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Aug 31, 2008
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Facilities, Property & Asset Management Professional

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    Facilities, Property & Asset Management Professional
    Amateur Radio, Listening to music, writing
    Amateur Radio, poetry and writing, hill walking, cooking, DIY Electronics.
    Headphone Inventory:
    1. STAX SR-34;
    2. STAX Lambda ^ Professional;

    1. Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 "Le Luxe" Wood Headphones (Hokkaido Cherry Wood);
    2. Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 "Le Luxe" Wood Headphones (Hokkaido Cherry Wood - recabled with Cello strings silver cable 2m Length);
    3. Audio Technica ATH-W1000x "Grandioso" (American Black Cherry Wood);
    4. Grandsun Red Sandalwood Headphones GS-800 (Open Back Dynamic - Chinese);
    5. Headphile Darth Beyer V3 Leopardwood, Blackmax 2.0m cable, leather earpads (Closed Dynamic);
    6. Targus AEH02AP Wood Headphones;
    7. Kanen KM-880 Wood Headphones (pine);
    8. Kanen KM-830 Wood Headphones (Black Walnut coloring);
    9. Fischer FA-011 Open Back Dynamic (Wood).
    10.ESmooth ES-820EB (Ebony Wood - Matt Finish);
    11.ESmooth ES-820CR (Cherry Wood - Matt Finish};
    12.ESmooth ES-821EB (Ebony Wood - High Gloss Finish);
    13.ESmooth ES-830EB (Ebony Wood - Matt Finish);

    1. Panasonic RP-HTX7;
    2. Audio Technica ATH-F5GX;
    3. Audio Technica ATH-ES7;
    4. Audio Technica ATH-PRO700;
    5. Grado SR-60;
    6. Pickering CD-2;
    7. Denon AH-D950;
    8. Technics RP-F880;
    9. Jecklin Float Model 1;
    10. Sony MDR-XD050;
    11. Sony MDR-V900 Studio Monitor;
    12. Sony MDR-V900HD (High Definition) Studio Monitor;
    13. Sony MDR-7509HD Professional;
    14. JVC HA RX300;
    15. JVC HA RX500;
    16. Pioneer HDJ-1000;
    17. Zumreed Dream ZHP-005 Color (Blue)Headphones;
    18. Zumreed Square ZHP-010.(Limited Edition Yellow);
    19. M-Audio Q40 Studiophile Dynamic Headphones;
    20. DYNEX DX-HP550;
    21. Koss UR-40;
    22. Philips SHP-805 (Open Back Dynamic);
    23. Philips SHP-8900 (Open Back Dynamic);
    24. Goldring DR-150 (Open Back Dynamic);
    25. Ouann OA-6005 (Semi-open Dynamic);
    26. MDR-XD1000 Frankenphones (Dubbed Sony's - See thread) Closed Dynamic;
    27. Hyundai CJC-2000 (Open Back Dynamic);
    28. Behringer HPX2000 (Open Back Dynamic);
    29. Shure SRH-840 Professional Monitor Headphones (Closed Back Dynamic);
    30. SteelSeries Siberia v.2 (Open dynamic, 32 Ohm imp.);
    31 i Mego Retro Infinity;
    32. Pro.2 PH-U585 Headphones;
    33. Superlux HD-681 Monitor;

    Noise Canceling:
    1. JVC HA-NC80.
    2. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre.

    Portable Cans:
    1. Senn. PX 200 x 2;
    2. AKG K416P;
    3. Audio Technica ATH-ON3 ONTO;
    4. Audio Technica ATH-WM5;
    5. KOSS Porta-Pro FOLDING Headphones;
    6. Altec Lansing CHP122;
    7. Sony MDR-710;
    8. Nokia HS-62;
    9. OVC HC-1000;
    10. Zumreed S-fit (green).
    11. Gorsun GS-A841 (white - semi open Dynamic);
    12. Excel Sound EH-98 (Closed Dynamic);
    13. SoundMAGIC P20.

