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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. bmichels
    Our GRAAL finaly ? : looks like there will also be a "SONY XPERIA Z4 MUSIC", with 128 Gb + MicroSD slot.


  2. NZtechfreak
    Wow, pretty interesting. As per usual I kinda wish they'd made this thicker and given it a larger battery capacity. I would have thought the target audience for this, generally speaking, would feel largely the same.
  3. Percival
    No mention of the DAC chip.
  4. UprightMan
    their dacs have been pretty good, it's the amp that is too weak normally... 
  5. DanBa
    It's not mine.
    My next smartphone shall have a 4K screen, like the following rumored Sony Xperia Z4.
    Nowadays, we can spend an intimate moment with a musician at work in his studio loft in a virtual reality way by using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a Samsung GearVR headset.
    We can go to a giant screen movie theater at anytime, anywhere in a virtual reality way by downloading a movie file into the Galaxy Note 4 and launching  the Oculus Cinema app.
    "It was better than sitting in a real theater, and immediately made me wonder why I'd ever go to a theater again if I could get my movies this way. When Carmack told me he watched the entire Matrix Trilogy and a full season of Max Headroom in there, I got a bit jealous. It feels like a true killer app for virtual reality."
    But "its video resolution in virtual reality still grainy, compared with TVs and tablets."
    The picture quality shall improve with a 4K screen phone.
    multi-channel audio-video file > virtual reality (VR) audio-video player with virtual surround sound engine running on Android phone with 4K display slotted into a VR headset > PCM stream > USB audio out >> portable USB DAC/amp >> headphones
    multi-channel audio-video file > VR audio-video player running on Android phone with 4K display slotted into a VR headset > multi-channel PCM stream > USB audio out >> portable USB DAC/amp with virtual surround sound engine >> headphones
  6. casiophreak
    Guys, I've been eyeing for this DAC http://www.hibino-intersound.co.jp/information/3865.html. Does anyone know if this will work in android device listed here http://goo.gl/ksoF0d (see page 400)?  Or have someone already try it on any android?
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  7. head-hi
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  8. kawaivpc1

    A member who tried to sell this amp said he had used it with Samsung Galaxy phone.
    It works with Android. I'm interested in this one too.
    It looks comparable to Furutech ADL A1 amp. It costs only the half of A1's price and has the similar features and looks (DSD, 32bit 192kHz).
  9. casiophreak
    Definitely, that's why this hibino/iBasso is so interesting. Really need more reviews, some that I have found are in Japanese.
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  10. kawaivpc1

    Try to Google translate. Their previous models R10 and D55 sound amazing. I have used both of them. D55 is nearly as good as Geek Out. It has wider sound stage.
    Their old D42 is also known to be amazing. If they have made something better than D55, I want to buy it.
    DH1 is their latest product. It came out during the mid 2014.
    Let me know if you find any useful info about DH1.
  11. casiophreak
    Of course I've translated some of those DH1 reviews, the general consensus of Japanese audio enthusiasts seem to favor this DAC positively. However, I couldn't make out the details of their arguments due to crappy translations from google. I also found this: http://align-centre.hatenablog.com/entry/2014/05/10/233000 that lists USB DACs in category of price range and portability/stationary. DH1 is listed in portable category along with other android-compatible DACs. Seems it is safe to assume that it will work with compatible androids, although no clear listing that it actually work with android.
  12. kawaivpc1

    If it works with Note 3, it will work with other Android devices too.
    iBasso / hibino's D55 has the same XMos 32bit USB interface and it works with Nexus 7 and nVidia Shield tablet. So, we can safely assume that DH1 is compatible with Android.
    They probably have used a similar board since they're both from Hibino.

    That link shows that DH1 is only compatible with line in, PC and Mac.
    See the second box from devices' pictures. Other devices have iPhone or Android mark while DH1 doesn't have either but just PC and Mac mark.
    I hope they're wrong.
  13. casiophreak
    Yeah, now I see that box. If that's really the case then it will be a huge turnoff. After reading your explanation about D55, can we assume that any USB DAC that doesn't require drivers for PC is fully compatible with android? 
  14. kawaivpc1

    D55 requires an XMOS usb driver for PC. I think DH1 will require the same driver.
    I don't know about that. Drivers make DACs more stable. Without drivers, some DACs run at USB 1.0 16bit quality.

    Trust me, if it works with Note 3, it will work on other phones with similar USB power and compatibility.
    The thing is, that head-fi member noted that he had used DH1 with a USB to Micro USB cable, not line-in.
    HTC cellphones will not work well with neither D55 nor DH1 due to lack of USB power and compatibility. It depends on what cellphone you use.
  15. casiophreak
    Oh, okay, thanks for the explanation. I have Xperia Z Ultra, but I intend to use it only as a phone. I'm still looking for an android to be used exclusively as a DAP with USB DAC. It could be a Note 3 to make it sure it will work with the hibino, but it seems too pricey. I browse through this list http://goo.gl/ksoF0d and found Xperia Ray there. Could be a solution since it is cheaper.
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