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Android: Neutron Music Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by drtone, Aug 11, 2011.
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  1. DrTone
    I found this new player for android yesterday.
    The user interface is clunky, terribly slow scanning of your library, and bad library management.
    That said his primary goal is the best sound quality possible from a player and has some unique (audiophile) specific features.  Check it out.
    I bought it just to support the guy because I think he's going in the right direction, he just has to fix some of the usability issues first.
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  2. EvilMime
    It has an interesting interface. Reminds me of the 80s a bit. I'll probably give it a shot...
  3. iggizaki
    Better than PowerAmp?
  4. burnliff
    there is a good rockbox port for android, not sure why you would use anything else
  5. DrTone


    Only in sound quality.
  6. trondis23


    I have tried Rockbox for Android. It is unfinished, and I had some playback problems with it. After around 40 minutes it could stop or start shuffling the tracks. The database doesn't work either. So I lost my patience. A couple of weeks ago I bought Neutron. I am very satisfied with it. Apart from Rockbox this is the only player that supports perfect gapless and crossfeed. I also have Poweramp, but the gapless in Poweramp has some glitches with mp3.
    Neutron is the only player in the market where the developer has started in the right end of the development by focusing on playback quality first. Fancy UI features can wait. I like that attitude. The player is still quite fresh, so we can expect that he will add many new features. He is also very responsive to input from the users. The Neutron forum isn't crowded yet, so there is a great chance that he will listen to good suggestions. So I would recommend this to anyone. 
  7. DrTone
    I posted in his forums, and he's indicated that pretty much my whole wish list will be coming in various future updates.
  8. gorman
    One question on this player: does it support the choice between applying track or album replaygain values? Does it offer something similar to the "smart" option found in Squeeze Server (where it applies album gain in case you are playing whole albums but automatically switches to track values if you are playing mixes)?
  9. tds101
    I'm gonna give it a try,...
  10. se7en
    I just tried this out it sounds good but I'm still spoiled on the new poweramp 2.0. The interface is much better and the sound quality (due to eq adjustments) improved from previous versions. Maybe I'll try tinkering this out later. peace! :)
  11. tds101
    I had an issue where the app couldn't find the tunes on my micro sd card - I have nothing stored on the phone's internal memory. I uninstalled and am STILL enjoying powerAMP.
  12. Szadzik
    Bought it a few days ago for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is pretty enjooybale. Takes some time to get used to, but very nice.
  13. umvue
    what does "crossfeed" do??? thx
  14. Huxley
    Blends left and right channels to reduce instrument separation.
    Some folk can find music fatiguing, using a crossfeed can make listening a more pleasant experience.
  15. se7en
    poweramp is still the best IMO; with the right tweaks of the equalizer and tones it can sound as good.
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