    Clip On Over Ear:
    1. Audio Technica ATH-EQ77;
    2. Audio Technica ATH-EC700;
    3. Audio Technica ATH-EW9 "Sovereign ASADAZAKURA" (Hokkaido Asada Cherry Wood);
    4. Koss KSC-75;
    5. Dunu DN-C60;

    Specialist Headphones:
    1. Bionic Ear CVETM-SBE001;
    2. Yaesu YH-55 Voice Optimized Communications Headphones;
    3. Kenwood HS-5 for communications purposes to provide distinctive voice sound (optimized for 150-4000 Hz -6 dB);
    4. Heil Quiet Phone Communications Headphones.

    1. Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones;
    2. Shure E4c;
    3. JBL REF 220 BLKI Reference Earphones;
    4. Philips SHE9800/27 Professional Series Noise Isolation In-Ear Headphones;
    5. Philips Surround Sound Headphones SHE5910
    6. Ason AS-18 Open-air type ear buds;
    7. Cans in a can earbuds;
    8. Sony MDR-EX90;
    9. Sony MDR-EX700LP;
    10. Technics EAH-Z100;
    11. JVC HA-FX66B Air-Cushion Headphones;
    12. JVC HA-FX34P Marshmallow;
    13. Splendor SP-107MV Soft Air-Cushion Earphones (from Korea);
    14. Sennheiser CX-500;
    15. Audio Technica ATH-CK9 (balanced armature drivers);
    16. Sound Magic PL11;
    17. Sound Magic PL30 Profesional IEM Earphones;
    18. Koss Spark Plug;
    19. Meizu PT650;
    20. Meizu PT850;
    21. Yamaha EP22;
    22. Boxilai Teak Wood Earphones;
    23. Gorsun GS-A95;
    24. Head Direct RE-2;
    25. Samsung YA-EF310T Floating Earphones - Titanium;
    26. Ouann OA-1001;
    27. Crossroads MylarOne XBi Earphones;
    29. Aiwa "Air Fit Technology" HP-ED700 Earphones;
    30. Eozoic EM-355 IEM;
    31. Eozoic MX-985 IEM ("Micro Drivers");
    32. Monster Turbine Pro Gold.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    1. AW HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER - RA-1 (Special Edition);
    2. CSG CMOY heaphone amp;
    3. Little Dot MKI Portable Headphone Amp Amplifier;
    4. FiiO E3 Headphone amp;
    5. FiiO E5 Headphone amp;
    6. Cmoy headphone amplifier with Bass Boost Setting in a custom made exotic padauk and zebra wood case (opa2227 opamp, vishay caps, nichicon 470uf power cap, 1% metal film surface mount resistors, alps pot);
    7. iBasso (Mini-Audio) T4 - 4ch Architecture Design;
    8. Nu Force Mobile (Blue);
    9. Practical Devices XM4 BASS XFeed Headphone Amplifier (OPA2134 ultra-low distortion (.00008%) low-noise high performance audio amplifier);

