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AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Nov 1, 2012.
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  1. Minarets

    Can we get a yourtube review?
  2. vernz
    They look awesome! I love the design. 
    Want to know more about the "two rings" thing. So does one of rings adjust the bass and the other adjust the soundstage?
  3. Eddy Flycatcher
    Some answers, there is only 1 ring and that adjusts the bass, not very drastically, but close to each other. The isolation is poor, better than the Denon K range, but still too little for a closed can. The earpads are comfortably, but very shallow (they look deep, but they are pressed in when wearing), my ears (they are big bot don't stick out a lot) are pressed up against the foams...and because of that some people might have a problem with wearing them for long stretches.
    Again the build quality is excellent, most of it is metal, leather (headband) and some sort of velour (under the headband).
    Funny enough all problems seem trivial compared to the sound, so far I listened to electronic (Klaus Schulze) classical (Vaughan Williams) rock (Marillion, Anyone's Daughter, Heart) fusion (Ed Poole) and various test tracks (Diana Krall, peter Gabriel, Holly Cole, Fall On Your Sword, Dire Straits, Kate Bush, Porcupine Tree, Sade etc.) and I must say I have never heard a headphone perform so good [​IMG]
    Don't take my word for it, go out and listen!
  4. droid23
    Thanks Eddy for your provided answers! I own the K167 and can comprehend all of your findings but one. Just can't understand, why AKG was able to provide such a good isolation with the K167 but according to some preliminary experiences here, could not realize it with the "more professional" K267? ...I know, I know, it must have something to do with the implementation of the bass tuning function in the cups...but sorry, I don't get it. In theory they should have even better isolation than the K167, or?
    On the other hand, for private use and in more quiet surroundings, I'm very glad to hear, that the 267s perform that well! Would love to read a direct comparison between the 167^^
  5. miow
    droid, they are vented. When in Stage mode (I think), small holes open inside the cups for the airflow to deliver more bass. Thats why they don't isolate as much as the K167.
  6. pablobaluba
    Well...I personally don't care so much about isolation as I plan to use them at home, with my PC mostly. Not on the go. So, I don't see any problem for people who intend to use them like this. Why is isolation a deal breaker for some?
  7. streetdragon
    maybe cause it is marketed as a DJ headphone, and DJ headphones normally have decent to great isolation. it is needed so the DJ can block out stage speaker sound to hear their mix properly
  8. Minarets

    Because 90% of my listening comes on a plane.

    How is the leakage?
  9. BRSxIgnition
    We really need a video with the cups pressed together so we can get an idea of how good or bad the isolation and leakage are.
    I wouldn't mind using them as home-only cans, but I'd really rather be able to take them out and about. I can't do that if they leak or don't isolate enough though.
  10. Cristello
  11. erod

    Are you saying that your ears hit the driver enclosure? like the complaints people had about the M-100?
    That would be frustrating, to say the least.
  12. dxanex

    Being that one of the biggest DJ's had some hand in designing these, you'd think that they would isolate very well for those reasons. Strange that two users have said that the K267 doesn't isolate at all. For me, it's a non-issue but for someone wanting to use these for actual DJing that could certainly be a deal breaker. I love the AKG sound, but their designers make some odd choices often it seems. [​IMG]
  13. RPGWiZaRD
    It also takes 1 min to fix that issue with the slightest bit of creativity/imagination, so much for "frustrating".
  14. erod
    Not really interested in using paper towels on a $300 headphone.
  15. Deep Funk
    If the isolation isn't up to par with the HD25/K81/K518/K181/DT1350 I know enough. I'll keep my trusty K181 DJ given I still enjoy it...
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