Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. Shetzu
    I will help you here. Lets go by following steps.


    1. Connect your USB cable to Micro USB port of Kann and the other end to your Mac Pro.

    2. On the Kann you will see DAC icon . Just press that. See image below:



    3. On Mac Pro, go to system preference and click on sound icon. Here you select Kann as external sound card.


    4. You mac is ready to use Kann as external Dac.

    5. If you are using Audirvana+ as app to play your HD music, you must go in its settings and select Kann as sound card. Check image below:


    6. If you are using jriver app then on the top menu bar of app select tools. Check image below


    7. You are all set to listen to your Kann as dac on your Macbook Pro.
    8. If you need help let me know.
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  2. Jumoonji
    Hi Shetzu,

    Thank you for your detailed guidance on how to connect the KANN as USB DAC to my Mac.

    So the problem for me was the I seem to use several faulty USB cables or cables which the Kann does not like. When I connected the Kann with the custom USB cable that I used to use with my then Mojo, it works wonderfully by following the steps that you have described above.

    So yes, thank you again for your help here.

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  3. adclem
    Hi all

    I'm new here and considering either Kann or AK70ii.

    At the moment I have a Pono and B&W P7s but I've recently got a set of B&W PX. Basically I travel for hours every day and need something noise cancelling, and wireless is just a little more convenient.

    One thing that doesnt seem to be covered in any reviews is the AptX HD. How does this compare to a wired connection; any different in quality?

    The main advantages of the Kann over AK70ii looks to be 1; battery size 2; powerful amp and 3; expandability and connections. If I'm looking to stream via AptX, I assume the analogue amp is irrelevant(?) so that leaves battery life (which is a bonus for me) and the expandability of memory (which is good but not essential) and connections (irrelevant if streaming).

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on the above.

  4. Shetzu
    Please see reply on your subject posted by JasonNYC of A&K here.
  5. adclem
    Thanks for the reply Shetzu but there isnt a post from JasonNYC on those topics in the link. Only one about wifi speakers
  6. Shetzu
    Sorry. I think Jason posted on aptX HD speakers on someones inquiry. Since you mentioned aptX.
  7. dakchi
    Did anyone one of you succeed to use Kann as an external DAC with an iphone? when I connected it, I got an error message saying that the connected device requires a lot of power. Any idea how to fix this?

    Thank you
  8. loplop
    I have a KANN and just got a pair of PX. I don’t use the PX for critical listening, but I can report a noticeable improvement in sound quality when using the KANN/PX with AptX HD vs my iphone’s AAC Bluetooth connection. I have not compared with the PX “wired” (really, USB-C), because I don’t plan to use the PX in that way.

    Theoretically, when using the PX you should get the same sound with any DAP/player that uses AptX HD, as the PX is solely responsible for the DAC and amp facilities.

    I use the KANN with many other headphones, including full-sized cans. That versatility is important to me, but may be superfluous if you only plan to use the PX’s.

    Hope that helps!
  9. adclem
    Thanks, thats really helpful. And im pretty sure I can save a bunch of cash and go for the AK70ii without loosing anything I need :)
  10. loplop
    I agree. Or maybe even the Sony A40 if you don’t need streaming and don’t intend to plug in other headphones.
  11. uncle b
    I am thinking the same thing and currently waiting on delivery of an AK70ii!
  12. Shetzu
    Did you try with the apple camera kit adapter. check this video may give you some idea.

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  13. Jumoonji

    While I’m able to connect my Kann to my iPad Pro using a CCK, I cannot seem to do so without at the same time connecting the CCK with a power supply.

    If the CCK is connected “as is” without connection to any power supply, the error message will get triggered.
  14. Shetzu
    Connect a powered USB hub to the CCK and then connect your Kann. You will not get error message of power.
  15. dakchi
    Any recommendation for a small powered USB hub? I don't want to carry something big with me. Kann is already huge

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