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Amp for iPad/iPhone 4 + Senn IE8 or Cowon J3/Hifiman HM-601/S:flo2?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by raysito22, Mar 27, 2011.
  1. Raysito22
    Hi there. A foreigner noob here :p . Well I need a bit of advice on how to improve my current setup. I've got an iPhone 4/iPad as players and Sennheiser IE8 phones, but I can notice IE8 aren't on their best (even using EQu). I'm wondering if it would be better to improve my current rig by adding an amp (don't know which amp would suit better those Sennheiser), or start new with a PMP such as the Cowon J3. Also thought about HifiMan HM 601 or the S:flo2.
    What would you recommend me? I'm just looking towards best SQ (and equalizer). I don't really care about vids, or battery life.
    Thanks in advance. Sennheiser IE8 are really good headphones, but I've noticed they sounded a tad better both, plugged in a Macbook Pro and in a real big home amp.
  2. GLdgShDjKsHT
    same for me, want to know what amp to get, and from what i have read headstage arrow or smth from ibasso or the alo amp could work but i dont know, advice needed

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