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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. garcsa
    SYMBIO-15 coupon code is valid.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
  2. garcsa
    Let's clarify this "go 1 size down" advice.
    Symbio W size measurements (diameter) are the same as Eg. Spiral Dots. Thats mean not bigger than usual eartip S,M,L sizes!

    Symbios inner foam part have its own inner energy wich pushes the silicone flange to the ear canal wall - and because of that its harder to push deeper after a while.
    From where is this energy? From your fingers! When pushing and rolling the eartip you gives the energy to the memory foam.

    Hope this was comprehensible.
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  3. fljoe
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  4. mikp
    yes it works. Using foam normally but walking a dog means you have to stop and talk to people several times..Hope these are less fiddly with some of the benefits.
  5. johnsnowboards
    how does the sizing for the W tips compare to stock IMR R1 tips? I'm currently using a Medium IMR R1 tip, not sure if I should go S or M for these?
  6. JerkChicken
    coupon used!. Thanks! can't wait to get these in for my solaris.

    When will the 'N' version be available again? Wanted to buy all three versions to make sure i cover all the bases.
  7. garcsa
    In stock :)

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  8. JerkChicken
    Order incoming
  9. johnsnowboards
    I've put in an order via eBay as well. Seller on eBay (not sure if it's you as well garcsa) gave me a 15% refund when I mentioned the coupon from here. Pretty cool seller response
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  10. megabigeye
    Hey @garcsa ,
    I'm interested in Symbio Wa for my Westones, but they're not available on the mandarines website-- will they be coming back? If I order on eBay, how do I specify size?

  11. garcsa
    PM sent.
  12. Steve Guppy
    20190205_153734.jpg Got my Symbio W today for my 1more Triples. Sound absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! Have some ibasso It03's on their way, and can't wait to try them on those too. Ordered some N today too to see how they compare, but as it stands, loving the W a lot
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  13. bdh
    I have a Campfire Atlas, and the Symbio W Peel's (Medium) sounded the best of a variety of tips I tried. Thankfully they were also the most comfortable! However, I got to wondering about the bore (sound tube) of the tips. It just comes straight out. Yet I knew sound propagates more naturally when it comes out of a bell-shaped opening. e.g. trumpet, horn, speakers, etc.

    So I got a razor blade and cut a few mm around the top inside part of the tips. Wow, that increased the size of the soundstage and image, made the bass more hard-hitting, made the music more transparent\real-sounding, and best of all, made the music more engaging.
    The one negative aspect about it is that the tip doesn't have as good a grip in my ears. However, since I don't do a lot of non-stationary physical activity with these iems, it's not a big deal for me and they rarely fall out.

    I thought I might make the opening a more curved bell shape, but trying to sand the flexible silicone with fine sandpaper doesn't work too well unfortunately.

    Anyway, if you have an extra set of tips you don't mind experimenting with, give it a try. Of course YMMV and I'm not guaranteeing anything. :)
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  14. progfan2
    Would you be able to post a picture of the tip mod?

  15. bdh
    bud1.JPG bud2.JPG
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