Aclear Porta NXT-2AK Review. Improve your audio quality without a Battery!

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  1. cooperpwc
    Here is the summary of these products on the Nakamura site.
    if you go in and translate the Japanese for the NXT-1, it has the same functions as the NXT-2AK. It has TRRS inputs and outputs. It can do full balanced drive, and like the NXT-2AK it can also convert single-ended to balanced (which is common function of isolation transformers). Where it differs is that unlike the NXT-2AK, it is not specifically advertised as suitable for pure single-ended use. However that may just be an omission in the short Japanese description.
    (EDIT: Google translate also has its limitations. Reading between the lines, I think that it functions just like the NXT-2AK, i.e. suitable for purely single-ended use.)
    The obvious difference between the NXT-2AK and NXT-1 is that the latter does not have a TRRS 2.5mm output which is suitable for headphones terminated for the AK240. (An accessory cable is available for the NXT-1 that adds that function.)
    If you want a pure single-ended Aclear Porta isolation transformer, the model is the NIP-05TH. It doesn't look as nice though. 
    The NXT-1 and NIP-05TH are both an ounce lighter than the NXT-2AK. (The NXT-2AK is the second densest thing that I own; only the special dive weights for my rebreather more closely approximate a black hole.) Lighter is not necessarily better though. Good transformers are inherently heavy.
    I can only say that the NXT-2AK is a beautifully made product and sounds great with both my PAW Gold and M. I am happy with it.
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  2. audionewbi
    I think the question is whether they internally all the same, which they might not be and result in sound change. The only reason why I am going for the NXT-2AK is simply because I am assuming it is the more matured version of their earlier models.
    I have no need for the 2.5 mm TRRS to be honest. 
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  3. audionewbi
    I read that @Currawong had a loaner unit, I dont know if I am mistaken or not. 
  4. Currawong Contributor
    Not mistaken. I need to bring it out again for the Laylas and try it with other headphones too.
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  5. AnakChan Moderator

    Courtesy of @Currawong: I find that it does seem to give that edge in clarity and crispness. However I've also noticed that at least in the above setup (with my MH335DW-SR), the bass warmth is toned a little. Whilst that works well with bass heavy earphones like the MH335DW-SR, I'm not certain what the effect would be with earphones that are more bass neutral.
  6. audionewbi
    Guys have you guys heard the sound potion kichi crouzz?
  7. cooperpwc
    Agreed, especially if that is the M. I always found the NXT-2AK to be a mixed bag in that combination because of the toned down bass.
    On the other hand, I am finding nothing but upside with the PAW Gold which has tons of hard-hitting bass. (Admittedly I do a tiny bit of EQ of mids, but not the lower end. I also like the same PMEQ setting with and without the NXT-2AK.)
    This is true with all of my IEMs so far, such that to my ear the issue with the NXT-2AK is not which IEMs you use it with but rather which DAP.
    This is my full-time portable rig now. I love this combination.
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  8. seeteeyou
    I wonder if a pair of NXT-2AK were any good for Hugo's dual 3.5-mm outputs, something nice could be done with the right wiring


    For instance, someone in Japan did something like this and that's fairly interesting to look at such monster stack if you will. LOL


  9. Overkill Red
    Hm, the NST-2AK interests me but:
    Do we HAVE to use the included interconnect? Or can any 3.5mm to 3.5mm work?
  10. cooperpwc
    Any 3.5mm to 3.5mm IC works. The included IC is just for connecting to the AK240 with its weird 2.5mm balanced out.
  11. Overkill Red

    Upon further reading, looks like the NXT-1 is what I'd use more, since I don't have any balanced earphones/cables yet.
    Time to hunt one down now..
  12. cooperpwc
    That makes sense; I don't use balanced either. However the NXT-2AK is the one that seems to have the international distribution - and not so broadly at that. Let us know if you track down the NXT-1.
  13. Overkill Red
    Well, I've contacted Price Japan and they've added the NXT-1 to their website.
    Am wanting to pull the trigger but am not sure if it would be much better/even worse than my Pico Slim.
  14. masterpfa
    Sounds ideal, wish this was also on
  15. Overkill Red

    I'm sure if you filled out the request form they'd add it.
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