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Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Levanter, Apr 4, 2017.
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  1. NaiveSound
    Any comparisona of Kann vs ak70 MK2 ? Or against mojo?
  2. jrbgarcia
    Has anyone gotten a Shure KSE1500 to work with their Kann? My Kann doesn't recognize the KSE's amp
  3. R7photo
    I was one of the first Kann owners, I purchased a mk2 and did a sound comparison only, I think I posted comparison sq only in mk2 thread and this one may need to search, I purchased mk2 only just to get a package deal ak Rosie's, 8 balanced armature model
    My results were Kann to my surprise wins,, even in soundstage as kann no slouch and there seems more weight simbalance on every note and details, while mk2 is no slouch and is a awesome dac, and sound is amazing sq wise kann wins,,,sq only, just my opinion and my ears
    R kann has ability to adjust gain, low or high
    The Kann and the Rosie's are simply amazing combo,,
  4. Shimmer_Lynnsoon
    Battery life is a plus with great storage and no separate headphone amp needed, oh yeah I'm new to this, how can I add to the threads?
  5. Shimmer_Lynnsoon
    The Astell&Kern KANN
    The Astell&Kern KANN really rocks in all departments and I think it blows away the Astell&Kern SP 1000,Personally I think it should be the flagship, 15 hours battery is really good too, can't wait to see the 1 terabyte sd card
  6. Shimmer_Lynnsoon
    Can I use both SD slots at the same time?
  7. Silvertouran
    Yes you can. I do
  8. Shetzu
    Thats wonderful. Its great to know you being the first owner of Kann.
  9. Shetzu
    Yes you can use both slots of Kann with the respective SD Cards.
  10. Shimmer_Lynnsoon
    I'm assuming that the KANN doesn't need an external headphone amp
  11. Shetzu
    Depends upon what type of HPs you want to use. Kann in any case has a powerful amp module and can run most of the high end stuff.
  12. loplop
    I wouldn't characterize the KANN as "blowing away" the SP1000. I had both (still have the KANN, SP1000 had a wifi fault so I sent it back to AK) and listened to them back to back extensively. I do think the KANN has strengths: driving power, dual card slots, very good line out (IMO better than SP1000), and it has a few sonic characteristics I really like: propulsive drive, taut bass, and a sense of fidelity to the recording. Those two things I think it does better than SP1000. The amp section seems to drive anything, but it's a bit dry, IMO. However, SP1000 has a more organic sound, better expression of bloom and reverb, and greater instrumental harmonics which flesh out the sound of am instrument or voice better. I was on the fence about it's propensity to make recordings sound more "live" than recorded, and the bass is not as rhythmic and taut as the KANN.

    All impressions formed using full-size cans, so IEM users may have a different take. (LCDX, T1p, Focal Clear, E-MU Purpleheart, mostly).

    That it "KANN' do, but I find the built-in amp a bit dry for my tastes, especially with the Focal Clear. For the Clear, I add an ALO Continental and find the sound to be more fleshed out, dimensional, and less dry.
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  13. thor777
    Does anyone know if I can use my balanced to SE adapter I have for the AK100ii on the KANN? Is the pinout the same, or do I have to buy a new adapter? I haven't received my KANN yet, but would like to get a new adapter if needed. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  14. lithrai
    Your adapter will work. Pinout is the same.
  15. thor777
    Thanks for the reply!
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