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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. Yethal

    EA went even further with BF1. They dropped support for third-party hosting companies and server management software like ProCon. Now the seervers can be rented from EA only and server admins cannot manage the servers remotely and run custom scripts (such as auto-kick).
  2. Rhamnetin
    I remember that.  And BF1 players on PC are totally okay with it lol.  Even the ones who understand what they're missing out on.  Multiplayer gaming was so much better 10-15 years ago when the games were 100% moddable and servers 100% customizable, I have such great memories of those times even though I only saw the tail end of it.
    A few great multiplayer games retain those capabilities, but many have very few players like Natural Selection 2 (my favorite PvP shooter in almost a decade), Rising Storm, even Insurgency has a small amount of players.
  3. Yethal

    Industry was much smaller back then and money didn't affect the decision making process as much. Which is ironic considering how easy it is now for indie developers to publish games compared to 15 years ago.
  4. Music Alchemist
    This is loosely related, so I thought I'd mention it...
    This is the area to the right of my laptop. No room for a mouse at the moment. I'm gonna have to push everything back to use my mouse at all. It hurts my wrist/hand/fingers a lot less than the touchpad.
    I think @Rhamnetin is the only other electrostat freak in this thread. [​IMG] 
  5. akg fanboy
    bigger desk?
  6. Music Alchemist
    It's all on a fairly large table that is bigger than most desks. I have no urge to get anything else right now. I can easily move that stuff further back at any time. I would just have to reach further to adjust the volume and so on. Or I could leave the amp where it is and move everything else.
  7. akg fanboy
    That must mean you have more equipment than you can handle lol. If you have space to move the other stuff then I guess that works [​IMG]
  8. Music Alchemist
    heh. Read through my profile. [​IMG]
    The photo shows less than half of the table. I could put the headphone stand and most of the electronics on or next to that black thing so it's still within reach.
    akg fanboy likes this.
  9. Digitalis
    Yes it seems the days of the old Lan party are pretty much over. At least I have my moment in the sun - beating professional Korean Q3A players 3:1 in 5 straight matches. I'm not sure I could do that again.
    I was kind of annoyed that Star citizen won't be getting dedicated servers: it would be kind of awesome to build a small ITX Shuttle PC, and have it set up as a server with an entire galaxy running in it. Elite Dangerous also had its offline play functionality taken out of the game.
    I still play ESO PvP*, though there isn't a dedicated Australian/Asia server, so lag can be a big issue. I love the elder scrolls games, even though ESO was developed by Zeni they have done good work with it and kept with the Elder scrolls lore. On release it was the least bug ridden MMORPG experience in a decade. Bioware should be taking notes from their game development team.
    * I have given up on Overwatch, the sheer number of underage/immature/idiotic players is profoundly annoying.
  10. Music Alchemist
    All this online multiplayer talk has me thinking about this anime:
    The fact that the video game is about blowing other players up with bombs and it has the option to marry other players in-game is hilarious!
  11. Yethal
    So, Battle Royale meets D.U.D.S Hunt meets Fable 2?
  12. Music Alchemist
    heh. When I saw it, I thought: The Hunger Games: Anime Edition. But Battle Royale came out long before that and was a decent movie. I've been meaning to watch the sequel.
  13. Yethal
    There's a sequel? Must watch.
  14. sti23
    Uncharted is the best!!
  15. lantian
    Probably my favorite games ever, next would be withcer 3
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