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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. h1f1add1cted
    HiFime 9018D USB DAC: http://hifimediy.com/9018D-dac
    Works fine with my Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.1.1:
    With UAPP native playback up to with 24bit/192 and DXD up to 384 kHz. DSD without DoP support (don't work if I enable DoP in UAPP), but still playback up to DSD256, the DAC is showing 384 kHz instead.
    Only con of this USB DAC it drains battery hard, but my Samsung S4 has a 7200 mAh battery inside, I don't care the battery drain.
  2. blackhawk11
    Yes. I've noticed these setups allows power to move from the phone to the dac (otc cable?)... draining the phone quicker.

    I may source out one of those otc cables that has a third adapter that allows one to power the phone at the same time. I noticed them on the web the other day.
  3. imeem
    My Galaxy Tab 4 7 inch running Android 4.4.2  (SM-T330NU) works with my Fiio E17 without additional power. It also works with spotfiy. However, i head not all Galaxy Tab 4s support usb otg. 
  4. imeem
    The usb otg y cable i bought from ebay powers my usb device and charges my phone/tablet at the same time. I don't think the seller knows that either. 

  5. Fungus
    I'm confused. Does an android phone that supports otg usb native means it will work with any dac no exceptions without replying on drivers supported within dedicated music player like usb audio player pro? So far the only dac/amp combo that seems to work with any otg usb supported android phone is the Fiio E18, Centrance hifim8 and other certified dacs. 
    Reading through this thread, it seems native otg support is dependent on the type of dac. 
    I'm currently using my lg g3 and only supports otg usb via usb audio player pro with a dacport lx. Tidal doesn't not work. 
    1. Not all DAC's will work via OTG
    2. As stated a few posts earlier, Tidal app only works via OTG on Andoid 4.4 or 6
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    No, all Android devices generally work with OTG, but not always digital audio output. You can use OTG to hook up a USB drive or a mouse to a Galaxy S, but only the S3 and later will output audio natively; I'm not even sure if the S2 can do so with UAPP.
    Apart from all Android devices technically supporting OTG function (except, again, not all support audio as they would a USB drive), in some cases, certified devices don't even need a USB-OTG connection. Some cars and HT receiver for example just need the data cable, and they act as a host device, relegating the Android to storage; in dedicated DACs, it's basically the same thing except the GUI on the phone remains active.
    It's similar to how some DACs work with iDevices if you use the camera connection kit USB adapter, but only DACs with the "Made for i(Device)" badge will do so with just the data cable.
    It is. Primary consideration is software - if the DAC needs particular drivers then it cant work with generic USB drivers. In some cases, thsoe specific drivers are necessary to transmit high-res files, but the USB receiver chip still wouldn't work even if you're using regular 16/44.1 tracks. Surprisingly, I have a Pangea HP101 that won't work properly with Windows - ie, only Foobar and MediaMonkey works on it, but streaming services and other sound on the browser along with XBMC all don't work on it, but my Note3 does. Except I get low volume static and pops.

    The other concern is power - the USB receiver and other chips past it, like the DAC chip itself, may require power through USB that cannot be supplied by a mobile device, but a computer can. In such cases it simply won't produce any sound, but I suspect this to be the problem with my Note3 and HP101.
    In your case though it's the software.
  8. blackhawk11
    great.   can you post the link or description of the one you purchased?  
  9. blackhawk11
    I saw the link the showed the various ways to connect android device to use tidal.  Thank you.
    The option for tidal via uapp, does not include instructions.   Can anyone advise (or send link) on how to use tidal with uaap?  
  10. imeem
    It charges on my nexus 4. But on my Galaxy Tab 4, it doesn't charge it. I think it depends on the device, but nevertheless here's the link 
  11. Peridot
    It's all done within UAPP.
    Open UAPP, tap the orange music selection icon. drop down the "Artists/Albums/Songs" list and near the bottom there's an option for Tidal.
    I think the first time you use it it asks for your Tidal username and password, if not there's an 'Account' option at the top to enter your details.
    Once you enter your password, a Tidal menu appears to select playback from.
    You can select the bitrate from the settings menu (three vertical dots top right).
  12. drmrwt
    My humble rig.
    LG G4-Fiio E07k andes- DT 770's 250 ohm- Atrio mg7
    Need help upgrading, should i get new cans like hd 25 II or denon 7000 or upgrade my dac/amp to mojo. Budget is 500$.
  13. shuto77

    I don't quite follow this. What's the best way to play Tidal via my Galaxy S4 and Oppo HA-2?

    I have the USB Audio Pro app, but it only plays music from my SD card.

    What am I doing wrong?
  14. shuto77

    Nevermind, I found this super helpful post. But how do you access your offline albums?
  15. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Anyone have a link to OTG Y-cables on Amazon that allow for USB power source to be plugged in to help power the DAC? I know these came up before, and hubs can sometimes confuse the host device so I'm avoiding those; I searched on this thread but all the results I've seen seem to show only the cables that enable charging the phone, not for sending power to the DAC.
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