    1. Xiang Sheng 708B Tube Headphone Pre Amplifier;
    2. Audio Technica AT-HA20;
    3. DFX Audio Adapter;
    4. Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xmod USB Sound Card;
    5. Go Vibe mini USB Audio DAC;
    6. Qinpu Q1 Amplifier;
    7. Indeed Hi-Fi Labs Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier Hybrid - Valve & MOS-FET (6N11<J> Tube - now rolled with JAN-Philips 6922 tube);
    8. Little Dot Mk III Tube Headphone Amplifier (SEPP - 6H6 x 2, GE5654 x 2)- (Rolled Western Electric 403A - Matched Pair, black plates, square getters, matching 1962 date codes);
    9. Little Dot Mk VI Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier (Class-A SEPP (single-ended push pull) - OCL (output capacitor-less) circuit topology - 6080WC x 4, 6H9C x2) - (Rolled with Cryoset Tung Sol 6SL7GT cryogenically treated tubes x 2 to -300 deg. F.);
    10. Yarland P-100 Tube Headphone Amplifier ( 2x EL84/6BQ5, 2x 6N3P ) - (Rolled Sylvania JAN spec 5670 x 2, Electro Harmonix EL84 Matched Tubes x 2 - Cryoset Deep Cryogenic Treatment to 300 degrees below zero (Farenheit));
    11. Darkvoice THA 336SE Tube Headphone Amplifier 6N8P, 6N5P (rolled GE 6AS7G x 1, RCA 6SN7GTB x 1);
    12. Ella W6 SEPP Tube Headphone Amplifier (2 x 6N2, 2 x 6N6) - (Rolled 2 x "OTK" 6N6P, 2 x Westinghouse 6AX7);
    13. Oumeidanji OUME KT-88 Tube Amplifier + Headphone Amplifier ( 2 x 6J8P - rolled with NOS RCA 6SJ7, 2 X KT-88);
    14. Audiotailor "Jade" Tube Headphone Amplifier (6AS7G x 1, 12AX7 x 1 - rolled with Sylvania 6AS7G and Siemens Dual Post 12AX7);
    15. Audio Space Acoustic Laboratory AS-2.8i Tube Intergrated Headphone Amplifier (4 x 6V6, 2 x 12AU7 matched pair - Tungsram, 1 x12AX7 Telefunken);
    16. Topping M1 Headphone Amplifier Class T Amp (Tripath TA2024 Chipset);
    17. HLLY MK III 3 -Tube Headphone Amplifier (2x JAN 5654, 2x Soviet 6H30EH-"Super Tube");
    18. ARIA SONICE Tube Headphone/Intergrated Amplifier - PP, Class A (6N3 x 2, 6AQ5 x 4);
    19. Opera Consonance Cyber 30 Tube Headphone Intergrated Amplifier (2A3 x 2, ECC83 x 1 );
    20. G&W TW-J1 Headphone Amplifier (Tsing Hua University);
    21. G&W T-2.2A Headphone Amplifier (Tsing Hua University - Tubes: 12AT7(ECC81); (EL84)for 60~600 Ohms);
    22. PHENIX G3 Tube Headphone Amplifier (3 x 6922);

    1. STAX SRM-PP (modified and upgraded with Holco 0.1% resistors and Panasonic "Pureism" Audiophile Grade capacitors);

    5.1 Dolby, QEQ, SRS & DTS:
    1. Sony DP-1000 Digital 5.1 Decoder heaphone amplifier.
    2. Surround SRS QEQ EQ function portable Headphone Amplifier amp
    Source Inventory:
    1. 4GB MP3/4 Player;
    3. EPC-303 MP5 8GB 3.0 Inch TFT LCD Screen Player - Red / Black;
    4. Oregon Scientific Music Orbit & Station;
    5. Sony D-NE730 CD Walkman;
    6. C. Crane "CC Witness" AM/FM Radio & MP3 Recorder/Player.

    1. Technics SP-15 Turntable with Rosewood Plinth with SAEC Dual Knife Edge Tone Arm C/W Denon MC.
    2. Samsung DVD-HD-950 DVD/SACD Player.
    3. Marantz UD5005 Universal Disc Player (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu Ray);
    4. AV Link CDP-8088 Multi Media Player (DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/HDCD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/J-PEG).
    5. Denon TU-355 Analog FM Tuner.
    6. Elekit TU-884CD "Limited Edition" Tube CD Player (Philips 12AU7 x 1).
    7. Teac PD-H380 "Reference Series" CD Player.
    8. Teac PD-H600 "Reference Series" CD Player.
    9. Oppo BDP-83SE "Special Edition" Universal Disc Player (CD, HDCD, SACD, DVD, Blu Ray - uses the state-of-the-art Sabre 32 family of Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) from ESS Technology, ESS Technology ES9016
    4 DACs per channel).

