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Amp8-EX Fan-Edition Preorder by Ibasso

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  1. Whitigir
    incoming Pm
  2. NexusU
    Hi,Whitigir! This is nice product! Payment sent!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  3. asphericalcat
    Hi Whitigir,
    I will join in this great deal! . And paiment send.
  4. Whitigir
    I got your payment, and you are added. However, I miss email address. It is needed for your tracking number once the item is shipped
  5. Vitaly2017
    Quick question,

    Id like to join to and I trust @Whitigir hes a really nice guy and love tweaking gears lol.

    If I whant to buy dx220 and amp8ex same time how can I proceed, buy them separately?

    @Whitigir I wish there was a combo fan edition, dx220-ex and amp8-ex :wink:
  6. Whitigir
    there are a lot of complications even to get this Amp module going, and that is that. If you want Dx220EX, you need to ask @chaiyuta
  7. Vitaly2017

    Ok I understand so if I whant amp8ex buy it from you then when its ready Ibasso ships it to me?

    Any cost information you know on dx220ex?
  8. Whitigir

    Obviously Dx220+Ex parts+Associated Labor+ the risk of trashing everything
  9. Vitaly2017

    This brings me back to think about dx220 max official.....
    I know that dap wont have swappable amps.
    If ibasso say Max means it should sound as good as a moded fan edition.
    Would love to participate but dx220max is kinda making me want to wait . Aaaaaaaaa
  10. Christoph
    Are the components of the Fan Edition all identical to the ones you used before for your mod or will there be some different components (e.g. from another brand/manufacurer) ?
    Just for my curiosity...
  11. Whitigir
    They are the components that I have gone through and opted as the best of what the mass public would love for it to be. It takes a lot of time and resources to play around with these stuff. @edwardsean knows what I am talking about.

    tuning from a manufacturing standpoint, and even modifications, are all having to be this way, the way the mass public would accept it. Ofcourse nothing is perfect, and so personally some one may hate it, but similarly to any test and exam, 75% is accepted, then the goal is successes

    specifically to tune and cater to someone desires by every bit, it would need a lot more. From the comprehension of one desires, and desires of which, how....etc....etc.. This is where I originally published the EX modifications as a DIY project. If you can work on it, then you can keep on working on it, and then find your desires....tune it toward your own specific personal goals. The same as cables and everything else..

    I hope I answered your question
    Christoph, chaiyuta and fokta like this.
  12. Vitaly2017

    No doubt it did take you a lot of effort and time to fine tune this amp mode.

    I haven't followed the thread for sometime,
    Could you please share what changes and what improves. How will the new amp8ex sound?
  13. Whitigir
    Vitaly2017 likes this.
  14. edwardsean
    Yeah, definitely, you can read my impression about the sonic improvements of EX in that post. However, what @Whitigir wrote is exactly right. It is tuned to my taste and system. (Specifically, it emphasizes clarity because I gain additional analog warmth from convolution.)

    I am confident that Vince got the tuning for the Fan Edition that will make the most users happy, which, by the way, is his motive. As he enjoys the music he enjoys iBasso, passionately, and wants to share that. This is only getting done because it is being driven by all passion and no profit. That, IMO, is also a unique part of this one-off deal. You should get in on it.

    (Also, without a doubt, the upcoming Max is something to consider, esp. if you don't already have a 220. However, if you do, this is a no brainer at the price The Max and 220 are different form factors.)
  15. Vitaly2017

    Yes I understand the max is a different dap and a new category.
    It makes me believe that ibasso when they claim max. They will all best possible parts to build this big dap.
    Something like you guys do with ex modes, now it will be ibassos official all time best device!

    I love that idea since I am 5 days out from home and transportable for me ia totally fine. But not the dmp size lol tremendously big.
    Dx220max is perfect even if its 4 stacked hugo2 also good!

    Reading alot about modes and new dx220. It reminds me wm1z a lot. Though I completely disliked dx200 and specialy that hiss and cold harsh metalic hight frequency notes timber. Was not smoothe for my ears sorry.

    Reading on dx220 all that seems to be all fixed hmmmm
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