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Amp8-EX Fan-Edition Preorder by Ibasso

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  1. Whitigir
    I have good news ! I have Ibasso agreement to do a very limited runs of this “fan-edition” Amp8. This is a one time deal, and will not happen again! @Paul - iBasso

    So, as the one who originated this EX Fan edition Amp8, I will list some details here, and also the conditions that we will have to accept

    1/ The Pre-order period will start from now until 11/7/2019. The Shipping date is estimated to be around 11/20th. The Date is subjected to change, because Ibasso is very busy. Official date will be confirmed by Ibasso once the preorder is closed and finalized. But we are all so much into our Enthusiasm, so Ibasso agreed to make this 1 time deal for FAN-EDITION! We will have @icefalkon @edwardsean@EggofSound and other members to thanks as well.

    Pre-order will end on 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time of 11/08/2019. Any request and payment after this period will be canceled and refunded.

    Any preorder placed without Details and especially forum screen name, will be canceled and refunded.

    I reserve the rights to cancel your order under special circumstances. Any canceled orders will be refunded in full

    I will only respond to Paid order inquiries, and through Forum Member PM. If you do not have a forum screen-name, please register and do so.

    2/ The conditions of the Preorder are as follows:

    *Only PayPal is accepted* Everyone can join this Program as the Amp8 will be shipped directly to you, Manufacturered And Ship By IBasso. The Pre-order is not REFUNDABLE as this is not something any typical Manufacturers would do. In order to keep the cost and the saving on the pricing down as much as we all could, from Ibasso to us all as consumers, we need to have a specific set of SOLD UNITS to make.

    Therefore, please make sure that you are aware of what you are doing.

    the Amp8 FanEdition will have the warranty by and from Ibasso. So you are completely Covered.

    So, just in case you don’t want the Unit, but you are stuck with the pre-order, you can sell it back to other members. Otherwise, as I stated, No refund and no cancellation once the preorder and PayPal payment are received.

    All payment can be made toward my address .Please include these following details IN YOUR PAYPAL Order Notes!

    Full Name:
    Address: <== This is your shipping address where the unit will be shipped to
    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Forum NickName:

    payment for Amp8EX Fan-Edition

    *please note that the Detailed notes on your PayPal address will be your shipping address. I have seen more than a few with a PayPal shipping address different than the one being noted. If anyone need to have the shipping address corrected, please post up your Reservation # and the correcting address of which the item will be shipped to*

    The price for each unit is $260 including PayPal fees and shipping to most countries (your typical shipping from Ibasso). Custom fees and imports are your own to take care for.

    So now, the goods about Amp8EX hardware

    All Tantalum capacitors are now upgraded to Kemet newest line up of KO series.

    Panasonic ECHU upgrades

    United Chemicon Electrolytic capacitor Upgrades + Nichicon UKA

    Elna Silmic II Electrolytic capacitor Upgrades

    Reminder: Amp8 is a fully discrete amp architecture designed with Transistors array that are Hand-matched. It was designed to handle very high current and voltage swings for portable player of DX150-DX200 (and it variants) and DX220, and any possible future Player from Ibasso that may be compatible toward this current generation of amp module designs.

    *This Fan Edition is an EX modified module* So it was tuned in my experiences and references. I would advise that participants are aware that they are enjoying similar point of preferences as I do before proceeding to participate

    Also, kindly appreciate toward @jude and the mods to allow this to happen just this one time.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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  2. ExpatinJapan
  3. arcmagi
    Hi everyone,

    Pretty new to this forum and do not usually logged in to post. Will be glad to interact with fellow audio enthusiasts on this poisonous hobby.

    @Whitigir, thanks for taking time to make this project possible as I am really interested to try out the Amp8-EX. Joined in this group buy & payment sent :)

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  4. Whitigir
    The list is growing, and the good thing is that I asked for all to leave their screen name.

    This list will be updated as soon as possible, and continued being so until the preorder ending period

    1/ @DaYooper
    2/ @behemothkat
    3/ @Whitigir
    4/ @Sunstealer
    5/ @aaf evo
    6/ @Reima
    7/ @hAbIrAbI
    8/ @Ojisan
    9/ @gordec
    10/ @Shawnb
    11/ @Galactician
    12/ @AndrewH13
    13/ @fokta
    14/ @rr12267
    15/ @Bodster
    16/ @cycheang
    17/ @singleended5863
    18/ @moss
    19/ @Shecky504
    20/ @HK_sends
    21/ @Christoph
    22/ @RedondoUK
    23/ @minusZone
    24/ @ExpatinJapan
    25/ @miragez
    26/ @deniska80
    27/ @BiggieBig
    28/ @bden59
    29/ @Tyven
    30/ @CobraMan
    31/ @dhc0329
    32/ @Back2mine
    33/ @arcmagi
    34/ @zephyrstar
    35/ @boprinciple
    36/ @Tsyer
    37/ @somnarium
    38/ @robotncc
    39/ @V1ktor
    40/ @Hard Head
    41/ @tinker6
    42/ @dcguy73
    43/ @ngd3
    44/ @jude
    45/ @SDBiotek
    46/ @ddmt
    47/ @HiFiGames
    48/ @Shiloh65
    49/ @wolfmann2992
    50/ @Qical
    51/ @NexusU
    52/ @asphericalcat
    53/ @Jeffyue
    54/ @tkmt
    55/ @Gayron
    56/ @usageundera
    57/ @richoval
    58/ @karasrg
    59/ @gr8soundz
    60/ @strawberry
    61/ @greygrey
    62/ @otta56
    63/ @MCPT
    64/ @gc335
    65/ @Fernando Goñi
    Phase 1 preorder listing ended with 65 units. Ibasso has successfully received the payments.
    Phase 2 preorder listing can be found here, and will continue on starting with #66.

    **please take note that** your reservation number is not a serial number on the products whatsoever. Your reservation number is correlated to when your payment was sent to me in the order that I have received it.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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  5. HK_sends
    PM sent...

    -HK sends
  6. fokta
    Supporting this limited production, since I love the sound of my Primary DAP...
  7. zephyrstar
    I am so in on this! I just sent payment. Thanks so much for organizing this at such a great price!
  8. Tsyer
    Joined n paid. Thanks whitigir
  9. icefalkon
    I can tell you this, that @Whitigir is one of the most truthful, nice, and honorable people you'll meet on Head-fi.org. No joke. Ask the people here from all around the world who know him and they'll say the same thing dude.

    Hope that helps.
  10. robotncc
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  11. Gayron
    Hi, how can I state my interest too? Where should I put my name? Ready to pre order too. Thanks!
  12. Gayron
    Please, include me to the list of interested in amp8ex @Gayron
  13. Whitigir
    Please make sure you read the first post in details. Ask any respectable related questions, and I will answer as soon as I could.

    The list will be updated as soon as possible by me regarding people who is paid with detailed PayPal notes.
  14. cismax
    Hi Whitigir,
    I am not familiar with soldering, then I would add AMP8EX to DX220 stock. Would that make sense or to get real benefits would it be much better to place it on a 220EX?
    Second question: no issues in shipping that to Italy (apart customs, which will be a nightmare on my side)?
  15. Whitigir
    Shipping is directly to you from Ibasso. If you have had Product directly to you from Ibasso before, then it would be similar.

    Just like any systems, a better amplifier will make it sound better. Specifically of your question, If you had an Dx220EX, yes, it would fully realize the potential of the Amp8EX.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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