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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. purk Contributor
    I'm with you all the way.  For that price, it should carry all the digital output short of HDMI.
  2. Clemmaster
    I'm moving to California, too.
    Does anyone know if I can switch the Eximus to 115V easily or do I have to send it to April Music so that they do the change?
    That's the main reason I want to sell it before I move, actually.
    The other reason is that I still feel the NFB-27 is the superior DAC, or at least a DAC with a presentation that matches my preference & setup.
    I know I still didn't figure out how to make it sound its best (based on the fact that I don't get the max from the NFB-27 either, compared to what it used to sound like in the past... computer HIFI be damned [​IMG]).
    Only when I solve all my issues I can compare both, but I suspect (and hope for my wallet) I won't be able to.
  3. purk Contributor
    It can be done but is very expensive.  I looked into this earlier.
    April Music do not have voltage change service and The customer changed voltage personally will loose the right of warranty immediately.
    I do not recommend to buy April product from overseas because you may lost your warranty and must pay for the service.  Sorry, We have only fixed voltage to each country and not suggest to switch the power supply circuit.  Also, the Voltage changing service cost is not listed in our price list and cost is estimated more then U$ 600 plus shipping to Korea.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best regards"


  4. sensui123
    Good advice, thanks for that.  I would of assumed any DAC in these price ranges would have balanced output but I guess I was assuming too much.  Here in the US, a new DP1 vs a Metreum Hex is actually not that much different.  I am teetering between the two now.....what's really got me sold on the Hex is the way it handles usb power and the rave reviews it gets without the use of usb->spdif bridges.  I have some time to decide anyhow while I sell off some stuff to get the new equipment heh.
  5. Clemmaster
    Go HEX if you don't need the headphone amp / preamp functionality, IMO.
    From my short - and probably sub-optimal - experience with it (~1.5 months), there's nothing in the DP1 that cannot be found in other DACs.
    Sure, it has a nice lit up presentation that illuminate the individual performers, but it can be too much with already airy headphones like the HE-5LE and HE-6 (the latter also has the same kind of "illumination" in it, even).
    Technically, I find the NFB-27 to be the better DAC overall, giving a ("much") bigger picture of the scene, more authority (what a slam! again...) and a blacker background.
    On the other hand, the Metrum DAC have a sense of flow (could it be timing?) that very few (if any) other DAC can match. It sound effortless and is never aggressive to the ear.
    The Quad was also quite fast and I suspect the HEX can match the NFB-27 in terms of authority/slam. The sounds were "floating" in the air and seemed to come out from nowhere right into the ears without effort. This is the opposite of the Sabre-based NFB-27 which clearly show you where the instruments are.
    I'm sure the Quad wasn't nearly as refined as the HEX, so...  
  6. khaine1711
    I'm sure you forget about, the nice engraved leaves on top of the chassis, the kinda unique volume knob [​IMG]. Can't find that in a 100k dac even =p.
    Kidding aside, the way it presents soundstage is quite special though. I always think of the DP1 as a "bigger" Octave and "smaller" dp777.
  7. mcullinan
    I rarely listen to my DP1 with headphones, but through speakers its one of the best Dacs I have heard. Blows the Concero Away. Of course its 5x the price... Im not crazy about any of the Sabre Dacs Ive heard... I know Im lumping them because of the chip and people say oh you can make them sound like anything, but the Sabre Dacs do have a house sound. The Concero is a good Dac dont get me wrong.. but the Dp1 is uber musical..
  8. Clemmaster

    Compared to the Quad, it certainly is. But the HEX is (said to be) another beast entirely.

    I have a quteHD + LPSU on its way. Let's see which one I find the most musical...
  9. SearchOfSub
    Hello thinking about picking this up for the DAC/Pramp.. how do you think it'll match with the Hypex N-Core400 for the amp? Are there any amps that matches well with the DP-1? No headphones, just dedicated 2 channel speaker set up. I also read that its a little bit harsh at the top.. does this go away with break-in?
  10. BournePerfect
    Harsh, DP-1, what?? Break in is pretty quick for a dac with the Eximus imo-maybe 50 hours and the sound doesn't change after that ime. Never sounded harsh to me, and that's one of a number of reasons I really enjoyed it with the HD800. FWIW.
  11. Clemmaster
    If you were referring to what I said then no, there's no harshness with the Eximus; that was an issue with my power regulator...
    The eximus is smooth up top, no harshness whatsoever with an adequate power feed, actually.
  12. SearchOfSub
    Sorry to ask but can someone with the DP1  put up a youtube Video of playing music with a good mic if they have the time? thanks.
  13. mcullinan
    cmon.... lol Thats not going to give you an inkling of how it sounds.. :wink:
    But its one of my favorites... 
  14. BournePerfect
    It sounds like effortless, silky smooth, crystal clear....music. There.
  15. dgcrane

    +1 friggin love mine !

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