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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. sebna
    Thanks again Purk.
    Would you know if the serial number has any meaning in terms of things like date of production in it maybe?
  2. purk Contributor
    I'm sure it is, however, I don't know how to interpret that.
  3. djtw345
    I had this exact LED indicator problem with a DP-1, I purchased last year. I returned it to the dealer and he could not replicate the problem. I decided to just get my money back and move on to another DAC as I could not accept this behavior for a DAC in this price range. I did not try the SPDIF input, only USB.
    I was using Win7, JRiver17 in WASAPI Event Mode. I had a WFS DAC2 previously and never had any problems with sampling rate indication over USB.
    You might try a MAC OSX machine, as maybe it is just a PC driver issue?
  4. Blackmore
    Guys, anyone compared Eximus vs NAIM DAC? Both seem to be very versatile and great sounding, anyone?
  5. shimm
    Agreed. I don't see anything like "discrete buffering" between TPA6120 and HP jack. Its the same HP amp like in Xonar ST(X) soundcard. They could call "discrete buffering" a couple of resistors though.
  6. Paul Meakin
    For what it's worth, Hi-Fi + have reviewed both but some time apart so they didn't directly compare them; both reviews are on this page
    The Eximus review is worth a read in any case.
  7. sebna
    I have just placed an order for my DP-1. Woohoo !
    I had one for the test so I know what I am up for so now only a weeks time worth of wait and then some proper listening time. 
  8. sebna

    As far as I know Xonar STX HP out because of poorly implemented amplification has around 100 ohms of impedance or close to it... I dont think they are anything alike with eximus (0.1 ohm). Also as sated many times before it is not the chip itself but the implementation that matters.
  9. Blackmore
    Funny thing, I did read that Eximus review, but didnt pay any attention about NAIM, thank you very much for that. I have the feeling that NAIM is a great DAC, probably bit differ than Eximus, but its an DAC only with possible upgrades and if you dont need headphone amp or pre either, well, looks exellent to me.
    Regarding April. Well, I really disapointed that they have chosen for 3 in 1 machine, instead of making DAC only and I do miss desplay that could make things much easier and friendly in use, maybe they will do that later.
  10. shimm
    Poorly implemented amplification has around 100 ohms of impedance, while Eximus with good implemented amplification has 0,1? Lets see....
    80mW into 600Ω
    Minimum load impedance 8Ω
    Load impedance 16Ω
    Intermodulation distortion:
    64Ω - 0.000095%
    32Ω - 0.00014%
    0,1Ω - ?
    Total harmonic distortion plus noise:
    10 kΩ - 0.000024%
    600Ω - 0.00014%
    64Ω - 0.00038%
    32Ω - 0.00055%
    0,1Ω - ?
    Please check the datasheet by yourself (its easy and interesting) to see the impedances they (TI) use for measurements: 32Ω, 64Ω, 600Ω, 10kΩ. And which one is the best for perfomance/distortions ratio? 200-600Ω. And what about 0,1Ω? Nothing. Maybe TI have no idea what they are doing? Hmm...
  11. sebna
    You are mixing things up badly. Read this document again but this time try to understand it mate.
    Unless you have HPs with 0.1 ohm of impedance that you plan to use with Eximus... because the 0.1 ohm at HP out of DP-1 has nothing to do with impedance of the actual Head Phones to which numbers from your post correspond.
    However, on the other hand, impedance of HP out is of great importance in terms of mismatch with Headphones impedance. And this is why 100ohm of Asus is utter crap while 0.1 of DP-1 is close to perfect.
    At the bottom of article:
    Good luck
  12. BournePerfect
    No complaints with the DP-1 headphone output here. Drove my HD 800, TH 900, AD2000, and Pro 2900 equally well. I could have easily lived with it long term as an all-in-one dac/amp.

  13. shimm
    Already done. It was late night so I'm not surprised.
    But it doesn't change the things: the datasheet requires 10Ohm resistors at the amp end and if you follow the datasheet you will never measure 0,1Ohm. Damping factor is a great thing indeed but stability and protection are more important.
  14. yellowblue
    I mentioned that earlier in this thread - I sold my Violectric V200 because I was convinced of that the headamp of the Eximus was better. I don´t care about datasheets that much.
  15. shimm
    The head amp in Eximus is not bad. Its "HIGH FIDELITY HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER" actually, so its far from bad. But I have a questions: Is that small chip (with small caps on its output) as good as expensive dedicated class A $1-2k devices? Is it smart (for me) to buy a $1-2k HPs for it? Is it save (if they really removed 10Ohm resistors)? I'm not sure.
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