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AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Nov 1, 2012.
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  1. BRSxIgnition
    Same - if it's not as good as my M50's in regards to isolation and leakage, then I'm cancelling my purchase, sad to say.
  2. djkgb
    I concur.
    Having to mod a $300+ pair of cans so that they aren't as uncomfortable, is ridiculous.
    If they aren't comfortable the way they are already designed, they aren't for you.
    That's like buying a pair of air jordans that are too small, but they'd fit better if you removed the insole.
    There are enough options out there where larger-eared people can find a set of headphones that fit them properly and sound good as well.
    One man's poison is another man's medicine.
    People here get googly-eyed over new products and things get over-hyped, and people fall for the hyperbole of these products and purchase them without considering the fit.
    Headphones should be comfortable. Especially if they are expensive.
    Companies should be putting the dimensions of the earpads of over-ear headphones among the other specs.
  3. wje
    Yes, it can be - and  your statement is quite true.  But, the reality is that all of us have different shapes of heads, as well as sizes.  Plus, our source material and musical interests are all different, as are our hearing capabilities.  With that aside, I'm almost convinced that the K167 Tiesto might be a better move.  One can take the $150, or so that is saved, and do a few mods to make it a better, or more appropriate headphone for their use.  Again, I'm just providing one person's view and perspective, which is mine. [​IMG]
  4. RPGWiZaRD
    ^ People prioritize differently, I mostly wanna pay for sound quality. I'm only using mine at home so looks for example have no use. For me it's ridiculous how people are such a "snobs" about modding stuff to your preferences. I guess I just don't like the "Apple-like" idealogy where everything should be "plug-n-play". I'm more of the "see a problem? -> fix it" guy.
    If I found my ideal headphone sound wise I could gladly take care of any imperfections regarding fit etc as I know how hard it is to truly find a headphone that fits your taste 100%. I would never let such a small thing hinder me from fully enjoying a headphone.
  5. Eugguy

    Amen to the 181's!! If I could find another pair like the 181s but with even greater bass I would buy immediately. The sound is very full and deep. I can't find any other headphones that sound like them. I'm returning the 167s I just bought last week. They sound good and detailed, just not the full bodied sound I desire. A little thin sounding to me. Hopefully the 267s offer a better dose of sound, closer to the 181s. After all, the 267s are supposed to be "DJ" cans. I need something that pumps volume and also sounds good!!
  6. Tus-Chan
    To those who have gotten units ahead of time - you guys are blowing it. For one, you could stand to be little more objective, or a little more in detail, about your impressions, instead of leaving the scale of the flaws you mention to our imaginations.

    As it is, most of what your impressions have done is to scare a bunch of people. These cost a lot of money for some people, and a lot of us are pre-invested (like me).

    I am sure that this will cause some offense to which I will be apologizing for later, but you guys are not doing a very good job.
  7. miow
    I heard that the K81's sound better than the K181's? :s
  8. BRSxIgnition
    Agreed - where are those answers we were promised? I'd like to know whether or not I should cancel my order or not...
    No offense to those who have them, but it would be great if they could help us less-lucky people decide - right?
  9. Deep Funk
    So you tried both? I did and I vastly preferred the K181 therefore I disagree.
    "I heard", dear oh dear...
  10. miow
    I saw that on some review site.
    "I vastly preferred", dear oh dear...
  11. Deep Funk
    Indeed, goodnight. 
  12. Eugguy
    The 181s are solid. I can't find anything else to replace them with at the moment. I haven't tried the 81s, as I feel that would be a step back. Was disappointed with the 167s to be quite honest. I don't understand why people like them. I'm hoping for something better in the 267s.
  13. RPGWiZaRD
    What exactly were you disappointed with? Just curious. The K181 should definitely be bassier of the two, is that it?
    I remember auditioning K181 in a store once and didn't find anything spectacular about them but it's such a long ago and was a source from the shop used etc so hardly any valid judgment can be made out of that (preferences in sound has greatly changed since then too). I wonder why these headphones are so often overlooked though, it's like they barely exist around head-fi parts. I remember reading about some1 else who really likes them too around here.
  14. Minarets

    You have to be looking for more bass then, no?
    I have owned both the k181 and k81 and while I loved that detachable cable and comfort out of the box of the 181 I found the sound of the K81s superior even though it took me some time to bend the headband to my liking. Maybe it was just me. But the 167 have better highs, lows, treble and more precise bass, but less overpowering bass.
  15. Eugguy
    Hi RpGWizard, to be honest, I've tried Denon d2000/5000, Ultrasone pro 900s, as well as owning many good quality over ears and in-ear monitors. The sound from the 181s are full and are exactly what I am looking for in a DJ can. I get what people are saying when they state the 167s sound like an audiophile can. However, it is almost too clean and boring for me. It lacks emotion and character, something I need in each headphone I own. I am hoping the 267s with a higher max input, bigger driver, will be able to pump sound and put out some depth and volume.
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