowing.
    If it is of interest to anyone, the new amp has only 1.5Ohm output impedance as opposed to the 10Ohm output impedance of my previous amp and drives 3000mW into 40Ohms whereas my previous amp is specced at 400mW into 60Ohms.
    I still like the overall sound of my W1000X but it is sure taking me some getting used to.
  8. thenorwegian
    I love my w1000x to death. I love it to a point where I'm concidering getting a second pair, just as a back up, in case AT stops making them and the first set breaks. But beeing like everyone else, loving something doesn't mean I don't want something else aswell. Are there any other headphones with the same great bass/mids/highs, but maybe even more detailed. Headphones with less bass than the w1000x are not interresting.
    I've got/tried sony xb700/1000, audio technica m50/pro700mk2, ultrasone 2900 pro, beyerdynamic dt770 - and none of them even comes close to touching the brilliance of the w1000x.
    I've concidered the LCD-2 and HE-500, but from what comparisons I've read I see people describe them as "warmer" and with less fun bass. And I don't want either of those qualities. So, any suggestions from people who've tried other headphones who can compare them in a few sentences (by experience, not by hearsay)
  9. Iorek
    Got my W1000x headphones today. I tried them for a while, but found them incredibly uncomfortable. Fortunately I had ordered the L3000 pads ahead of time. The ear hole in those was about 1/4" wider than the stock pads, and man what a world of difference they made. The headphones are much more comfortable now, but I do find them a bit loose on my head. So loose that I notice them slipping down over time. Also if I smile they'll slip. I wish you could lock the wings in place.
    So my question is what can I do to help that? Which way can I bend the headphones in order to get a tighter clamp on my head?
  10. Clownzor
    Find the innderfidelity review of the W1000x, he does a bit of headband bending in the video. The headband is not nearly as flimsy as it looks and can be bent quite significantly, although you will never get a "tight" fit with these headphones, they are very much for listening while sitting still.
  11. Iorek
    Yeah, that's how I was bending them. I think they've reached their limit though and they don't seem like they'll bend any more. I think I have a good seal, I'm just used to my HD595s. They fit nice and snug so no matter what I'm doing they stay in place. Not sure how I feel about having to stay still.
  12. maverickronin
    If you don't mind what it does to the looks you could stretch a piece of elastic between the wings to give them a bit more pressure against your head and hold it a little higher.
  13. desirephone
    Had a brief listening during a meet on a simple set up. I rate the sound as one of the best I ever heard, detailed, rich, musical and emotional! Two headphones left me the best impression, the Opheus and the W1000.
  14. daigo


    This is first thing to try before adjusting the head band if they are sitting too low and on top of your ears.  The wings of the W1000X aren't as stiff as the non woodie AT's I've tried, so this should help keep the wings closer together.
  15. manveru
    Can anyone comment as to how the response of the W1000x fares in the 30-40 Hz region?
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