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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. aive
    I can't believe I'm now adding this DAC to my consideration list :/ It's USB implementation is technically less superior than others I'm looking at (W4S SE, AGD M7) and I don't really want it's HP amp section but regardless, much like the Bryston BDA-2 almost all personal reviews are glowingly positive about its sound, which is the most important thing I guess... too many options! [​IMG]
    Seems to be a good deal on the FS forums atm, can snag this for $2.5 K USD inc. shipping, shame I'm not buying a DAC until Jan next year :frowning2:
  2. SearchOfSub
    Has anyone done a A/B comparison with the NAD M51?
  3. SearchOfSub
  4. aive
  5. BournePerfect
    Eximus #3 incoming this week...when will I learn!? I've now said goodbye to the Master 7, V800 (for sale), Gungnir, Dac 100...etc and keep coming back to the DP-1. Guess I'll keep this one til I can afford an MSB later this winter...good to back!
  6. aive

    Lol ur strong endorsement of this DAC is one of the reasons why it's on my list. Where are you buying it from?
  7. BournePerfect
    Used from another member. I will only replace it with an MSB at 3-4 times the cost. This is truly one of a kind in it's presentation-although it may not be for everybody...
    edit: What exactly does that DIP Combo do? Who's reporting the 'huge difference' with the DP-1?
  8. azynneo
    Lmao too many times too many times..
    I've actually seen a few claims and I think I've mistaken myself to see these new for 2,295$. I don't think this is the case since I can never find it for that much new.
  9. BournePerfect
    You started me on my DP-1 addiction you know lol. It's really unbeatable for it's price imo-maybe at any price with it's unique presentation. Just finished watching a bluray with the V800 and...meh. The Eximus is RIDICULOUS with movies-to say nothing of music and games. LOVE the 3D imaging it provides-just can't get enough of it. Miss those sweet highs, forward mids, and silky smooth effortlessness that I have yet to hear anywhere else.
    Seems someone else posted one of these bogus links not too long ago with a low-ball price you couldn't even pay for lol.
  10. azynneo
    It's amazing with imaging with speakers as well, actually I'm quite impressed with the air motiv 5s in my room with the eximus (i have one still) and you're right it's unbeatable. I put my anedio with it to compare.. not even a comparison. The soundstage is HUGE on speakers and the directional cues sometimes make me feel as if I have a surround sound with 2 channel speakers.
    I still don't know what the filter button does, or I forgot what it does. Nevertheless, I think it sounds best without filter.
  11. BournePerfect
    HP filter is just an annoying bass boost that only effects headphones. The upsampling I always leave off-more natural sound imo.
    I know-I read about dacs with impressive soundstage and they all fall on their face against the Eximus. Master 7: super wide stage and very flat-the 5th row perspective doesn't do it any favors here. The v800: very forward, lacks depths-overall a 'hard' sound to my ears. Gagnir: lolz.
    One of the reasons I'm so eager to try the Analog Dac is not only for it's vinyl-like quality, but also it's purported vinyl-like soundstaging.  Time will tell.
    Glad you still have the Eximus-anything else you're currently using or saving up for?
  12. azynneo
    I have a weiss dac2 at my dorm that's not really worth mentioning connected through my mbook pro. I'm probably just gonna save up for a gs-x mk2 from Justin
  13. SearchOfSub
    BournePerfect is the one who also got me intesrested in the Eximus DP-1. I am most likely gonna pick one up in a few months...
    BournePerfect, can you give us an idea of how it plays with movies? I am particularly intsrested in the Eximus because of the 3d soundstaging.
    Can you give us a scene of a movie and how Eximus made a difference with 3d soundstaging? Thanks appreciate it.
  14. azynneo
    Actually, any video has made a huge difference in the 3d soundstaging. It gives it more of a surround + better directional cues.
  15. BournePerfect
    No particular scenes right off the top of my head really-then again nearly every scene from action movies is another way to look at it. With other dacs, and the HD800-I get a good out of head experience with the HD800s-such is their nature I suppose. But mostly it just sounds like you have two large speakers on each side of your head-and not very much depth to it. With the Eximus-you are right in the center of the action-sound all around (not just to the sides), with phenomenal 3D depth. I even sold a number of Dolby Headphone devices because the DP-1 just in stereo trounced them all. I'd suspect only the Realiser would beat it.
    An easy way to understand how it does with movies (and games), is to realize how it performs with music. I like the 6Moons quote that the Eximus presents a 'they are here' presentation-rather than a 'you are there' presentation. Meaning-it's like they are right in the room with you-performing all around you, rather than being in the audience in a concert. Like you're right on stage with the band-musicians all around you-with the mids brought forward to your ears in a most pleasing way.
    Translate that to movies and games-and I hope you can get a grasp of the possibilities. I in no way ever bought the Eximus for anything but music...but now I almost couldn't give it up based on how well it does for multimedia in general. An astounding deal imo that can pretty much act as both the heart of not only your 2-channel music system-but your home theater as well...
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