    Tonearms & Cartridges:
    1. Fidelity Research FR-64fx;
    2. SME 3009 Series III;
    3. SME 3009 Series I;
    4. Denon DA-302 12" Tonearm;
    5. Fidelity-Research FR-7 MC Cartridge;
    Cable Inventory:
    (For the most part, most of my cables at assembled at home)
    1. Monster StereoLink(Home) RCA to 3.5mm;
    2. Yarbo Audiophile Cables GY-211OL 3.5mm~3.5mm;
    3. Digital Cable: Silver GHz Teflon 75Ohm COAX with Canare True 75Ohm RCA (Home made);
    4. Van den Hul MC-Silver 1.5M L with 4 x WBT RCA (Home made).
    5. Van den Hul MC D102, Mk III Hybrid 1M L with 4 x NBS RCA (Home grown custom made).
    6. Firefly Custom Made Silver Litz interconnect with 3.5mm to 3.5mm gold plated connectors (Home made).
    7. Custom Made Stereo 3.5mm to Stereo 3.5mm Using Oyaide PA-02 PCOCC Cable & Premium Canare Connectors (Home made).
    8. Practical Devices "TERSUS" 3.5mm Interconnect Cable 5" with Gold Plated 3.5mm Connectors.
    10. Cello Silver Cable 1.5M with 2 x 3.5mm Monster Cable Stereo Plugs (Custom Home Made).
    11. 2 x XLR 4 pin Male (Neutrik) to 6.3mm Stereo jack socket (Neutrik) - 1 foot length balanced adapter cable of Canare L-4E3-2P 6mm (Custom Made).
    12. A large selection of copper and silver interconnects - (Home Grown Custom Made).
    13. 11mm dia. VTC OFC 6N mains cable 3m length with Hubble connectors (Home Grown Custom Made).
    14. 2 x Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77" Coaxial Digital Audio Interconnect Cable with Canare's "True 75 Ohm" RCA Connectors.
    15. XLO HT-4 Audio 4N silver clad digital coaxial cable 1M.
    16. 2 Pairs X 1M Length Belden 8408 with Ace Wire RCA Plugs With Rosewood Sheaths - (Home Grown Custom Made).
    17. 2 x power cables, each of 2m length comprising of VIC 13mm high purity copper with Hubble connector and Permaplug 13 amp plugs plus TDK 13mm RFI clamp on chokes (Home grown).
    Power-Related Components:
    1. Sony 330ES Power Amplifier (upgrade with Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors).
    2. Ditton DDA 5.1 multi channel power amplifier
    Other Audio Equipment:
    1. Lite Audio DAC-60 - Tube DAC (Pair of 24-bit PCM1704U-K converters-true 24 bit, 96kHz sampling, VCO for low jitter,tubes are Electro-Harmonix 2 x 6922);
    2. Micromega microdac (upgrade with Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors);
    3. Audio Alchemy - Digital Transmission Interface (upgraded with Nichicon "Muse" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors;
    4. Audio Alchemy - Digital Decoding Engine V3 (upgraded with Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors);
    5. Sonic Frontiers - Jitterbug (upgraded with Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors, rectifiers changed to ultra fast).
    6. Mhdt Laboratory "Havana" Non-Over Sampling Audiophile Grade Tube DAC (GE 5670 triple mica 5 star tube).
    7. Tian Yun Zero edition 09 24BIT/192 DAC with Headphone Amplifier, USB, HDAM and LT1364 amps.

    Audio Processors:
    1. Barcus Berry Electronics - Maxie Model 402;
    2. Carver Model C-9 Sonic Holographic Generatior;
    3. Nicole AS1000 SRS Audio Turbo;
    4. Millennium Technologies 246 DTS Decoder.

