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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. davidcotton
    Symbios without the foam bits in them.
  2. holden4th
    doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of them?
  3. duaned
    I agree. I tried it, but now prefer the CP100 spinfits to the symbio with small nozzle IEM's.
  4. garcsa
    Please note ---> dilatable bore ---> Symbio W bore diameter 4.5mm on 6.3mm Jack.... :guitar::musical_score::musical_keyboard::saxophone::microphone: :peach::wink:
    Stenso, HungryPanda and SteveOliver like this.
  5. NiVrA
    I ahve the medium size one..how doI know if its the right fit?If I move my jaw the seal is broken..do I need large?
  6. garcsa
    Just check did you usisng it properly
    and yes maybe you need size L.
  7. garcsa
    After Singapore, United Kingdom and Poland we have a retailer in India, too.

  8. garcsa
    HungryPanda and davidcotton like this.
  9. cycheang
    Symbio N is out of stock. When will it restock and the coupon code is valid until ?
  10. garcsa
    autosleeper likes this.
  11. garcsa
  12. posnera
    @garcsa .
    Fyi, I placed an order this week and the coupon code in your signature line was expired.
  13. garcsa
    @posnera PM sent.

    Last week was Xmas Sale, 33% Discount instead of 15% !!!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  14. posnera
    Got the message. Thanks and happy new year!!
  15. mikp
    Can I also get 15%? I followed some advice here to go 1 size down,- but small was smal..go figure. Luckily I also did get a medium was that fits fine. ( ordered off ebay)
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