Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Levanter
    Color Availability: Silver & Blue
    Technical Features:
    1. Single AKM AK4490 DAC
    2. Native DSD playback up to DSD256 (11.2mHz)
    3. PCM audio playback up to 32bit/382kHz
    4. Built-in amp with normal/high gain switch: drive the most demanding headphones with ease!
    5. Lowest output impedance of any our portable high-res audio players: Single-ended 3.5mm: 0.65Ω / Balanced out 2.5mm: 1.3Ω
    6. USB Type-C support (charging & data transfer)
    7. Micro USB for USB audio out & USB DAC
    8. Dedicated Line Out (2.5mm balanced & 3.5mm single-ended)
    9. 64GB internal flash memory
    10. Micro SD card support up to 256GB
    11. Full size SD card support up to 512GB
    12. aptX HD Bluetooth codec support
    13. 4" WVGA 800 x 480 LCD touch screen
    14. Long battery life: 6,200mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery (up to 15 hours)


    **Limited Time Offer**

    Pre-order your KANN and receive a FREE 256GB full size SD Card!​

    *Limited quantities available. Offer valid while supplies last.​
                                                                                   PRICE: USD$999




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  2. Riley Beale
    That's what that was full size SD card,  14 hour battery.  Top of my price range, but color me super interested.  Now I may forget the Opus 1, Onkyo DPX1A, and Fiio X5 3.  Not huge into Astel & Kern, but this could change my viewpoint.l
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  3. Levanter

    ​The only part I liked about this DAP is the full size SD + micro SD. Of all their AK series models, this is by far the ugliest looking of the lot... which is quite surprising considering how classy/sexy their past models are.
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  4. Riley Beale

    I find the Fiio X5 3 in red sexy as hell.  I also like the looks of the Questyle QP1R and the Soundaware MR1 and the Onkyo DPX1A.  This is not as attractive, but if I like the sound better and the features and UI then I will go for the Kann.
    Not the prettiest, but might be the best for my needs.
  5. Malevolent
    Well.. This is a pretty bland looking A&K DAP. Specs are pretty impressive for its price, though.
  6. wxkwin
    I must agree with you that this product is the ugliest iriver dap I've ever seen. Luckily,it's not AK4xx LOL.$999 is not a big deal if you take its design and UI into concern.
  7. wxkwin
    BTW, if you add a 1T full-size sd and a 256G tf, the storage of KANN could be 1.25T at least..Splendid!
  8. Riley Beale

    I hear that bud!  It looks to meet if not exceed all of my needs.  I am not buying it for it's looks.  It is the not as pretty girl that ends up being prettier because she is nicer and more fun to be around and has a better sense of humor .  I can't wait for some impressions and reviews and videos on this.
  9. dubbcd
    Made in China
  10. Kozato

    Except that there isn't a 1TB SD card in the market yet.. Sandisk hasn't released their 1TB Sandisk Extreme SD card.
  11. Levanter
    They are still sharing the same brand name with Astell & Kern though, so although belonging to a different product line, they are still tagged under Astell & Kern.
    If they wish to differentiate this product from their in-house products, they should re-brand the KANN as iRiver KANN instead.
  12. jmills8
    LOOKS is overrated. Sound, storage, UI, battery matters.
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  13. Riley Beale

    Does this mean it won't be as good as their Astell & Kern line?  Would the performance not be comparable to similar priced models from Astell & Kern?
    Thank you
  14. Riley Beale

    Totally agree!
  15. Levanter
    Only @jude can shed light on this since he had the product at hand. But I think it's just another variant in the AK lineup, so quality wise should be similar with their other products as i'm sure they do not want to taint their own branding with a sub-par release...

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