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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. nogi replicant

    That was my plan also, change the cables to 2.5 but get an SE adapter.
  2. nogi replicant

    This is really useful information thank you. I was not aware that there was an actual issue with the balanced that was since resolved.
  3. nogi replicant

    Is balanced the former or latter above? Thanks.
  4. Fr_eak
    Balanced is the latter, which to be honest is my preferred mode as well.
  5. ThomasHK
    I can't see it on their website. Can you provide a link? Thanks!
  6. Fr_eak

    I can't find the link to this product either.
  7. dubbcd
    ThomasHK likes this.
  8. LouisArmstrong
    Just let it rust. The more you polish you lose that "raw" feeling.
  9. Samuel777

    can you share some pictures / photos of your AK380 (combo)?, that will help me appreciate.
  10. tunes
    Did anyone at NYC Camjam compare the RWAK380 + RWAK380 AMP to the Hugo 2?

    Really liked the latter but not convenient for a portable system.
  11. bflat
     100+ hrs burn in on the CU amp and I find the bass impact has increased slightly to where I have dialed back my bass modules on the Laylas to 11 from 1 o'clock. Mids sound a little thicker and highs are a touch smoother, but details are still very high. Overall adds a little more depth to the soundstage so overall stage sounds evenly wide as deep. 
    Also tried the Tidal integration today since I had a 90-day free offer through Audirvana. It works pretty well, but no way to store downloads. To early to say if it's worth $20 per month, but I plan to try out a lot of genre channels. One tip - I find the default playback volume via Tidal to be about 6-8 dB higher than playing stored tracks. I also don't know if this is unique to the CU chassis, but wifi range is pretty bad on the AK380 CU. It shows at least 2 bars lower than my iPhone from the same spot. Adding the Dignis case seems to make it a little worse. This may limit how far from your wifi router you can go.
  12. ironpeg
    Got a chance for 5 mins demo of AK380SS in Canjam NYC.
    Comparing to my AK380 Cu, SS is brighter with more sparkle and extension in Treble. Less warm comparing to CU.
  13. Dellwolf
    Which day did you listen to it?
  14. ironpeg
    First day. I saw you on the second day. You were trying Dave with Zeus XRA. I was behind you.
  15. Dellwolf
    Ahhh, yeah that was the best I've ever heard the Zeus, I was amazed by it on the Dave. I wish I could have listened longer, but my parents were checking out of our room while I was listening, so I had to leave.
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