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Amp8-EX Fan-Edition Preorder by Ibasso

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  1. Jeffyue
    Hi Vince,

    Great effort from Paul, the mod and you.
    Payment sent.

  2. artpiggo
    Edited. Just see what I asked in first post.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  3. Gayron
    Payment sent! Thank you!
  4. usageundera
    Hi Whitigir,
    Payment sent!
  5. Whitigir
    The listing is updated
  6. richoval
    Hi Whitigir, thanx for your effort, appreciated! Payment sent
  7. Christoph
    Many thanks for your detailed answer, yes it answers my question.
    When i understand it correct the parts of the Amp8 V2 mod mentioned in this post:


    are also used in the Fan Edition. Actually i wasn't aware of the effort in picking the right components for the desired sound signature. But i'm fully confident that the mod is an enhancement over the stock version. As it is your mod, i would also expect and of course accept when its tuned to your personal preferences.
    Nevertheless i'm looking forward to have it in my hands and hear it.
    Whitigir likes this.
  8. behemothkat
    Vince, just for my curiosity: I remember someone in the main iBasso thread was describing Pentacon’s not reliable soldering to PCB in AMP8 (or AMP4?)and solution how to enforce it.
    If it was about AMP8, do you think it is possible to enforce it in fan edition?

    Thanks :)
  9. Whitigir
    Amp8 never had problems with Pentaconn. It is also using the authentic 4.4mm from Pentaconn itself
    behemothkat likes this.
  10. karasrg
  11. gr8soundz
  12. strawberry
    thanks @Whitigir
    count me in
    Payment sent
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  13. greygrey
    Hi Whitigir,
    Very nice product
    Payment sent!
  14. gordec

    Do you know if Ibasso is producing all the Fan Editions in one batch or there are different batches?
  15. Whitigir
    that, I do not know, and I also think it would be internal businesses
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