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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. RamblerBoy
    thank you. but how does the sq get exacerbated by the mojo? i mean what aspects of sound do you feel is getting affected to make it sound worse?
    would be really helpful if you could reply.
    The key aspect I don't like is that the sound is less immediate via the Mojo, so less enthralling. It may be the Mojo doesn't work so well with my Sony.
  3. mellda
    I visited a local shop specialized on audio to try Chord Mojo with my Sony Z5 (Dual-Sim) yesterday. I couldn't hear any difference in sound quality. I tried it with Shure 1540 headphones. I use Tidal, Spotify, MP3 320kbps and some lossless flacs which gave me the shop assistant because he told me if there was a differenc, I would hear it with this flac files. Even he did not hear any difference. We tried another headphones just tu be sure. Some opened-back AKG for more than $1,200. The headphones sounded better than Shure 1540 but no difference with Mojo and withnout. We tried it also with special hify set for more than $4,000 and again no difference. Maybe some marginal but not noticable for me and him. We agreed on the phone has really good DAC. Not so power when it comes to amplifier but for big cans like Shure 1540 it is enough. There were more than 30 different headphones and some of them was high-end so I suppose the guy should know.
  4. RamblerBoy
    interesting. thanks.
    that is helpful. thank you.
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Many have good experiences with Galaxy S3
  6. Fungus
    Galaxy s3 isn't exactly what I would consider cheap plus it's on the large side. I'm wanting something small with a 3.5-4inch display. 
  7. head-hi

    As mentioned a posts ago, a few of us bought a Moto E for $40. OTG and micro-sd card slot.
  8. Fungus

    1st or 2nd gen?
  9. Fungus
    it seems the galaxy j1 has otg support
  10. legcramp
    2nd gen. Android 6.0 is also coming for it soon as announced by Motorola.
  11. blackhawk11
    I have LG G3 running Droid 5.0.1 to OTC cable to FIIO X5 (in DAC Mode) to external vorzuge amp to HD650's headphones.  I am looking to stream TIDAL hifi but can only play FLAC via USB AUdio PLayer Pro right now- cannot get sound from my usb port for any other app (including TIDAL).  
    I have been doing some reading on this thread and appears I may need to downgrade my droid OS version? Seems messy but may have to do it (it's a work phone). 
    Is there another item I could try? 
    IF not what version of droid should I revert to and best link to action. 
    Thanks in advance all. 
  12. DanBa
  13. REXNFX
    Tidal does work via UAPP but you can't acces your 'offline' downloaded music which is a pain. As far as devices that work with the Tidal app via OTG you need one that is running Kitkat 4.4, the only only I've tried is the SonyZX2 DAP. Maybe the next Android update will fix this?
  14. blackhawk11
    Thank you both for the replies. I looked around for my old phone- a nexus 5-and found it. Great thing about google phones, as you know, is they get the latest droid os first. Droid 6.0 was available immediately after i revived the phone and checked for updates. After downloading and intsalling-it worked.. audio via usb worked natively (no uapp). Looks like droid 6.0 is a go...which is goods for all of us. sometime this year we should get 6.0 on our non google phones.

    So in the meantime i am going to use my nexus as my portable rig where i have wifi, and try out the uapp with tidal as per your suggestion when away from wifi with my LG G3.

    It appears, based on the molestation tidal does to the audio stream i should use tidal with uapp on my nexus even though it will work nativtly? Do you guys agree?
  15. REXNFX
    That is great news! As far whether Tidal via UAPP sounds better I say it does via headphone out but havent done a comparison using a usb DAC.
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