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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. NovaFlyer
    I typically just load music directly onto my SD card. Aside from it being much faster, it's also easier if you have a Mac to transfer directly to the card. I only connect my A&K DAPs to the computer, using Windows, when I need to sideload any apps such as Tidal.
  2. MadDane
  3. hammer time
    Thank you guys... Thats what i was needed to hear! Now to start loading 512gb .....
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  4. NovaFlyer
  5. ce3eoa
    Hello, the SR15 has an internal memory, and a micro SD card, for the internal memory, you have to connect the SR15 to the computer, and drag the files into the music directory. For the micro SD you only have to drag your files into the micro SD card, and then plug it into the SR15, the SR15 will read the files, and that is all. Enjoy your SR15
  6. mvvRAZ
    Hi there, I’ve been happily using my SR15 for about half an year now but today the first issue appeared

    When I simply plug in my IEMs in the 3.5 straight there is no sound in the left channel. Then when I slightly push on the cable termination it starts working once again

    I can feel that something is moving in the 3.5mm socket but I can’t quite tell what’s wrong. Anyone know some simple fixes or is it a definite send back for repair?

    I’m considering upgrading to the SP1000M as it is still quite small and sounds crazy good, but that’s a discussion for another time haha
  7. Colors
    Great DAP. Finally got one.

    Super low noise floor. Warm-ish but tight sound signature. Great with neutral IEMs.

    TIDAL offline works like a charm.
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    Last week had a chance to audition dethonray dtr1. And must say- im speechless. Soundwise its even better than ak futura. Didnt believe the hype about this player which is 550 dol. But after trying it myself i must say WOW. Sr15 cant even stand a chance to compete. Its on the level of ultima. Its better that my pioneer xdp300r which i consider better than norma in staging and treble extension (sr15 has better dynamics than 300r tho). In my opinion there is no dap below 2000 dollars which can compete with dtr1. So im asking myself- why people are willing to spend so much money for something that is worse soundwise and pay extra 2-3 times just to have a touchscreen and bluethooth? I cant find an answer.. Ofcourse everyone can do what he wants with his money. But audiophiles pls are u really chasing the sound quality or not anymore?
  9. Tsukuyomi
    Ive never heard of this brand, never seen it in my life, never heard anyone else even speak about this dap youve mentioned. If im going to spend my money, id prefer buying from a known brand, with a good track record in quality daps. Not to mention a&k has excellent software support. Im not sure how the software support is for this daps brand. Sound is subjective in this hobby. What may sound good to you and feel right for you may not be that way for everyone else. I like the sr15, i find its far better than my old dap (fiio x5g3) and to me its absolutely worth its money.
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  10. MadDane
    I actually prefer the A&K Sr15 over the ONKYO DPX1.

    But as stated above everyone has a different opinion when it comes to personal taste.
  11. Pedro Retador

    Any progress on track skipping on Tidal offline? It's really annoying.

    You said on june 7 that “this issue has been reported already and has been passed along to our dev team”. It has been a long time since then!

    As reported, the new firmware didn’t fix the issue. And there are already several who have reported the same problem.
  12. DavidS11
    With latest software update, sometimes (quite often) the control buttons (the 3 buttons on the left side) do not work when the screen is locked. Only way to make them work again is to unlock the screen and touch the play icon on the screen. After a while when screen is locked again, the buttons will not work again and have to repeat the process to solve the problem. It’s very frustrating. Anyone facing the same issue and wonder any software update in the works to fix the issue?
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  13. Xmicckax
    Sr15 vs ak100 is day and night. Especially with headphones like campfire nova- which are unlistenable with ak100. The “bassy” ones (campfire cascades, lyra ii, meze 99) sound good on both. I like ak100 form factor and build quality more. Sr15 has developed a 3.5 jack fault, so had to be sent for repairs, thats when i had to come back to ak100 to realise how much better the sr15 sounds.
    Sr15 cons- gets hot,
    Made of some soft metal so prone to scratches and dents, the protective case leaves part of it exposed.
    Sounds amazing tho. Way better than ak100
  14. nekromantik
    im hoping neutron player is in next firmware soon
  15. Colors
    Where can I download the Spotify APK for the SR15?

    The APKpure one is for Google Playstore only (not APK).
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