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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. xxx1313

    ​Yes, this was an April Fool's joke. [​IMG]
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  2. bflat

    One can only hope that AK will make a rectangular DAP with 90 deg corners.
  3. warrior1975

    Nice collection. You have a favorite? I'm kind of torn... Sony 1z and Cowon S/P1. I've been using my dx200 for a week or so. Just powered up my S... Damn I missed the sound. Such a beautiful device. Completely different sound than both my 1z and dx200... And probably the ak380... BTW, I want that damn Ak380ss...
  4. bflat
    Any ideas on how to just keep the power button area of the CU protected from tarnishing? It would be a waste to pay for a full skin kit and just use the top.
  5. WayneWoondirts

    Did they show it at CanJam NYC or where did he get to compare them side by side?
  6. Dellwolf
    Canjam NYC doesn't start till tomorrow.
  7. sonickarma
  8. sonickarma
    Thanks - I always seem to end up with a lot of DAPs. Still love the AK380CU but the natural sound of the Sony NW-WM1Z is growing on me a lot especially 4.4 bal.
    Hugo, Valoq and Tera still some of my favs also. On the fence about getting a DX200 - any views - worth having in the collection?
    p.s. I used to have the AK240SS and loved the build so tempted also on the AK380SS but maybe I'm just being greedy.
  9. xxx1313

    ​My friend has good connections to a large retailer here in Europe and he got the chance to try an AK380SS at the shop. The SS has one advantage: It could easily be run over by a car and still work and look fine. I do not know if this is necessary, but if somebody wants to try this, try it only with the SS version. [​IMG]
  10. sonickarma
    I thought only Chord Electronics - have tank proof items!

    Haven't tried with my Hugo BTW
  11. warrior1975

    I'm still in burn in phase... But it's very airy, excellent instrument separation. Definitely different than my 1z... And my Cowon S. I do like it... But as of now I definitely prefer my Cowon S. I haven't compared direct to my 1z yet... But I have a feeling I'll prefer the 1z as well. I prefer either more bass, or a more warm analog type dap. Still enjoy the DX200 even though it's not my normal cup of tea.
  12. WayneWoondirts

    I see, mind sharing where that shop is at?
  13. sonickarma
    Cheers for the info, I may past up the DX200 as I don't like airy sounding signature and prefer more lush full bodied natural sounding. 
    Their old model  HDP-R10  was pretty good though from memory  - shame it was a massive brick and had poor battery life.
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  14. xxx1313

    ​In Austria (a large European electronics retailer).
  15. WayneWoondirts

    Thanks, could only be Saturn/Media Markt, right?
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