Aclear Porta NXT-2AK Review. Improve your audio quality without a Battery!

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  1. masterpfa
    I'm new to this PriceJapan thing, thank you.
  2. masterpfa
    Thanks for the advice @Overkill Red
    PriceJapan added it as requested and I have now ordered the NXT-2AK as I do see myself going down the balanced route at sometime or another.

    I personally will be pairing this with my Chord Mojo as this video first brought my attention to the existence of this device.
    Time will tell as will user experience, hopefully by next week I will be able to tell.
    The wait begins
  3. cooperpwc
    I see that Price Japan now sells both the NXT-2AK and the NXT-1. They are a bit confusing to find because the former is listed under NAKAMURA and the latter under Nakamura...
    It is cool though that everyone can now buy these. The NXT-1 is kind of tempting but undoubtedly a waste of money since I already have its big brother.
  4. Ciuvn
    can anyone confirm for me the line in of NXT-2AK is TRRS L+ R+ R- L- or L+ R+ L- R- ? :frowning2: I cut my original cable already so I can't track them down anymore T_T ...
  5. ExpiredLabel
    In case anyone is needing to replace or simply want another nakamura IC there is currently one up for sale. Regards
  6. bmichels
    black magic ? :wink:
  7. ExpiredLabel
    Just showing off with my newish player the 901s and DHC comp4. Has anyone found a place to buy a nxt-2ak? I'm thinking about getting a backup unit at this point just in case. 20171216_092415.jpg 20171216_092446.jpg
  8. Currawong Contributor
    Looks like they are no longer made and have vanished from the 2nd-hand stores.
  9. ExpiredLabel
    Honestly not surprised. With the added effect of auto adjusting for impedance it's really one of the best products for portable listening to assure "honest" displays of sound signatures in regards to various c/iems. Was kinda surprised this sort of device was not more popular.

    Thanks @Currawong
  10. ExpiredLabel
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  11. gr8soundz
    Great review. Glad I'm subbed and didn't miss it.

    Agreed, too bad they stopped making these. I've been searching for a sort of passive, balanced preamp for my portable stack for months with no luck.

    By the way, can it accept an unbalanced 3.5mm TRS input and output a 2.5mm balanced signal (like a passive phase-splitter)? I love to finally use my multi-bit DAP's SE line-out with my amp's balanced input.
  12. ExpiredLabel
    Yes. It wouldn't be true balanced obviously but there still would be a small benefit to overall sound playback. If anything it again highlights the versatility of the unit itself in allowing various plugs. I've personally tried flipping the included cable around so that I was connecting the 3.5mm trrs side to the source and the 2.5mm trrs into the headphone out. You can still utilize the 3.5mm trrs headphone in as a impromptu out though that was on certain instances when the source simply didn't have a 2.5mm trrs out or at the time I didn't have a 2.5mm trrs terminated cable. This was specific to this piece of kit though so I would advise double checking everything as I would hate to hear you shorted out your equipment or damaged anything in any way. Good luck
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  13. Currawong Contributor
    It has a transformer inside, so it's like some "balanced" tube amps that are really single-ended, but have a transformer set up to give a "balanced" output. The versatility is definitely great as it can input and output either single-ended or balanced in any combination.
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  14. gr8soundz
    If anyone has a NXT-2AK that they're willing to trade please PM me.
  15. stuck limo
    Recently received this little dude via Canada from Japan: it's a headphone conditioner that cleans up all interference from electrical or wireless signals. It's from Japan and is essentially not made in this model any more.

    It can run single ended or balanced, and it's interchangeable, so you can run single-ended to balanced, vice versa, or balanced to balanced, or single ended to single ended --- it doesn't matter. I am waiting on a balanced cable to be made so I can run my 2A Sig balanced to balanced.

    The wire that comes with it (shown in blue/white) is crap. The plug is too short and it doesn't "click" into place when plugging into my equipment. I had to use another cable with a longer, more standard plug. The black one is a Cardas cable I got from Amazon for 14 bucks or so.

    I've been running my Geek Out 2A Signature into it, as well as my LG V20 and I gotta say, I'm very impressed so far. I ran my V20 single ended into the NIP, and then ran it out as balanced to my V-Moda M-100 for fun.

    So, impressions over the NIP running from my V20:

    The sound thickens pretty substantially from the NIP. Vocals are enhanced and pushed forward. More weight and punch to the music (especially drums). The sound smoothens out. The volume increases as well by a fair amount. Not really noticing much of a soundstage difference. Everything sounds a bit cleaner. Seems to drive the headphones a bit better. Everything sounds warmer. Some of these are pretty drastic changes, some are less drastic, but all of them are noticeable.

    Nip 1.jpg Nip 2.jpg Nip 3.jpg Nip 4.jpg Nip 5.jpg
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