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Amp8-EX Fan-Edition Preorder by Ibasso

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  1. MaxD
    My attempt to quell concerns, I am a Cyber security consultant by profession. My first thought was SCAM!. But I wanted an AMP8 fan addition. So I did my research. Trust but verify! Vince has been on head-fi and the internet for a while. He has built up a history that indicates he is a stand-up Guy. He doesn't display the traits of a scammer. In fact it is not difficult to track him down. So we all know where to send the hit man if he decides to get that lambo :).

    Also once I was 99% convinced he wasn't a scammer I sent him $260 which he promptly refunded as I did something wrong in my PP transfer (missed some info out). Doesn't sound dodgy to me….. I for one am willing to risk $260 an such a good venture as this.

    So all the concerns have been noted and thank you for caring. But please stop repeating yourselves. Audio nuts have a short attention span and we are getting board.

    @Whitigir please count me in, payment cumming soon....
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  2. Shawnb
    $260 is just an amazing price. Anyone who was considering buying a AMP8 should really consider the EX model now while they still can.
  3. Hard Head
    I've been lurking in the DX220 thread more than posting, and I've been out of the loop for much of the last week. But, this is awesome... Count me in for one!!
    Payment Sent.
  4. Christoph
    Fully understand, would it be possible to publish either the minimum units now or when the limit is actually reached / fulfilled?
  5. Whitigir
    For now Paul doesn’t imply any limitations on the quantity to be produced. It can change any times.
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  6. dcguy73
    This is a great deal! I'm all in. Payment sent.
  7. Whitigir
    got it! You are in!
  8. jude Administrator
    I'm in. PM to follow. Thanks for organizing this, @Whitigir, and thanks for doing this @Paul - iBasso.

    To clarify some of the previous discussion regarding Group Buys here: With rare exception, we do not allow user-organized Group Buys on Head-Fi. This dates back to many years ago, when a new product was being released, and a Group Buy for that product was being arranged on Head-Fi's forums. The member organizing that Group Buy meant well, trying to secure the lowest price for this new product. To do this, he contacted multiple dealers to ask them to compete to fulfill the Group Buy. One of the dealers contacted me on the second or third go-round of dealer "bidding" for the deal, telling me that any dealer who was going to get the deal would have to do so at a loss. I saw this as being unintentionally predatory, so I removed that Group Buy thread from our forums, and no longer allowed user-organized Group Buys on Head-Fi (again, with rare exception).

    Of course, the other obvious concern with user-organized Group Buys involves the organizer collecting the funds. At the time of this post -- and including my joining the Group Buy -- the amount collected so far is $11,440. By the time this Group Buy has closed, it's possible that number might be substantially higher. (It is a cool amp module concept, for sure.) I think it's obvious to see the concerns here. Like a lot of you, I'm comfortable sending $260 to @Whitigir, but have to accept that there's still a risk here. I know @Whitigir, but I don't know @Whitigir. Again, I'm comfortable with the risk here, but you should know, of course, that there is some risk here.

    We also do not allow dealer- or manufacturer-organized Group Buys unless that dealer or manufacturer is a Head-Fi Sponsor. When conducted by a dealer or manufacturer, a Group Buy is obviously a form of advertising, and so a dealer or manufacturer must be a Sponsor to advertise those kinds of arrangements on Head-Fi.

    Because @Whitigir is a longtime member of Head-Fi (with a lot of posts, too), and because iBasso is a Head-Fi Sponsor who agreed to do this special edition amp module, we made the exception this time.

    Again, count me in, @Whitigir -- payment incoming.
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  9. zephyrstar
    Thank you mods for allowing this!
    Whitigir likes this.
  10. SDBiotek
    Payment sent!
  11. ddmt
    Joined, payment sent. Thanks @Whitigir for organizing this. Also thanks to @jude for allowing this grup buy to happen.
  12. HiFiGames
    Payment sent. Quite extraordinary — thanks to everyone who made this happen.
  13. Qical
    Payment sent! :)
  14. Shiloh65
    Whitiger thanks for putting this together! I submitted payment this morning via PayPal but I forgot to add the country. It is the US. Hope you can update it and not kick my entry :L3000:

  15. Whitigir
    The listing is updated

    *please note that the Detailed notes on your PayPal address will be your shipping address. I have seen more than a few with a PayPal shipping address different than the one being noted. If anyone need to have the shipping address corrected, please post up your Reservation # and the correcting address of which the item will be shipped to*

    please make sure that you are aware of this.
    Once the order and listing is forwarded toward Ibasso, I will no longer have the ability to readjust and correct your information, which meant your unit would then be shipped to the address you originally provided on the PayPal note, then it is your responsibility.

    For example:

    3/ @Whitigir . The correct shipping address is

    Full name:
    Address: <======-update this listing for the correct shipping address of which your unit will be shipped to
    Phone number:
    Forum screen name:
    Payment for Amp8EX FanEdition
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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