Apple Touch 6G 128GB - Info and impressions 5G vs 6G
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I'm thinking wifey will have to give me an early bday present...I always enjoyed the 5g and since I sold my AK240 and my zx2 is missing... This will fill the gap while I decide on my next super DAP.

I am impressed with the 6G. I am hoping that it isnt because of a slight V shape or similar.
Recent ones have been flat so we will just have to wait and see.
I do find it more richer and revealing(the 6G).

Even though I use my 6G solely as a digital transport, I agree with you description especially more revealing than its 5G predecessor.

Warrior, you cannot go wrong with the 6G as an interim solution. With 128GB of storage, by far the best user interface of any DAP and at $400 it is if not a bargain at least reasonably priced.

p.s. Finally if you consider it might be the cheapest DAP that allows for a digital line out with the CCK Camera kit, it becomes that more versatile.
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spook76-I agree. Has to be the best buy/value in my opinion. The one thing that I don't like about ipod touch(s) is the form factor. I wish it was a bit thicker. That was the main reason I looked elsewhere. I loved the sound of the 5g, so. I'm fairly confident I'll love the 6g too.
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If one is using either a 5G or 6G as a digital transport to the same DAC, one will get the same results.
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$14.99 NePLAYER could stream from DLNA servers (e.g. NAS) with support for both DSD256 (only DSD128 and DSD64 for DoP) as well as PCM up to 32/384

That means we could have up to 2TB storage on the road
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So are all DAPs that are used as a digital transport identical assuming the DAP has no defects?

That is correct. If you are bypassing the DAC and the Amp, then the data stream is identical.
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thats what I assumed also, but the results were different when i tested them.

As I've said, "If you are bypassing the DAC and the Amp, then the data stream is identical." Comparing audio requires that an A/B comparison be made within seconds as human Echoic Memory lasts that long. You may have experienced expectation bias. If you observed an effect, please identify the exact cause. As I said the data stream would be identical.
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There's a fine line between theory and reality.
For instance, both Melco N1A and optimized PC were pure digital transports as mentioned below. Both Chord Hugo and Oppo HA-2 were connected to the same transports first, then we could actually observe the difference in A-wtd S/N Ratio


A relatively small difference over Ethernet connections when compared to USB


Obviously we could also believe that jitter should be inaudible, therefore the timing would be negligible.
And then there's something else such as signal integrity of USB, as well as other factors such as EMI or RFI etc.
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Stan I totally agree with this theory but may I be so kind to ask one question.
Have you personally experienced listening to both the 5G and 6G connected to the same DAC?

Nope, only have a 5G. There are very basic things that one need not lose their head over. The same data comes accross the USB connection, this is not a case of analog. Make a proper copy of a CD, will it sound different?
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  I would be interested to know your impressions when you get a chance to listen to the 6G.
Personally I find the 6G clearer and I do understand that your explanation for this may differ from my own.

I'm not likely to run across one too soon as I'm pleased with the 5G. Can you identify the reason you feel the 6G is cleared?

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