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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. domho7
    Hi sr15 owners
    I am having this problem connecting via sr15 to USB B of dac/headphones amps.
    So far I tried connecting to denafrips Ares, Audiolab mdac+ and the arcam irdacii.
    The denafrips Ares started OK 1st day than 2nd after pausing dap and play sq became distorted finally 3rd day can't connect at all.
    Audiolab mdac+ it shows signal path but no sound at all.
    Arcam irdacii also the same no USB.
    I have tried rebbot dap on & off dac take out and plug in USB B but to no avail.
    But when I tried on chord mojo chord dave chord cutest chord Hugo2.all of these can connect.
    Can Jason help explain on this situation.
    I am using sr15 as tpt to dac and Aroma audio A100 as amp.
    Tks for reading
  2. armstrj2
    Hey. I have found the LCD 2C to be very hard to drive with anything other than a desktop amp. I tried them with the SR15 after I got it and they just sounded flat to me so I wouldn't recommend the LCD 2C if the only thing you will be driving them with is the SR15.
  3. Swoti
    I didn't read the complete thread. Can you please give me your opinion whether it would make sense to get the Sr 15 for the t5p or not. Right now I use my phone combined with an audioquest dragonfly. Would it make a difference?
  4. Pilot370
    Yes they are very good, love the bass and the soundstage. I am looking for some cans that I can use and eventually get into the balanced end of my SR15. I bought them on eBay used for 325 so I had to get them!!
  5. Pilot370
    Ok great thanks for the info! What about using a FiiO Q5 along with the SR15? Would that help drive the LCD 2C?
  6. AndyGer75
    Hi there,
    I am using my SR15 for cans only no IEMs. I have an Ultrasone Edition M Plus (closed, overear, 30 Ohms) and a Sennheiser HD660s (open, 150 Ohms), both running balanced 2.5mm. They both sounded great on my former (gladfully saled) FiiO X5III, but with the SR15 they got even more to life than before, I simply love the combo with them, especially the not at all boomy and extremely dry kick in the bass of the Ultrasone Edition M Plus and its easyness in resolution, and also being a killer in wearingcomfort .... highly recommended!

    Regarding the Battery-question of the SR15:
    Due to the worries about batterylife of the SR15 I also investigated again my consumptions ... using my Ultrasone Edition M Plus with 30 Ohms in balanced mode (!), Volume 60, Screenbrightness about 20%, playing flacs, no streaming, stock AK-player ... I use about 12% per Hour, which leads to round about 8 hrs of batterylifetime, which I can totally confirm on. So I resume, that balanced mode won´t eat up remarkably more power than the 3.5mm mode.

    When using the Sennheiser HD660s, with 150 Ohms (!), balanced, Volume 70, same conditions above ... I am consuming about 15% per hour, leading to about 6,5 hrs batterylife, very realistic from what I experienced in my daily use.

    Again, after now nearly 5 months of having my SR15 I NEVER ever regred one second to have changed to it ... after so long months and years of anger and frustration (X5III) I am gladfully back to the basics of enjoying music for a 100% and not to fiddle arround with 3rd party apps to get a DAP to do what it is designed for ... to just play music at first!

    Thank you Astell and Kern!

    Best regards from germany,
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  7. Pilot370
    Great thanks for recommendations! I may look into the 660’s. I too moved from an X5 iii. I haven’t sold it yet but will this week!
  8. abitdeef
    You have me intrigued with the Ultrasone m plus. I’ve never tried an Ultrasone before and I always look for comfortable cans.
  9. JTori
    Hello all,

    I've ordered an SR15, which I plan to use with Audeze iSine20s. I'm wondering whether it is impossible to install plugins on the player. In this case, I want to use the Audeze Reveal plugin (.VST format), which greatly enhances the sound of the iSines.


  10. Compucat
    Like many here, I have a Fiio X5iii and while I love the hardware, I am fed up with the software that has never worked right from day one. I was hoping the Fiio would take over some functions of my phone thus freeing up my phone’s battery but it is just too frustrating. I really only need Bluetooth anyway for occasional use on my desktop speaker. Looks like I need to sell some devices I am not using and get the SR15.
  11. Pilot370
    Looking at the Sennheiser 660 HDs, what do I need to them as balanced to SR15? I have never ventured into balanced so is it simple as an adapter?
  12. singleended5863
    Nope it is not that simple if you don’t want to destroy your headphone.
  13. abitdeef
    Yes it is that simple because the 660s come with a balanced 4.4 cable. So all you need is a 4.4 to 2.5 balanced adapter.

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
    buonassi and Pilot370 like this.
  14. 329161
    VST is only compatible with desktop computers, not even phones can use VST. Someone correct me if im wrong.
  15. AndyGer75
    I ordered a balanced cable from the uk, where it was build up to my requirements regarding quality, length, colour, connector etc. ... for my Taste the original cable was waaaay too long for mobile use.

    I got mine via the eBay seller MavisModz for about 70 Euros incl. shipping ... very affordable, reliable and top notch quality! He should sell and ship World Wide. Allready got two from him.


    Look into his shop, he does them for lots of brands.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
    bgtip likes this.
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