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Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. royajhuang
    I have same usb dac driver issue for windows 10 64bit - digital signature.
    I use Zadig tool and fix it.
    1.Don't install AK kann usb dac for windows 7 driver.
    2.Use kann usb dac function and use Zadig tool.

    I have suggest that AK must be update windows 10 driver.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  2. Luvdac
    Thanks. I tried that. In zadig I replaced the kann driver which I had previously downloaded and installed after disabling driver signature. Now the kann does show up as usb device in device manager but does not show up in jriver or foobar. ????
  3. royajhuang
    I just only fix USB dac driver. I didn't fix type c driver. I can use foobar and Jriver.You can try again.
  4. Luvdac
    Could you post a screenshot of what you did on zadig? I am at the limit of my understanding here. Thanks in advance.
  5. royajhuang
    Use kann usb dac funcation,but don't fix iriver DFU.
    Jriver can use kann usb dac.
    I think that is driver issue for ak windows 10 driver.
    kann usb dac.jpg
    kann usb-type c.jpg
  6. dakchi
    Which adapter is this? I have tried with an externally powered adapter from Ugreen. I did not get the error message, but the sound was still playing in the iphone, not in Kann. I have done exactly the same connection as for my laptop
  7. Shetzu
    Follow my guide few posts above. I have listed images too. If you have issues get a good usb cable. Image shows a mini usb hub not an adapter.
  8. Shetzu
    For those wanting to use Balanced cable with MMCX connectors with your kann this is the best option and Fiio Cable has better quality & price.



    Have been using it with m IEMs Ue900s and Shure 535 without issues. Balanced output of Kann gives better sound and clarity. These cables work very well.

    You can get it at Amazon or from Fiio directly. Cost about $12-15$.

  9. Mr. Thompson
    First post in years. Burning in a new Kann with a four year old set of ER4S (P with converter, purchased from my friend Todd the VJ). It's been four nights of post 2 AM bedtimes.... Hard to argue with this. The Kann delivers. I suspect Ivor Tiefenbrun is a closet fan. Despite the kudos the Kann's voicing concerns me a bit. What's missing is the wood, sticks on the edge of a snare, the resonance in the body stringed instrument, the ong in the congas, etc. Any thoughts?

    @Terry Newton - Terry if you are still following this thread, turn on your private messaging and send me your contact information. In an epic 28 minute phone call I walked Tyll Hertsens (The Headroom dude and one of the folks helped start this Site) through his first turntable setup. I would be happy to help you with any of your tech problems, HiFi or not.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  10. loplop
    I agree with your assessment. There’s a lot to like with the KANN, but I find it a bit too focused on attack and not enough on decay. Edges are enhanced at the detraction of musical body. The net effect is the note hits, but the body doesn’t resonate long enough to be realistic.

    I notice this quite a lot on violin, but you catch whiffs of it everywhere.

    The ear-brain easily compensates, but in an absolute sense, it’s the least desireable aspect of this player (to me). I find myself pairing headphones (or adding an amp) that color the sound to add that body. Focal Clear, for instance, is too light & lively for this player (IMO), whereas the T1p I received with the KANN, (or on some music) LCDX, are a better match.

    I like the KANN a lot, it does a lot of things right, but this aspect bugs me and means it will not be my only DAP. I have a SP1000Cu (which is going back as it reboots itself constantly) and it does fix this aspect of the KANN, and has some other benefits, but also some negatives vs the more lively and punchy KANN!
  11. tienbasse
    Which could be fixed very easily if ony Astell would follow the trend led by Cayin and Lotoo, where they let the user choose which preset digital filters you want the dac to apply.

    This is typically a big part of wat can affect decay, especially in the treble area.
    This has given me plenty of satisfaction when pairing specific IEMs with my Cayin N5 for example, to have the most natural decay for cymbals.

    For some reason, Astell never gives the user access to the DAC preset filters, and this is shame.
  12. Terry Newton
    I'm here.
  13. loplop
    That would be somewhat helpful, and I would also like that ability to change filters. My testing with feeding the KANN an upsampled signal from HQPlayer does reveal some benefit in choosing different filters. It isn't a panacea, though; if you think in terms of small degrees, that's about the improvement you can see (at least if HQPlayer is a representative test).

    Ultimately a little work on the analog side is probably needed.

    Overall, though, KANN is a very lively, enjoyable listen.
  14. Miniculthero
    Can anyone with kaiser noble encore recommend a selection of balanced 4 pole 2 pin balanced cables to try in 2.5mm balance output
    Mand how does it improve their sound? Many thanks from a newbie
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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