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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. GuywhoLikesHIFI
    I received mine a couple days ago and am enjoying it, seems like a really nice piece of kit
  2. Ipaqctazy
    Hi all - I have an Ap80 and have been using it with my quad driver, car, Alexa and they have all worked great. However when pairing with the Apple AirPods - the volume is way too soft. I understand that there are issues with airpods with android but there are workarounds for the phones. Are there any such workarounds for the Ap80? Have been trying to Google various places to no avail. Many thanks in advance.
  3. FunctionalDoc

    Figured out and was challenging but works great . DSD is nosier then other high res files.
  4. okinear
    So how did you manage to do this pairing?
  5. Zeo-Gold92
    So I've been enjoying my time with it recently. I really do love the seeds. There has been a few things where I've noticed a bit of a spike in some of the vocals on some songs. I would assume it's probably the quality of the recording. Does the unit have to check the ENTIRE database each time you add songs to the card or does it just add what is new? Seems like a bit of a wait if it needs to do it completely again. Also I did have songs on a card which had album covers and the like. Then when I did a refresh of the card and added the same stuff the album covers vanished! Has anyone had this? I used musicbee to transfer. Does anyone use a different program that does a better job?
  6. j4100
    Don't know, but my FiiO X5ii has to do this every time I add new albums.

    I thought my AP80 had arrived, but I was just being stifted for Customs fees for earphones...

    Hopefully in the new year then!
    Zeo-Gold92 likes this.
  7. IryxBRO
    Yep, rare spikes on female vocals is very common to current IEMs with upper mids and lower treble a bit of elevation. This brings more clarity and appeal but in some songs might sound a bit biting. Anyway, Seeds are very good and mostly neutral. Those spikes come up rare and only in several tracks.
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  8. Zeo-Gold92
    I ended up running out of space on my SD card so I haven't been able to put any DSD files to see just yet.

    It wouldn't be too annoying if it did the check quicker. My old Plenue D had to do it each time too but it either did it faster or just whatever was new on the device. That happened to me when a few days before it arrived, my girlfriend's 2DS XL case arrived instead xD. It'll be a late xmas present for you :)
    j4100 likes this.
  9. Music Enthusiast
    Unbelievable. Despite My AP80

    1) arriving far later than promised (and having to chase up Hidizs to get replies to emails)

    2) Being faulty (stuck button - hardware issue)

    3) Already paying £12.70 customs charge

    Hidizs have the arrogance and cheek to ask me to pay for return tracked postage to China!!!.

    Other companies I have used have made sure that no further expense is incurred. Hidizs needs to learn from these companies.

    If Hidizs can not sort this out with no more expense from me I will lose all trust in this company
  10. FunctionalDoc
    I just kept scanning for the FiiO and turning the Bluetooth on and off and the FiiO and finally paired. Now it shows upon the paired list.
  11. abitdeef
    Yes and Kevin loveme boy has disappeared like the ghost of Christmas past. Bug the **** out of them, that’s not right mate.
  12. Unolord
    Dec 24th, Still no AP80. Not even a response to the severals emails I've sent.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too, LOWdizs.
  13. theMUKe
    I received my AP80 today. Yes, there was a customs fee. Nonetheless, the player feels and sounds good. Especially the screen makes a very good impression, very bright and vivid. Still need to listen for a longer period before making final judgement about sound quality.
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  14. AudioBear
    Like you my initial impression is very good. The screen is especially sharp. I keep looking at album art and thinking it's a different picture, new, bright, detailed. I like the screen. This is my first experience with HibyOS and in general I think they're on the right track except for some of deficiencies others have noted previously. A few updates and most of that should be fixed. I usually listen through LDAC to my Sony WH1000M2s and am looking forward to LDAC being added. I was impressed with the sound during an hour of bedtime listening to all sorts of music. I didn't fiddle with any controls, filters or equalizers. Bass was impactful and tight but not exaggerated compared to small DAPs I have used. Very enjoyable sound. One tiny detail that impressed me was that the red stripe in my arm band exactly matched the red of the AP80 ("exactly" should be taken a non-artist non-video expert evaluation). The armband--ap80 combo looks sharp. Enjoy the holidays!
    cazone likes this.
  15. acroyear
    Got home from the grocery store and my Ap80 was sitting at my doorstep on Christmas Eve. Santa himself must've delivered it because I gave Hidizs my WORK ADDRESS for shipping, and also got an email 3 days ago from them saying mine hadn't shipped yet because the stainless steel version wasn't in stock?

    The device itself is amazing so far. I don't like the EQ but that's about it. The Bluetooth is more powerful than my LG V10 which was unexpected. Loving it so far.
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