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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. LFF

  2. vixr
  3. Kirosia
    Kirosia has nowhere to go..
  4. vixr


     crap...now I feel even worse
  5. Antony6555
    there's no community here anymore. it's sad really
  6. BobSaysHi


    There is a community, it's just not close, and it is fleeting. I wish I could have seen the old Head-Fi.
  7. Wmcmanus
    I still belly up to the bar for a beer every now and then.  Lots of new kids in town, but it's the same old neighborhood.  
    The place where you grew up will always fell like home no matter how much it may have changed.  You just have to look around for a while, and you'll be bound to find reminders of the good ole days. 
  8. LFF

    It was glorious!!!
  9. violeta88
    Well, I don't know if I would call myself an old-fart Head-Fi'er :wink: , but technically I joined in Dec. 2001, and have been very, very slowly working my way up to 1000 posts.  I was very active in the beginning, but then lurked for a few years, while head-fi was in it's flame-bait stage, and returned a couple of years ago after that stage had passed, and post here and there when I have something to add to the conversation.  I'm actually quite fond of the recent changes that Head-Fi has gone through, though I do agree that it isn't as close as it once was.  Although looking back at some of my old posts when I first joined, I'm glad that I lurked around for a while afterward, and rejoined the conversations when my ears and my personality were much more mature.  Anyway, it's great to see that there still are people remaining from Head-Fi's earlier years, and I too give Jude a huge round of applause for guiding the forum so well through Head-Fi's huge growing process.  As a resource especially, Head-Fi has become a huge presence, one that I am glad to see still around.
  10. bozebuttons


    You should attend one of the bigger meets like CanJam or a regional meet like we had in NY yesterday.I have to disagree with this statement.
  11. bangraman Contributor


    You could bask in their light and keep your hands warm with the flamewars [​IMG]
    I disagree about the community - it only seemed more tight knit as there were fewer members. I don't think, looking around, the underlying pockets of community are that different now. I'd have to say though that I prefer the "I actually have had the damn things too but my opinion differs from you, you deaf sod" flamewars which were common when the community was much smaller, than what started to happen increasingly later on (the post-iPod-explosion stage, i.e. >05), which is basically verdict by peer group. It was always there to an extent, but its power has been hugely amplified over the years.
    There's a pool of information that could be termed accurate in isolation, but totally one-sided in many respects... and these have become the 'common knowledge' without any real verification, or indeed personal experience by many quoting them verbatim on here and elsewhere as an essential truth. In that way, much of what could be termed resource on Head-Fi these days IMO is less of a reliable or peer-tested resource than a product of 'the now web': A popularity contest with savvy marketing having the greatest impact. I realise it's completely unavoidable given the size of the market these days, but it would perhaps help if a greater percentage of the newer members were more of a sceptical mindset.
    I shall now drag my lawn chair back to the garage.
  12. BobSaysHi
    In the DIY section, the community is strong. I can think of 4-5 people that always jump out to lend a helping hand. I spend most of my time there, thinking about what to build next.
    However, most of the other sections are "Should I buy "x" headphones at "y" price." These posts only exist because of the broken search system returning irrelevant results. Most of the newcomers would be able to search for information, and leave, without ever starting a profile.
    Was the search always like this, or did it just come after the new update?
  13. Insidious Meme
    Well, I was around with Headwize for a bit, then some new site called "Head-fi" started up. I'm mostly a lurker, and look mostly for information's sake. I'd be considered an "old fart" but I've not been around the wars much.
  14. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I've been lurking and participating for five years. I guess that's borderline.

    The community has changed. It seems to have gone from old-line audiophiles who love headphones to a younger set just experiencing good audio for the first time. So, yeah, that's a big difference.

    It won't happen tomorrow, but the young'uns are going to grow up and become interesting and experienced. They'll have the money to get into the more serious gear (that they're probably dreaming about) and have more life experience to keep discussions interesting. It's a new generation of audiophiles coming up.

    What I'd like to see is the emergence of another couple dozen strong personalities. That would get more discussions underway and make it a lot of fun to see what people are up to. Also, I think there should be more general discussion forums. 90% of the board is about buying gear. Which is fine. But when peoppe go from buying to using and not continuously upgrading, you need to have the other discussions to keep them coming back. It would make for a richer community if you could get into discussions other than what headphones to buy. I do like what's here, but we need to think about having conversations outside of the buy/sell audio gear aspect.
  15. tjkurita Contributor
    I guess this thread is as good as any for a 1,000th post.  So here's to seven and a half years so far.  This place has been and continues to be such a great supplement to this hobby that I love so much.  Yes, things have changed and old people leave and new people come.  But new people become knowledgeable old timers and often bring their own knowledge on their first day.  Add to that the developments in every kind of gear and this is one of the most steadily evolving and interesting hobbies I can think of.  Which makes for fresh discussion and impressions all the time.  Let's hope things continue to get better and more diverse and the gear gets even better (and maybe a little less expensive...) 
    My wallet is very sad but my ears are very happy.  Thanks to Jude and all the Admins and Mods.  I would imagine it's a pretty thankless job.
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