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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. DoctaCosmos
    I found for best comfort with mouse is to get an L shaped desk and have your hand resting to the side of you rather than in front. Also height please a role.
  2. Music Alchemist
    Playing 3DS, Vita and PSP in bed was so fun back in the day! I'm sure I'll get them again someday.
    I just tried this. Unfortunately, I don't have enough control when my hand is on the side of the mouse.
  3. Sencha
    I go between the two and while I like both I think of myself as a mouse and keyboard player regardless of platform. To pick though I prefer PC. I feel the experience is more whole. I find with PC I'm happy to play games without thinking about whats coming where as with console there tends to be a lot of focus for me on what's next. And so I tend to go through periods of not playing on console as the latest MP shooter gets a little dry. PC for example I'm currently enjoying some very active BF3 servers. And after that the list is endless about what I could play. As with most things in life I think on balance they are pretty equal. Just have to decide what's important to you. And of course friends should be top of that list. If you have any real world friends that game then get on their format! 
  4. Rhamnetin
    That was once a minor problem for me (minor because I play mostly single player games).  I play on PC, they played on console.  Solution?  Induct them into PC gaming!
  5. Music Alchemist
    Now I'm thinking of the console wars in South Park.
    I used to like taking turns with single player games to turn them into two player. (Sort of.)
  6. jamjkv
    I miss those days. Having a few friends over, drinking and taking turns. We did this so many times with GTA.
  7. Music Alchemist
    Here's a pic of my awesome speakers in my crappy room along with what little "computer rig" I have. (Beverages placed there just for fun.)
    If I ever get into serious PC gaming, I'll already have the speaker side of things taken care of.
  8. Rhamnetin
    For serious gaming, you might want to get even more speakers and a subwoofer.  Surround sound was the biggest gaming upgrade I've made in years.
  9. Music Alchemist
    I'm thinkin' a Dolby Atmos system (real 3D sound) would be pretty epic for gaming. [​IMG]
  10. Muinarc
    Is your laptop hinge broken? Surprised it's working looking that detached lol . Have you tried moving your speakers further apart at all? Sometimes adding a few feet of width between them really helps the stage.
  11. Music Alchemist
    Yep, it's literally falling apart. I have it resting against a box, as you can see. This overpriced Alienware has served me well for six years despite all the issues. I'm not gonna bother doing anything to fix it and will upgrade to a custom desktop sooner or later.
    I tried all the positions in this part of the room and prefer them the way they are now: this exact distance, height, angle, etc. It's a good balance between intimacy and spaciousness. Won't get into room treatments and EQ until I feel the urge...or may just not get around to doing things like that until I get a much nicer speaker system.
  12. Rhamnetin
    The interesting thing about that is, 3D object oriented sound has existed in PC gaming since the late 1990s.  It never made its way to console gaming until Dolby Atmos enabled games, which are very recent (Battlefield 1 is one of few).  3D sound then essentially died off about ten years ago with the release of Windows Vista, and is now starting to resurface through Atmos (which probably costs far more to license/implement than using the older and probably better method, OpenAL).
    So any PC game released between the late 1990s and 2008 or so should have 3D sound, including binaural sound simulation for headphones and stereo/2.1 speakers.  This also includes probably the majority of Unreal Engine 3 games, which was the most used game engine from 2007 until maybe 2013.
  13. Music Alchemist
    Yeah, but I meant real 3D sound, with the speakers literally all around you. (Not a digital simulation that isn't actually 3D.)
  14. Rhamnetin
    Surround sound then, like I initially suggested, although the extra Atmos speakers wouldn't be used in non-Atmos games.  When more Atmos games come out (ones I care about), I'll get an Atmos receiver and upgrade my 5.1 setup to 5.1.2.
  15. Music Alchemist
    I just want to be clear (for those who are not familiar) that Dolby Atmos places speakers above you as well, so it's 3D, so to speak. It could be considered surround sound, but it's not like most surround sound systems.
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