Aclear Porta NXT-2AK Review. Improve your audio quality without a Battery!

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  1. windwolf447
    This is the Aclear Porta NXT-2AK from a Japenese company called NAKAMURA. It is a headphone conditioner which will improve the sound quailty comes form your audio source without the need of battery. Just did a video review of it, hope you like it!
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  2. audionewbi
    thanks for the review and video. 
  3. audionewbi
    I was thinking of getting the AClear Porta NXT-1 since I dont own any balance DAP, would it offer the same sonic improvement?
  4. windwolf447
    Thx for your reply :)
    Yes, the ratio of improvement might even be higher with non-balance system as balance system already has a pretty clear signal. I tried my aclear porta NXT-2AK with my cellphone and PC. The feeling of improvement is a bit greater then on ak240 (balance).
  5. Currawong Contributor
    When I was in Tokyo, the guys from Nakamura gave me an NXT-2AK with the balanced cable to report on. I've given it a go with a few different devices with differing results. Primarily the difference in sound seems to be a darker background with a more precise centre image, though it is hard to say definitively whether or not this is really the soundstage narrowing a bit. Usefully though, the input can be balanced or unbalanced, as well as the output, so plug-and-play with anything is very straight-forward.
    It's rather expensive though, at $450 equivalent. The one person I came across with it in their rig had an AK240 and Hugo!
  6. Currawong Contributor
    FYI I've added the NTX-2AK to the Head Gear section if anyone wants to add it to lists or review it. 

  7. windwolf447
    Thanks a lot!
  8. cooperpwc
    I agree with Currawong that it is gear-dependent. With the Calyx M, I love the NXT-2AK driving the Lab 1 but prefer to listen without the NXT-2AK driving my other IEMs. 
    Nonetheless, since the Lab 1 is my favourite IEM, it is worth the price of admission for me.
  9. HeavenMore

    I totally agreed with you. i tried JH Layla , JH 11 and other IEM but still Lab 1 is the perfect match with Calyx M + NTX-2AK.[​IMG]
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  10. seeteeyou
    Is it an obvious risk to connect Hugo's single-ended output and the single-ended input of AClear Porta first, and then connect a pair of balanced headphones into the 2.5-mm balanced input of AClear Porta afterwards?
    In other words, am I frying anything when I'm converting single-ended to balanced by Aclear Porta? Some portable amps such as The Intruder or Rx Mk3-B could handle such conversion but they didn't seem to mention something specific like that

  11. kawaivpc1
    Where can we purchase this here in the states??
  12. audionewbi
    I have asked @DimitriTrush whether he can organize this product for overseas folks. I hope he will let us know what he can do. He has always helped me get the Japanese gear I want so trying my luck once again.
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  13. kawaivpc1

    I wish I can test this unit before buying it too... does it sound good?
    It seems like many people are using it.
  14. audionewbi
    I am in the same boat as you are for this product. It is almost impossible to find outside japan.
  15. seeteeyou
    NXT-1 is the single-ended version of NXT-2AK for those of us who don't need balanced inputs and outputs
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