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About to buy first pair of IEMs - RHA MA750s

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  1. mark2410 Contributor
    well...... not sure it totally agree on the very balanced, i perhaps might say comparatively balanced but yeah they do make a good noise. [​IMG]
    Heh maybe compared to my DT990s they're more balanced :p
    I see what you mean about them not being forgiving, I put a mix of mp3 and flacs on my phone and left it to shuffle through the day to see if I'd pick up the differences and most of the time I could tell much easier than usual when it was and wasn't flac. 
  3. mark2410 Contributor
    oooh yes, the first casualty of buying good quality stuff, well other than your wallet, is when you listen to things where the bit rate isnt good or the mastering is terrible.  its a major annoyance for me when you get a song you like but the mastering is so terrible,  you know, dynamically compressed, treble thats all gritty and abrasive.
    of course the trade off is that good stuff, good stuff sounds better than you ever knew possible.
  4. imeem
    Or you can install Cyangenmod 11 as i heard it has support for USB OTG and USB dac from Fiio's e18 support page. but IDK if the E07k will tho.
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    I just installed CM11 - best thing I ever did! My E07K works perfectly on USB OTG, London Grammar is sounding wonderful this evening chilling in bed :)
  6. gjohnston
    Also love the 750s. Not as smooth as my Momentums and not as sparkly as my ADDIEMs but really loving the sound.

    If you get a chance try as many different tips as you can as they make a great difference; for me I love Sony Hybrid tips (medium) as I find these don't slip out of my ears so easily and as such give a better seal.

    Not knocking the ones that come with the RHAs as these are good but I've never found any that fit as well as the Hybrids regardless of earphone manufacturer (Shure, Apple, RHA, Sennheiser). I've tried them all and Sony are my favs (although YMMV).
  7. MrMonte
    Hi. I jumped in on a different thread about these but no one responded, so I'll jump in here. I've had them for a couple weeks. I did minimal burn-in as opposed to usual fanatical approach, just to see how that would work out. Overall happy with the sound but does seem to lack the clarity I was hoping for at the higher ends. On the other hand, they seem to be tightening up with use so I'm optimistic on that front. 
    One thing that is really true, as others have stated here, is that they are not at all forgiving on lower bit-rate recordings - but they make good bit rate, high quality recordings sound stellar. Not sure what to do about that....
    I'm not yet completely sold on them as I was hoping they were the right balance of smooth presentation without sacrificing clarity and detail and without muddy bass. I see their potential to deliver that but it may take a few days or so to get there. I have a bit of time before I need to return them if I go that route. 
    Interested in the impressions of others. Also interested in recommendations regarding buds. As usual, the enclosed buds didn't quite work for me. The miracle Philips buds I use (like 12 bucks!) are doing their magic and definitely helping, but I'm always open to suggestions. I've seen some support for Sony Hybrids with these?
    Thanks, look forward to any comments. 
  8. FastAndClean
    They need 300 hours burn in..
  9. Dinerenblanc
    The MA750s does not excel in highs to being with, so I doubt you'll see much improvement with more burn-in. It's strength is in the lows, so you probably purchased the wrong IEM if you're looking for good treble. 
  10. MrMonte
    Not necessarily looking for great treble and I do like the bass..but would like more clarity at the higher end. You may be right though. I'm thinking about the GR 02 BE and the EPH 100 as alternatives. Thoughts?

    I realize there will be better performance with some burn in but 300 hours? Are they worth it? That's a long time :)
  11. Dinerenblanc
    I'm frankly a non-believer in burn in. If I'm paying good money for headphones, or anything else for that matter, they should be at their best straight out of the box. Having to burn in something is equivalent to getting a bad haircut and being told that once it grows out, it'll look fine. You could make an argument that fine wine gets better with age, except wines don't get better once its in a bottle.
  12. MrMonte
    I do believe in burning in but it's not a good sign if they need 300 hours. Btw I am leaning towards giving the shure 215 Se a try.
  13. Dinerenblanc
    I believe you'll be happy with your purchase. They sound good out of the box, a plus in my book.
  14. MrMonte
    Thanks for the perspective. Will let you know. Try as i might I just can't warm up to the rma 750s.

    I don't mind a little burn in at all but the better they sound out of the box the better!
  15. MrMonte
    So I've spent the past week or so doing a lot of comparisons - and giving both burn in opportunities. 
    It's tough as they do have different sound signatures, and both (the RMA-750s and the Shure 215s) are clearly excellent IEMs. 
    My first reaction was go with the 215s. They don't have quite the overall clarity of the 750s but they make more of an immediate impact. 
    As I thought about it though, I decided to stick with my 750s! The overall sound clarity is just a bit better; the 215s seem a bit muffled to me. Just a bit. But I think with the 750s, the range is better, and the "impact" I like is definitely starting to come through. Right now, I really like them.
    I'm glad I didn't make a rash decision. And I am definitely in the camp that says there is value to burn in. I think there is an overall process of getting your ears and the IEM in synch, and burn in may not be the only factor involved there, but it definitely (in my opinion) is one of the factors. 
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