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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. mcullinan
    I have this DAC too and the HP amp sounds great. Im only driving Senn 598s.. but I dont hear any background noise or anything.
  2. Neogeo333
    Thats why m2man should have his dp1 checked by April Audio.   Maybe there's something wrong with the amp section.   Its not normal to have noise or hiss.
  3. BournePerfect

  4. yellowblue
    I´am about to order the ifi-audio iUSB which got nice reviews even with the Stello U3. Anyone who has experiences with the i USB and the Eximus?
  5. WiCKed666
    There is USB firmware and driver update released
  6. shimm
    So I ordered an Eximus DP-1. Thinking of cables, firmware etc, here comes a question: does it make sence to release USB bus for Eximus only and move keyboard and mouse to PS/2? What do you think? And if you have some fresh thoughts on cables and anything subject related please share as well. Thanks in advance.
  7. mtruong34
    Did you ever get the iUSB?  What were your impressions?  I'm interested to try this as well but haven't seen anyone try it with the DP1 yet.
  8. yellowblue
    I got a iUSB a couple of days ago. And yes, I can hear a difference, but I need more time to evaluate (though I did not get the doubleheaded USB-cable yet).
    I changed from Windows 7 to Windows 8, got 2 Quietlines and the iUSB the last week and I am coming to write a little more about that over the next days. 
  9. yellowblue
    After a few days experimenting with my Hifi-gear I can describe my impressions a little more detailed. The first day I was completely confused. I had a feeling that I not in any way could point out a difference in a blindtest.
    When you are only focusing on details and try to point out a difference after two minutes hearing each alternative you are going more and more unsure. The only clear difference you hear this way is between Windows 7 and Windows 8. More bass, clearer sound, more correct in every way. I was really surprised!
    If I should rank all my tryings to better the sound with my Eximus (the best peace of Hifi-gear I ever owned) the upgrade to Windows 8 is the clear number one.
    And the iUSB? The first day I was a little disappointed. Was there really a difference? Has this thing to burn in? Should I wait and get the new doubleheaded USB-cable to the iUSB before I write my impressions? I would describe it this way: After a hole day listening with the iUSB I probably would miss it when going back. I think it adds a tad clearness and does the music sounding a little more involving (you may hear a clearer effect with other DACs). Is it worth the money? I will keep it and hope that the doubleheaded USB-cable is coming to work out the advantages of the iUSB.
    By the way I first used JRiver 17 and updated to 18. The sound of 18 appeared to be "fresher" (can you imagine what I mean?), a improvement in the same range as the iUSB (but I must admit that I like to play arround with the surround field in DSP-mode - and it is maybe here you get the biggest improvement)
    And the Quietlines? Any more unsure about their effect. Maybe even here a tad of a more involving sound and greater depth. There is a lot psychology in that. If you are expecting a greater sound from a new gear you often get what you expect - maybe in your own head.
    If I should do a summary: I am really sure about the big improvement overall with Windows 8, iUSB, Quietlines, JRiver 18 (did I forget something?) which I never thought was possible for the money I invested. I am just not really sure if I described the contribution of each gear quiet correctly. But as a package it works!
  10. purk Contributor
    Just purchased a slightly used Eximus DP-1 but I have the following problems:
    1)  The sampling rate locking light does not display correctly.  The problem only occur when I'm playing 88.2/96khz files.  The indicator light should show in red and not in orange.  Foobar, ASIO Status, and TUSBAudio Spy Tool also indicated the correct sampling rate.  No problem with 44.1/48 & 172/192 playback.
    2)  Problems with static and popping noise while playing 172/192 khz files.  This symptom only happen during USB mode.  No problem with coaxial so far.  Note that I have tried different USB cables including stock as well as using the latest USB driver from their stie.  Has anyone encounter these problems or I have a defective unit?.  
    Thanks for your help in advance guys!!
  11. shimm
    purk, are you sure you're using USB 2 port? I'd also try either ASIO and WASAPI (pool mode) in foo.
  12. leeperry
    I'm colorblind so I can't really help about the LED color issue, but IIRC someone else raised this issue earlier in this thread. I would guess that Windows is resampling so did you try ASIO and WASAPI exclusive? Foobar has a new WASAPI plugin with many options.
    Did you update the firmware and drivers? It's all available at http://www.aprilmusic.com/eng/bbs/bbsView.php?id=27&code=bbs_product_m
  13. purk Contributor
    I am using ASIO from foobar.  My Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 as well as Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 always function correctly using ASIO output.  Yes, I'm using a USB 2.0 port.
    I installed the unit with the latest firmware & driver, so that's not the issue.  Like I said above, my W4S DAC2 is functionally correctly with the foobar so I doubt its the ASIO issue. Any idea?
    Also, still have problems playing 24 bit 172/196khz files.  Crackling noise...and some time even pause playing these files.  Any solution guys?
  14. m2man
    I would try a different USB cable. I just threw out one that was doing that very thing. It would eventually hang the player even. Mine was bad enough to do this at 44k. You just have a lot more data going at the higher sample rate. Easier to fail.

    Not all USB cables that you find in your garage are the same it seems.
  15. shimm
    The first and easy solution is to play with the buffer size in foobar (and maybe ASIO).
    Next thing you already know - try to use WASAPI output in pool mode. The main goal is to try a different options to find the problematic one.
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