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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. Rhamnetin
    PC master race. Ain't nothing a console can do that a PC can't do better.
  2. grantman102002
    You're not wrong, although there are some sports games I enjoy that never get released on PC. The biggest reason I continue to return to playing my Xbox one, despite having a nice PC, is to play with my friends. None of my friends have a gaming PC. Pretty lame, I know...
  3. Rhamnetin
    Yeah, I would just try to get those people into PC gaming. Show them first hand. That's what I've done, as I want nothing to do with gaming on consoles. I consider gaming with actual friends on console to be less worthy of my time than gaming alone or gaming with people I don't know in person on PC, but thankfully I have the best of both worlds in that regard.
  4. grantman102002
    Yeah, guess I will have to start converting them. I am putting together another PC out of used parts, maybe one of my friends will buy it and I can get the process started...
  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    I totally get this.. It was sadly the same case with me.

    I wish that I had gotten into PC gaming though. (not like I can't but all my friend base is on Xbone)
  6. Music Alchemist
    Hmm. I've never heard of people gaming on a PC with traditional multiplayer like consoles have. Can anyone link me to examples involving a single PC and multiple players sitting next to each other? It can be keyboards or more console-like controllers.
  7. Rhamnetin
    You mean split-screen, yeah. Now that you mention it, I think there are fewer split-screen games on PC than on all consoles combined. Every Serious Sam game has it, I think at least one of the Borderlands games has it too, and there are a few other popular examples which I don't currently remember since I consider split-screen multiplayer to be terrible. Sharing a screen = less screen space, and if it's versus then you have players looking at each other's screens. For close proximity multiplayer with friends, nothing beats LAN gaming (everyone puts their gaming PC on the same network and joins a LAN-only server).
  8. Music Alchemist
    So it requires multiple PCs?

    Is there any way to do it with a single PC and multiple monitors?

    Which types of games are compatible with this and which are not?
  9. Deftone
    I used to be a dedicated pc gamer but became obsessed with the best graphics and high frame rates, over time I started to enjoy pc gaming less and less until it completely lost its appeal.

    Nintendo put the fun back in gaming for me and now this is where I reside with a Switch, WiiU, 3DS and GameCube. I haven’t enjoyed playing games this much since I was a child.
  10. Music Alchemist
    Hey there, buddy! Glad to see ya here.

    As you probably noticed, I've always been a console gamer, without much PC gaming experience, but I plan on focusing on PC eventually. (But still use consoles for exclusive titles and such.)

    Nintendo consoles I've owned: NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, GBASP, 3DS

    You should really check out the classic SNES games if you haven't already. A few of my faves are EarthBound, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Final Fantasy VI (originally released as Final Fantasy III in the US), the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Killer Instinct, and Mega Man X. You can get many of them in digital format on modern Nintendo consoles.

    And some of my favorites on other consoles:
    GameCube: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (remake of the PS1 game Metal Gear Solid)
    Wii: The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Game Boy Advance: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    3DS: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D (remaster of the N64 game)

    I think I enjoy PlayStation more than Nintendo overall. (Had PS1, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita.)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
    Deftone likes this.
  11. Rhamnetin
    LAN multiplayer requires separate PCs yes. As I said, that simply refers to connecting everyone's PC to the same local area network (and typically subnet) and joining a locally hosted LAN-only server that is not connected to the internet. Basically online multiplayer but not over the internet, just over a local network (thus virtually no lag). This is the best way to do close proximity multiplayer, far better than split-screen since you aren't sharing screens (though technically you can with a picture-in-picture display lol but nobody does this) and you can get a little bit more elbow room.

    Here is a more typical looking LAN:


    Though when I've done LAN gaming, we were all in different rooms in my house.

    All PC game tournaments are LANs. You've probably seen them in photos like this one:


    Technically every PC game that lets you host your own server supports LAN multiplayer, so that is probably 99% of multiplayer games on PC. The exceptions are modern AAA garbage like Battlefield 1 and their rent-a-server only model, which is utterly disgusting. Nobody should pay those studios.

    You should check and see the state of Wii U emulators on PC. I know for a fact that PC (Dolphin emulator) plays GameCube and Wii games far better than the actual Nintendo systems, in every way.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  12. Deftone
    I know about the emulators but I’d rather play them on the oringinal consoles, like I said I don’t care for graphics any more and my pc hasn’t been turned on for months. The reason iv grown to love Nintendo so much is because you get so many solid well crafted games that are a lot of fun, the development staff are masterful in this respect.

  13. Deftone
    Hey, iv been looking in to getting an SNES classic to play the games I’ve missed out on during my younger years. I’ll check out those others you mentioned too!
  14. Music Alchemist
    Eh. Multiplayer with separate screens (and worse, with players not next to each other) ruins the entire personal connection I'd want with my fellow players. I prefer traditional multiplayer, which is all but dead now.

    You don't necessarily need to get an old console since many of the games are available as digital downloads for modern consoles now.

    The downside (at least with my old Wii) is that, unlike PlayStation, the games are not connected to an account; instead, they are connected to that particular console, so if you sell it, you normally can't play those digital games again unless you repurchase them on a different console. This may have changed for newer Nintendo consoles, however. Hopefully they don't screw over their customers like they used to.

    I love the fact that I can download and play all the digital games and content I bought years ago on most modern PlayStation consoles. (PS3, PS Vita, PSP...but PS4 is more restricted in what type of content you can use on it.)
  15. Rhamnetin
    Did you see those photos? Everyone is right next to each other. I'm surprised you'd rather share a screen than sit right next to each other and use your own and enjoy the real estate.

    Though I'm not the type who likes to game on headphones, so I actually prefer LAN with me being in my own room with my 5.1 surround setup, communicating via VOIP, and I would want everyone else to have their own banging surround system too.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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