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Android: Neutron Music Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by drtone, Aug 11, 2011.
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  1. Seazer
    If I'm using 16 bit FLAC files, they are not floating point so I have no benefit with dithering. But you are saying it is recommended to use dithering if I am using the All to DSD option in order to minimize noise modulation from the conversion from FLAC to DSD (before it is packed into the DoP container). I think i get it, that's some high level audiophile stuff haha, thanks for the responses though!

    I should have dithering turned on if I am using peak normalization though in order to help with the rounding errors from blowing up the waveform to the edge of the available dynamic range correct?

    After comparing them, the 8x oversampling mode sounds the best to me of all the oversampling modes
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  2. buonassi
    If you are using EQ, you are either going from 32 bit EQ processing to 24 bit output to the DAC, or you are going from 64 bit processing to 32/24 bit output to the DAC. In these cases, dithering is desirable - but can you really hear a difference with it on? I can't. But because it's technically better, and doesn't seem to make the sound worse, or waste battery resources, I still switch it on.

    Also, when you use software to control the volume of a fixed analogue amp, dithering is desirable.
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  3. Seazer
    Does peak normalization leave a buffer, set like 1db less than max or so, to compensate for intersample peaks? I don't want to clip the audio if possible
  4. dmitrykos
    Peak normalization will detect the max peak of the track and will adjust gain to avoid it be truncated. So with this type of normalization there are no gaps but clipping will not occur because EQ and Preamp are locked and Neutron applies pre-calculated Preamp which will guarantee clipping-free playback. But of course loudness will fluctuate from track to track. For equal loudness you need to go for Replay Gain normalization which has concept of gap which allows clipping-free playback but it is not guaranteed.
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  5. SoundChoice
    On my Fiio M11, I've purchased Neutron, installed the paid version, and it's worked for about a month now. However, suddenly the paid version now tells me the 5-day trial is over. I removed the eval version. Still, it thinks the trial is over. I see where it wants me to add an account to the OS, but when I touch Add Account in the M11's Android settings, nothing happens. Where am I going wrong?
  6. newtophones07

    You have to buy a new license with PayPro, and then add your email address into the account settings in the M11, while connected to wireless. The standard Play Store accounts wont work on the Fiio M11 (or M11 Pro) because you can't install the Play Store. That is due to the processor type, Samsung SDK issues, and older Android Version on the M11.

    It is not Neutrons fault.
  7. SoundChoice
    Thanks. Totally get all that. Did that with PayPro but I just can't seem to add my email address to account settings in M11. Maybe I should reboot or am missing something obvious.

    UPDATE: the fix is to install a mail app, and then add the email account you registered Neutron with when purchased. Clear Neutron’s cache and restart, and now the account is imported from the OS into Neutron / Help / Account

    I didn’t want an email app on this device, since it’s just for music. Now I’m forced to have email. :S But it solved the issue.

    UPDATE 2: that didn't work, even with an email account added in OS settings, got the trial warning again. Better fix after uninstalling the email program that seems to have worked so far is from here is temporarily making your gmail account more insecure, and then adding it manually in Neutron / Help / Accounts / +
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
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  8. WitzyZed
    Asking for a friend who has yet to join the forum..

    He’s got a Pioneer XDP-300R (DAP).

    It’s not been explicitly stated one way or another if Neutron can get around Android OS Resampling on that particular device. A year ago some folks in that DAPs thread said it couldn’t.

    What information from the device itself (build.prop, audiopolicy, etc) would be required to configure Neutron? I’m waiting on him to install the trial version to see if it works out the gate. Just thought I’d ask.
  9. gto88
    One question about playlist, it seems collecting played files, I tried to remove all of them from saved directory, but
    it didn't work, all those list are there.
    How do manage the playlist?
    Is there a user guide?
  10. SoundChoice
    We're missing some info, but...

    The playlists in Android that show up in Neutron are typically part of the Android media storage (it's possible that you can awkwardly try to create a playlist from within Neutron). Or maybe there's a .m3u file that Neutron scanned in and discovered. It's often easier to use a file manager to search for .m3u and delete outside of Neutron if that's your goal, given it takes about 4 steps to delete a playlist from within Neutron. If you want to "manage" it, go to the software that created it and manage it from there. For example, I created my playlists in Itunes and manage them in there. I hope this helps.
  11. gto88
    Thanks, I do not really follow what you said, but let me explore it further from what you said.
  12. SoundChoice
    Maybe I misunderstood. What is it you are trying to do?
  13. gto88
    No, you got me right, just I am not familiar with such complicated method.
    I am used to the way foobar2000 handle playlist or fully user oriented add/del operation.
    I just want to clear it and add only when I want it.
    Right now, I cannot figure out how to do it.
  14. Seazer
    I just downloaded USB Audio Player Pro and I gotta say I think Neutron sounds better. I think it's the benefit of the ultrasonic filter and 8x oversampling making it sound better. UAPP has no oversampling option and no ultrasonic filter. It sounds harsher to me
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  15. WitzyZed
    UAPP has oversampling but it just cranks it to the max your device supports.

    I certainly enjoy Neutron more for fun listening, but if I'm in the car with my player on the mount, I always feel safer using UAPP. I feel like my eyes don't have to do as much work :p

    And in the car I'm sure I don't hear a difference between the two.

    At home Neutron all the way!
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