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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Zeo-Gold92
    Had a little play around with it. Using the seeds that I got with the bundle. I like it, but at the same time I feel like I might be missing something. I haven't tweaked much in the EQ or MSEB. Wondering if someone could help me with that stuff? Maybe show me some of their settings in the unit for the MSEB and EQ. I used to have a Cowon Plenue D and the EQ was different than what it is in the AP80.
  2. IryxBRO
    It depends of what kind of sound you want to get. I would recommend to stick to MSEB instead of EQ. Seeds are good neutral IEMs and sound good with AP80. I would say that the only tweaks that might be needed for this pair is about treble (less or more depending of your perception). But try to play with eartips and IEMs position first.
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  3. Zachik
    LOVE the keychain!!! :)
    Where did you get it from?? I think I need one!
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  4. willjie90
    I got it from a store in Salzburg last Summer. Can't remember the store name though. Exactly what i thought when i saw the keychain. I NEED THIS!!
  5. Zachik
    Was hoping it was from online store... oh well :)
  6. willjie90
  7. Zachik
  8. AudioBear
    Santa Claus came early this year! I just went down to the local Post Office and found my red AP80 in my mail box. I never received a tracking number but I am not surprised now that I see the route my AP80 took to get here. I don't know when it was mailed. It was recorded as arrived in Jamaica New York on December 7 by DHL Global Mail and was assigned a new tracking #. By Dec 17 DHL eCommerce lists it as arriving in at the USPS "shipping partner" in Compton California. The next day it left Compton with the USPS and traveled with the new USPS tracking #. It arrived here in far Northern Idaho on Dec 21 and I got it today.

    I have no idea when it was shipped, or from where. What I can say is that it took about 3 weeks to get here. With 3 different tracking numbers it's no surprise I never got one. Tracking software needs some work. Handoffs between carriers sometimes mess up notifications--I've had this happen several times. That said, it would have been nice if the original shipper, or the importer, or someone had sent a number of just told me it was sent. I don't really care. No real harm done. Some may find this hard to believe but for the majority of my life there was no such thing as a tracking number (or an internet). Stuff arrived when it arrived.

    I like the looks of the AP80. The shade of red is very attractive and the build quality looks good. The knob turns smoothly and does not wiggle or seem loose. I plugged it in to charge up. Don't know when I'll have a chance to listen.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
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  9. Zeo-Gold92
    Thanks, I at the moment dont feel like I need any tweak to the treble. I think I would like a bit of a tweak to the bass. I listen to a lot of rap (new and old school) I'm not after a big thumping bass presence that overtakes everything else but maybe a bit of more. What do you mean by IEMs positions? As for the tips I'm using the small wide bores I think they are. Also another question, I noticed high/low gain. are seeds considered high gain needing headphones? I've never had any of these sort of options/tools before.
  10. IryxBRO
    Position (placing IEMs deeper) and choice of eartips would make a huge impact on sound especially lower freqs... High gain is needed when you connect high impedance or low sensitivity IEMs or headphones. No problem using it with Seeds but don't go too high with the volume.
    There are sliders in MSEB dedicated to bass extension, texture, etc. You can try those (real time changes) and when you'd be satisfied you can create a profile for your IEMs.
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  11. Zeo-Gold92
    I'll give it a go. I love how comfortable the seeds feel though. I haven't used many IEMs but these are probably the comfiest ones out of the small amount I have tried.
  12. Trystam
    For anyone wanting to order one of these units or anything for that matter from Hidizs, i would recomend caution as i've placed my order, have asked for updates, posted my order number and no response from them.
    Unless i get a response soon i think im going to ask for a refund, but i think that is going to be an even greater problem.
  13. FunctionalDoc
    I am unable to get my unit to Bluetooth connect with my FiiO BTR1 . I was able to connect with my Google Pixel Xl with no problem.

    Any suggestions ?

  14. Zeo-Gold92
    I've had a couple of crashes when I was transferring with musicbee. It kept coming up with wrong volume. I also find the USB cable to be too tight when putting in the end for the AP80. Currently updating my database.
  15. Music Enthusiast
    I am a UK based consumer and bought my Ap80 via kickstarter. Sound was great when it was working - Unfortunately, I am very disappointed with the build quality.There is a serious hardware problem with my Hidizs Ap80. The skip forward button (first button just under the volume dial) is stuck and when the player starts up I just get a black screen. I am very angry at such poor quality build. I have contacted Hidizs abou this. I hope they don't expect me to pay to return this item as the fault is entirely theirs. I hope that they can resolve this without costing me more money (on top of the £12.70 customs charge!)....If they want to keep customers they have to do a lot better than this and should just send out another unit!
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