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About to buy first pair of IEMs - RHA MA750s

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  1. aramk
    Thanks for clarifying that important point. It seems all the authorised dealers, including RHA's Amazon store, haven't lowered their prices for the black friday sales - do you think there's any chance they will?
  2. Dinerenblanc
    Do yourself a favor and do not buy from this company. The RHA 750i is a flimsy mess. They're not worthy of the reputation they garnered. 
  3. aramk
    Can you point to any reviews which back this up or recommend an alternative?
  4. Dinerenblanc
    I'm speaking from personal experience. My pair broke within a few months and they never bothered to return my e-mail. I couldn't do anything about it cause they're overseas. Now that they're on the forums to promote their new earphones, they finally bothered to send me a message, but even when I told them about my predicament, there was no apology, nothing. I was given a bunch of excuses and was asked to provide more information to help them determine why I never received a reply. Fat chance. I'm not going to waste another ounce of energy on this company. They simply do not take care of their customers. They only quote and comment positive statements on the forums and completely ignore anyone who had something negative to say.Just browse their T10i announcement thread and you'll see what I mean. As for proof, read their recent feedback on their Amazon storefront. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_rating_1?ie=UTF8&asin=B0053R0WWG&isAmazonFulfilled=0&seller=A1MZ1GCGJVT8N6
    Rubbish customer service department clearly cannot handle the volume of complaints. (To me) Just stay away.
  5. aramk

    Thanks for the detailed response. Was the damage an accident or poor manufacturing? They have an international warranty so ignoring your emails seems pretty ****ty of them. After all their response is going to fuel discussion in the forum as it is now. From what I've seen on the Apple Store, Amazon and reviews this headphone is very well built. Some complain of its weight and thick cable. Where did it break? Would you be able to recommend a similar product within the same budget? Shure SE215 looked good but I favoured this for the build quality and built in controls.
  6. Dinerenblanc
    My MA750i was losing sound in one of the earpieces, though it was cosmetically fine. Admittedly, the MA750i does sound better than the Shure SE215, but the latter is more durable thanks to a detachable cable that actually has adequate strain relief. 750's steel housing might protect the earpiece, but it means little when 90% of headphone failures are cable related. The SE215 is also more comfortable thanks to the its flush design. Additionally, Shure's customer service is second to none when it comes to audio manufacturers. They have a customer service line that you can call on weekdays, and they're incredibly forgiving when it comes to fulfilling their warranty.  A user here got a pair of replacements within a week for his SE535s. They don't bother with repairs, they just ship you a completely new unit. Another user called about accidentally crushing the filters of his SE846s and offered to pay for replacements, but the rep just sent him new ones for free. That's the type of customer service RHA should aspire to. I'm not saying Shure is your only option, but their headphones tend to be one of the best choices when it comes to getting the overall package. You might also want to look into Westone and Sennheiser earphones as well. The Yamaha EPH-100 is another fine choice in this price range. It was commanding $150 until last month. You can get it now for $92 on Best Buy, although I can't speak much about their customer service. 
    If you're interested, someone just posted about having an issue with their 750, feel free to follow it and see how it develops. http://www.head-fi.org/t/742923/static-clicking-noise-when-walking-rha-ma750
  7. aramk
    Cheers for that. I looked at Westone but they're out of my budget for what they offer. I think I'll go with the RHA and report back here on things go. I plan to use it for at least 3 years if they work well so build quality is important. It'd be nice if the cables were detachable though, that's a huge plus for the shure. I might consider returning them if things don't go well in the first month.
  8. RHA Team
    Hi Dinerenblanc,

    We wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your feedback because we pride ourselves on our customer service.  RHA has been an active member of Head-Fi for over a year; we use it to keep members up to date with RHA, answer questions and, where appropriate, address any customer care issues that might arise.
    As you know, once we received your feedback in the thread we immediately replied and began investigating- we followed up our request with a PM because it is important to us to ensure all RHA customers receive the support requested in a timely manner and it is extremely unusual for a ticket to go unanswered.

    You kindly provided us some details, which we passed on to the team who unfortunately advised us that they have no record of any ticket being submitted under the name or email you provided.

    RHA is proud to offer a three year warranty on its products and we are more than happy to help given the opportunity to do so.


    RHA Team
    RHA Stay updated on RHA at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/rhaaudio https://twitter.com/rha https://www.rha-audio.com/uk/?utm_source=Head%20Fi&utm_campaign=Website_Hyperlink&utm_medium=link
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  9. Brooko Contributor

    I just checked their stats - 94% positive (lifetime) all products. I know you seem to be pretty negative on them. They're offering to help. Why not let them?
  10. RHA Team
    Hey aramk,
    We're currently not expecting any Black Friday discounts on the RHA range! Thanks again.
    RHA Stay updated on RHA at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/rhaaudio https://twitter.com/rha https://www.rha-audio.com/uk/?utm_source=Head%20Fi&utm_campaign=Website_Hyperlink&utm_medium=link
  11. aramk
    No worries, I managed to get a good discount from a local reseller. Thanks for the info.
  12. Dinerenblanc

    Unfortunately, it's quite a bit too late for them to help. I've provided as much info as I would like, but since I'm no longer in possession in said defective product, I cannot get a replacement. When it comes to people, I'm normally very forgiving, but when it comes to companies and inadequate customer service, I'm a little less forgiving. That's just the nature of who I am. Although I appreciate being contacted by the representative on the forums, it does not erase the fact that I was not attended to in a timely manner, and as a result, I'm short a pair of headphones.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    I would suggest you retract your statement though:

    They may have had an issue in your particular case - but from their general feedback on-line and presence here as well it does seem that your one instance is contrary to their general performance. Therefore your generalisation does appear a little unfair. Especially given that they have tried to make things right since finding out .......
  14. Dinerenblanc

    Speaking from my experience, they are rubbish, so I can't completely retract that statement. If saying that they've only been rubbish to me makes it fair, I will.
    Woah I had no idea my thread had another big conversation lol
    I just wanted to post an update on the IEMs. 
    I'm still very impressed, I let them burn in over night for a couple of nights and that was all it took to improve the sound, I definitely don't think they need 600 hours burn in lol
    There's only one thing that's bugging me, and that's the tips. I think maybe I have large ear canals or something because even the foam tips I find fall out a little every now and then so I find myself pushing them back in a lot of the time which after a while makes my ears a little sore. The foam tips are the only tips that sound good and feel comfy for me as well. 
    Other than that, they still sound great, the sound isolation is fantastic, I feel I could use them at a gun range as ear protection!
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