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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. kawaivpc1

    No one knows. Try to e-mail Hibino. They have an e-mail address somewhere on their website.
    In terms of compatibility, ADL A1 is better. It's exclusively designed for Android compatibility. But, it costs nearly twice.
  2. speeedfire
  3. kawaivpc1
    I found that DH1 is USB bus powered. It's just like Geek Out. Only the phones with good USB power will be able to use it.
    Note 3 is certainly one of them.
  4. jk47
     it looks like the dh1 uses a different dac chip than the d55.  the d55 uses ak4480.  the dh1 uses burr-brown pcm 1795.
     i don't know what that means for the sound signature or sq in general.
    i also wonder how these devices compare with the geekouts, which iirc are sabres.
  5. jk47
    there's also a d12 jh, roughly the same price as the d55.  both are more expensive than the dh1.   otoh, d55 has battery, dh1 doesn't.  not sure re d12
  6. jk47
    d12 has a battery.  here are some links for d12, d55, dh1:
  7. kawaivpc1

    D12 is very inferior to the other two. It plays 16bit only. I bet it's older than D55. Try iBasso's D42. It's better and its sound quality is confirmed to be outstanding.

    PCM chips sound generally flat and neutral. Sabre and Cirrus Logic are better. Wolfson is not bad.
  8. DanBa
    A list of standard USB DAC reportedly interworking with the Android-powered smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3:
    stock Samsung Galaxy Note 3 > digital USB audio out >> USB OTG cable (ID pin grounded) >> standard USB DAC >> amp >> headphones
    . iBasso Hibino Micro Precision DH1 using USB Audio Player PRO (USB DAC/amp):
    It means that the USB Audio soft driver of USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP) can drive the iBasso Hibino Micro Precision DH1.
    If UAPP running on an Android device can drive an USB DAC, that Android device has a functional USB host feature able to interact with a standard USB DAC and UAPP can access to the USB host interface of that Android device.
    Such an Android device is often included in the working Android devices list on the UAPP website.
    The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is such a working Android device compatible with UAPP.
    As UAPP running on a Galaxy Note 3 can drive a Micro Precision DH1, UAPP running on a Xperia Z Ultra can also drive a Micro Precision DH1.
    The last question: Can the Xperia Z Ultra be connected directly to the Hibino Micro Precision DH1; or only thru a powered USB hub, or using USB OTG-Y cable + battery?
    Other put, what is the max power required by the Hibino Micro Precision DH1, and what is the max power the Xperia Z Ultra can provide?
    Unfortunately, these information are often missing.
    Luckily, according to the USB specification the max power required by a standard USB DAC is 500mA.
    And we know that some widely used USB DACs like the ODAC or the FiiO E17 require 500mA.
    So, if the Xperia Z Ultra can connect directly to the one of these USB DAC, it can connect directly to a standard USB DAC like the Micro Precision DH1.
    And it's the case:
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  9. notsimar
    the OnePlus is pretty amazing for headphone out.
  10. jk47
    do you have any thoughts on the sq of the dh1 vs d55 vs geekout [i'd be using the geekout 450] in this application?  or any opinions about other dac/amps for use as usb otg?  
    [sorry if this is a repeat for you.  i'm late to this thread  and given it's over 400 pages now, i haven't gone through it.]
  11. jk47
    to clarify, i'm wondering if doing usb otg to a dac/amp would give me a significant step up from my dx90.   [i listen to classical mostly, some jazz, btw. only 16 bit, 44.1 khz files.]
  12. mdiogofs

    I have the OPO. It doesn't seem bad but I bought the HifimeDIY Android Sabre DAC and the sound is more organic and the detail is a little better. With a FiiO E6 connected to it. Though I think is not good for IEM with BAs.

    What are the OTG DACs that play straight from Spotify? This HifimeDIY Android Sabre DAC does.
  13. casiophreak
    DanBa, thank you very much for such detailed elaborations. So I assume that the case will be the same with Xperia Ray, right? Hopefully it will have enough power. I just feel that Z Ultra is too big to be used as standalone DAP, and Note 3 is too pricey. Again, thank you for the information.
  14. DanBa
    As I don't have the opportunity to hear your mentioned devices, I can't pronounce on their SQ.
    An Android phone is just a small computer, somewhat a small PC or a small Mac.
    So they are facing the same sort of situation.
    For instance, a lot of audiophiles don't use the stock Mac OS X music software, they prefer audiophile-oriented music players like Audirvana.
    A lot of Head-Fiers don't use the stock Android music software, they prefer audiophile-oriented music players like USB Audio Player PRO or HibyMusic.
    Another example, Elijah Audio is adding a "new range of Android smart phone cables with battery leads" (i.e. USB OTG-Y cables), along with their legacy USB-Y cables for PC & Mac, which "offer the option of clean battery power, whilst isolating the DAC / spdif converter from the noisy 5v PC / Mac power".
    I don't have the opportunity to hear the DX90.
    Different people, different situations. Each situation has its pros and cons.
    From my point of view "separate DAC/amp", the DX90 has non-removable internal DAC/amp.
    I am pretty sure you can find an external DAC/amp which has a better synergy with your headphones.
    A DX90 is just a DAP .
    A general purpose computer like the smartphone can be a DAP, and can provide much more services : for instance by just adding an inexpensive phone accessory, a virtual reality headset, you can go to a movie theater, the opera or a concert theater at anytime, anywhere in a virtual reality way.
  15. DanBa
    Yes, the Xperia Ray is a "working Android device" compatible with UAPP.
    "Their should be a simple solution to the power consumption error issue on some Sony xperia smartphones.
    According to this thread, xperia ray only provides 200 mAH when used for usb otg:
    All you need to do is to root your xperia and then follow these steps:
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