    Phono Stages:
    1. Audiolab 8000PPA;
    2. John Lindsey-Hood SEPP Dual Mono Block MM/MC Amp (DIY- gold plated double side frp boards, Holco 0.1% resistors, "Vishay" resistors, Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps, Kimber-Caps & "M"-Caps, matched transistors, teflon silver wiring and 6N copper wire for grounding, independent outboard power supply);
    3. Korsun u3i (aka Rosette 2 Phono Preamplifier from Red Rose Music);
    4. Creek OBH-8 (upgrade with Panasonic "Pureism" E-caps and Holco 0.1% resistors);
    5. Audio Technica AT-650 MC Step Up Transformer.

    1. Ditton DDP 5.1 Processor.
    2. Signal Reference Model 7 Tube (Limited Edition) preamp with deluxe Corian fascia and knobs;
    3. Topping TP-10, mk II T-Amp "Class T" integrated amplifier, based on the TA 2024 Tripath chipset by Indeed Hi-Fi Lab, China;
    4. New Music X10-E Class A Tube Buffer Amplifier (2 x 6DJ8s);
    5. Indeed Hi-Fi Labs 6N3 L-top P1 Valve Buffer Amplifier (rolled with JAN-GE 5670W tube);
    6. YAQIN CD-1 6DJ8 Tube Buffer Amplifier(Rolled with NOS Tungsram ECC88);
    7. YAQIN CD-2 6J1 Tube Buffer Amplifier (Rolled with GE 6AK5 x 2 & Tube Dampers);
    8. YAQIN SD-CD3 6N8P Tube Buffer Processor (Rolled with Matched Pair ShuGuang "50years TREASURE" Tubes CV181-Z).

    Specialist Tuners:
    1. Sangean HDT-1 High Definition AM/FM Tuner (C-Quam ready);
    2. Denon TU-355 FM Only Stereo Analog Tuner;
    3. Realistic TV-100 VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi, UHF Stereo TV Receiver Tuner;

    1. BOK M-2009 4 Way floor standing monitors (cherry wood);
    2. Advent 900MHz wireless speakers for rear surround channels;
    3. Swan Hi Vi Ribbon Super Tweeters RT1 II (1 pair of Soniqs Sax Audiophile Grade Polyproplene Capacitors 1.0uF ).
    4. Philips MCD-716 2 Way Bookshelf Speakes with Ribbon Tweeters (Gloss Black Finish).

    1. Sansui Multi-media Active Speakers & Subwoofer (Piano Black Finish);
    2. Audio Technica AT-SP-13AV Active Speaker System.
    3. EdenLF Q8 Small Powered Book Shelf Speakers.

    In The Bedroom:
    1. Oregon Scientific Music Element CD Player/Speaker System.

    In the Study:
    Philips MCD-716 System.

    Philips AE5230 DAB+ Digital Audio Broadcast Radio.

    1. 2 x Sound Level Meters;
    2. The Gryphon Demangnitizer;
    3. Zerostat;
    4. G & W (Tsing Hua University) Power Line Filter;
    5. Teac AV-P255 Clean AC Line Filter.
    6. Power Tech - Clearbox AC Line Filter (used with Little Dot, Mk VI).
    7. Bada LB-3300 Power Filter Block;
    8. Bada LB-5500 Power Filter Block;
    9. Guizhou Electron Institute 500B AC Line Filter;
    10. Hopewell HP-8001R S Video & Component Selector (6 in x 2 outputs with remote).

    DIY Projects :
    1. Single 6DJ8 Single End Tube Headphone Amplifier (completed and operational on 26/06/2009);
    2. Headphone Amplifier Based on Lehmann Black Cube Circuit (Completed on 22/12/2011);
    3. Headphone Amplifier Clone of Beyer Dynamic A1(Completed on 22/12/2011);
    4. John Lindsey-Hood Class A Headphone Amplifier (Completed on 3/2/2012);
    5. MOSFET IRF610 Single-ended class A Headphone Amplifier (In progress);
    6. E3 Headphone amplifier with UPC1237 protection and "R" Core transformer (In progress);
    7. FET Input & MOSFET Output Headphone Amplifier (using fet dual differential input stage and high current MOSFET push pull output stage - In progress).
    8. Pre amplifier clone based on MBL 6010D
    9. Headphone amplifier XP7 clone based on RSA Emmeline

    Analog Recorders:
    1. TEAC C-3 Cassette recorder (3 heads, Belt Drive (Capstan).

