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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. outmatch
    What an irony, considering that DP1's headphone amp is made from op-amps (OPA627).
  2. leeperry
    not quite, it's based on TPA6120 with a whole bunch of discrete buffering, as mentioned earlier in this thread [​IMG]
  3. outmatch
    I apologize for the confusion, actually it seems OPA627 is used for the pre-amp part.  The HP out is made of TPA6120, which is a cheap op-amp (retailed for $2.55 on TI and in the same class as "cheapo opamps" you referred to), and two additional buffer stages. Regardless of the cost, it sounds very nice. I feel that "discrete owns opamp" is a misleading notion. Discrete designs are an out-dated technology. In today's electronics, any good op-amp based designs always provide better clarity and less distortion than discrete ones.
  4. Neogeo333
    In my opinion the only reason the amp section of the dp1 is good is because it like an integrated dac/amp and thus no need for inter connect.
    Shortest distance of signal or no degradation of it. It no way near my now sold Mjolnir but its damn close in detail and musicality. Just wish the bass was as good too.
  5. leeperry
    Indeed, every IC colors the sound and adds distortion of its own so doing it all in-house off the same PSU within the same faraday cage through a short PCB signal path is always a strong asset IMO. What we needed badly was a USB > I²S > dual-mono DAC design > opamps I/V > dicrete buffering > TPA6120, how come no one ever did/does that (before) huh [​IMG]
  6. richardliu1991
    I'm just wondering if a Cavalli liquid fire/glass will improve the sound quality significantly comparing to the eximus amp section? Headphone being used is HD800. Anyone can share the experience with me?
    I know it's really hard to describe the difference, so the question comes down to is it worth it to spend $3000 to get that improvement?
    Thanks in advance.
  7. BournePerfect
    Was up til 4am last night listening to Radiohead on my Pro 2900s straight from the DP1-just magical! Even played some Halo 4 MP the other day in stereo mode through the Eximus and the holographic soundstage was unreal. Makes me wonder if I should even buy another Dolby Headphone device for games anymore...
  8. leeperry
    Yep, thanks to the two discrete clocks for 44.1/48kHz multiples and the very short I²S connection between the built-in U3 and the dual-mono DAC chips [​IMG]
    I've recently tried a few other +$1K DAC's but they all lacked the holographic SS of the DP1 to my ears.......the DP1 might not have the most audiophoolistic opamps, the bassiest headamp, etc etc...but it would appear that jitter is so low that everything sounds so real, and personally movies off the DP1 using Reclock have always blown me away! It's like being in the center of the movie with everything happening all around me.
    Ages ago on the Asus forum someone told me that jitter on the STX sounded like a kid singing through his middle teeth and I have to admit that this is exactly what those other DAC's I recently tried sounded like to me: just some nasty time based distortion between the two channels.....the worst example being "sweet dreams" from Eurythmics that sounded way different from how it does on the DP1, as if the two channels were way too delayed and quite frankly the stereo melody in the intro just didn't make any sense to my brain anymore [​IMG]
    I really don't see the point for everyone to keep polishing the S/PDIF turd(and many DAC's use it internally being a cheap option to galvanic isolation) when I²S is a far more technically advanced protocol, but I guess as long as some ppl will be willing to pay +$1K for the S/PDIF crapola, there will be people to sell it.
    The DP1 is expensive, yes it is! But it keeps selling because it just doesn't have (much) competition IMO. Once manufacturers will finally give up on S/PDIF and implement XMOS properly, things might change [​IMG]
    I like backup plans, I like to have options but the DP1 might very well have hit the nail so hard on the head that any further investigations into the audiophool holy grail might end up being a sheer waste of my time.....until the DP2 is out at least ^^
    PS: I'm always extremely impressed when the flute arrives in this tune(in remastered FLAC of course):

  9. leeperry
    BTW, I posted a review of a linear PSU used on the DP1's USB input, you might find it interesting as it drastically improves the SQ to my ears: http://www.head-fi.org/t/646363/review-of-the-5v-kingrex-mk2-psu-used-in-usb
    And did you guys read this review of the DP1? http://highfidelity.pl/@main-339&lang=en
    I couldn't agree more with the conclusion:
    The DP1 focuses on the music, not the defects. I've heard more analytic DAC's but I don't miss them to the least [​IMG]
  10. Neogeo333

    Been burning my Cavalli LG for last couple of weeks.  This amp is on another level compared to the amp section of the DP-1 or even my last Mjolnir.  Still it not as bassy as the Schiit but thats it, it has lots more refinement and musicality than the two.  Been a ortho guy as of lately, the LG powers them effortlessly.  Best sound I have heard is DP-1-->LG-->6sn7w-->Paradox.  Best improved phones with LG, the Yamaha HP-1.  This little phone keeps amazing me day after day. 
  11. leeperry

    ORLY? my fav combo ever is indeed [​IMG]
    Stunning combo w/ the DP1 fosho! Those to-die-for yamie mids and 3D holographic SS really make my day, I don't think I will ever get bored of them as SQ is truly beyond all expectations to my ears.......this yamie is really able to scale up to the moon IME, it's unstoppable [​IMG]
  12. m2man
    I'm in the minority, but I think the HP amp on the Eximus is as bad as the cheap op-amps suggest. It throws a nice layer of fuzz over the whole experience, compared to the Mjolnir w/ LCD-3's. Mine has audible distortion even at low levels even with different phones. I'm baffled that everyone likes it so much. Clearly YMMV.

    You will be newly impressed with the Eximus if you get a nice amp. A non-blurry amp will make the HD800 brighter/harsher. If you like the HD800 signature then you are fine. I don't think the LF/LG is soo honest that it will kill the HD800, but clearly you should look for reviews of that combo.
  13. Neogeo333
    In my experience I have never heard any distortion using the amp section of the dp1.  Dear I say could be a ground or EMI on the cables?   The dp1 will drive most high efficient dynamic phones easily but throw it a big ortho like lcd2 or lcd3 and its way underpowered.   I have heard others cheap amp and the dp1 is clearly superior to them. But each one of us have different taste for what sounds good. 
  14. leeperry
    Actually, there's no opamp in the headamp section of the DP1, just TPA6120 with some discrete buffering. Several others companies are using the same topology, such as the iFi iCAN and a portable headamp from FSA.
  15. BournePerfect
    No problems with hiss/hum with my DP1 either. The amp section has been phenomenal for me as well, driving an HD800, TH900, AD2K, Pro 2900, and DT800/32 with ease. Not as good as my ZDSE of course, but not incredibly far behind either, imo.
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