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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. timothyll
    Hey folks, been haunting a bit on this and similar threads around here... wondering if anybody's put together a reference on how much battery life we're getting using usb out of a phone to a dac/amp? - esp. without using a battery pack?
    I mean, I know there must be a difference between the e18 and others like the hifimidy android dac, the uha-4 or dzero... but I can't seem to find much in terms of numbers.
  2. James1776
    The best I can do is report I got over 8 hours playback using my Xperia through a Dragonfly and still had 25% battery left playing at 1/3 volume through in ear phones. I did not expect so much.
  3. swab

    Many thanks to you both for posting your suggestions/findings in relation to this. Further experiments with the unitek hub I referred to pretty much tallys with dynacampjims findings - the Moto G doesn't want to see the flash drive, and was fussy about how it would work with the DAC while connected to the hub. I do love Theogenes idea of using a FileHub, but I was hoping to attain a sub €10 solution as opposed to a €40 one.

    As a longtime iOS iPod Touch user, where 50+ GB's of offline music was normal, I'm slowly adapting to the low cost Android smartphone/DAP/USB audio roadmap, a roller coaster ride with as many highs as lows, but with some magnificent scenery along the way. I might roll the dice on one of those cheap Android OTG USB Hubs and see if that works with the Moto G. However I am also sorely tempted by the FileHub + USB hard disk streaming TB's of lossless audio solution.

    A quick question relating to the FileHub Theogenes : can your smartphone access mobile network internet while also connected to FileHub wi-fi network ? I seem to recall that could be an issue with wi-fi storage and smartphones...

  4. DigitalGrounder
    gon' need external portable dac/amp wit' dat tho
  5. dikkiedirk
    What is the RAY? Please point me to it.
    Any changes of getting the iDSD Nano working with a Galaxy S4 and streaming player?
  6. cattlethief
    sony-ericsson-xperia-ray-angle1.jpg Sony Xperia Ray,crackin wee phone same size as the Fiio x3 but half as thin can hold a 64gig sd card and play 24bit flac from its music player,sound is good but with otg to a good DAC sound is excellent!I picked up a new one from ebay last week for £70 complete with mh1 earphones.
  7. Zombie_X Contributor
    In the past USB audio worked with my HRT Headstreamer, but now it doesn't. I use a Galaxy S3 on JB 4.3.1. The audio is mute and skips in 4-8 second intervals. The DAC works fine on my computer but not on the phone.
  8. NZtechfreak
    Actually it'll take a 128GB microSDXC card :)
  9. cattlethief
    Even better!but then the sd card would cost more than the phone!![​IMG]
  10. dikkiedirk
    I don't feel like buying memorycards for phones and copying over my music. I rather stream it of my network. But UAPP has no streaming ability, eventhough it is the only app that can make my DAC sing upto 24/192. I can select a file in ES file manager and have UAPP play it, but this is rather limited. No artwork. And when a song finishes I have to manually select a new one.
    iDevices work nices in this aspect with the 8player app.
    Please mr. UAPP developer, give UAPP a proper file-manager with network access and streaming ability(DLNA,UPNP).
  11. ericr
    USB Audio Streamer Pro
  12. Zombie_X Contributor
    Too bad that app does nothing on my phone. Everything still skips and it mute.
  13. peter123
  14. dikkiedirk
    Ditching my Android phone completely as it comes to streaming music to an external DAC.
    Simply causes too much frustration.
    Luckily you can use it as a phone........
  15. cattlethief
    Stoner Acoustics UD110v2 DAC just arrived spared no time in getting the dual lock out,Muse the 2nd Law 24bit/96khz
    has never sounded sweeter,and rig cost lest than a second hand X3,picke up another Ray from ebay for £50 might use than one for a phone[​IMG]
    also plays 192 files but downsamples to 96.
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