    Digital Recorders:
    1. Sangean DAR-101 Digital MP3 High Specification Audio Recorder (3 Recording Densities 64k / 128k / 192k bps, Up to 32GB SDHC Card Compatible).
    2. Bose MDA-10 Minidisc Player.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    CD Disc Edge Light Treatment
    Blue Horizon Clean-IT Contact Conditioner

    Audio Plug In's for Windows Media Player:
    1. SRS Audio Sand Box;
    2. DFX Module;
    3. Q Sound QMax II;
    4. Max Player;
    5. iZotope;

    Other Accessories:

    1. 2 X Homemade Pine Wood Headphone Stand;
    2. Jaben Network "Crossroads" Wood Headphone Stand.
    3. Homemade Pine Wood Tube Stand;
    4. Various Neutrik balanced to unbalanced adapters.
    5. Maspro AV Selector VSW42R.
    6. One DIY Pine Wood Tube Stand.
    7. One DIY Highly-Compressed "Bamboo" Tube Stand.

    Cryoset Deep Cryogenic Treatment to 300 deg. F Matched Tubes:

    1. 2 x EL84 Electro Harmonix;
    2. 2 x 6SL6GT Tung Sol;
    3. 2 x Sovtek 12AX7LP Cryo Long Plates;

    Misc. NOS Tubes:

    1. Marconi 6SN7GTB x 2;
    2. Siemens 6DJ8 x 2;
    3. Groove Tube 7025 x1;
    4. GE 6AK5 x 3;
    5. Storm 12AX7 x2;
    6. Electro Harmonix 12AX7 x 1;
    7. Voskhod 6N2P-EV x 2;
    8. OTK 6N6P x 4;
    9. Shuguang KT88 x 2;
    10. Shuguang EL84 "Halo" getters matched x 4;
    11. Shuguang 2A3 x 2;
    12. Cunningham (RCA) NOS Matched Pair Meshed Plates 2A3 Tubes Matching Dates;
    13. GE 6SL7GT Silver Plates NOS NIB x 2;
    14. GE 5693 Premium Red Tubes x 2 (Matched);
    15. Tungsram 6DJ8 x 2 (NOS, MATCHED);
    16. Tungsram ECC82 12AU7 X2 (NOS, MATCHED);
    17. Telefunken 12AX7 ECC83 Smooth Plate;
    18. 2 x Matched Pair - Guiguang 2A3C Tubes;
    19. Large stock of various Chinese tubes;

    Vacuum Tube Adapters:

    1. 12AX7 Tubes to 6N2 Socket Adapter x 2
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk, Pop -Check out:



    1. Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver;
    2. Ten Tec paragon HF Transceiver;
    3. Icom IC-910H 2M/70cm/23cm Transceiver;
    4. Icom IC-120 + ML12 1.2 GHz Transceiver;
    5. Kenwood TS-790 2m/70cm Transceiver;
    6. Tecsun S-2000 Radio Receiver;
    7. AOR AR-3030 Communications Receiver;
    8. Rockwell Collins KWM-380 HF Transceiver;
    9. JRC NRD-515 Receiver + NDH-518 Memory Unit + NVA-319 External Speaker c/w Timewave DSP-59+ Filter Unit;
    10. Icom IC-R71E/DRM Compatible Receiver;
    11. Lowe HF-150 + PR-150;
    12. Yaesu FT-920;
    13. Kenwood TS-870S.

    1. Pentax K-X DSLR;
    2. Olympus OM2N SLR;
    3. Olympus OM30 SLR;
    4. Olympus OM2000;



    If music be the food of Love, Play on... William Shakespeare

    石川一真 : Ishikawa Kazuma

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