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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. westyjeff
    @garcsa I just ordered the Symbio W in MMM & MML, I have to say I was a bit confused on the sizing for these, with MMM, MML, MLL and LLL as size options a little more description on the web site would be helpful.
  2. CANiSLAYu
    There are 3 sizes, small medium and large. One order comes with 3 pairs. SML would be one small, one medium, one large. MMM would be 3 pairs of medium. So on and so forth.
  3. garcsa
    Thanks for your order!
    3 sizes, as usual with eartips.
    - S, M, L.
    One set contains 3 pairs, your choice which combination. Sizes S is out of stock till mid of March - these datas can read on our website.
  4. westyjeff
    Received the tips, I ordered the correct sizes, very happy with these tips, the comfort level is well worth the price. Thanks
  5. garcsa
    "Symbio Eartips - to serve your In Ear Monitors!"
  6. Muzafonia
    Can't wait to see symbio W in S,M,L i would like to order.
  7. cleg
    My video about subj.

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  8. Softstepper
    What's the difference between the W / Wn / Wa options? I'm looking to get some to fit the Sony MDR-7550 IEMs. Thanks in advance!
  9. megabigeye
    I believe that "W" fit IEMs with a wide nozzle; "Wn" are W with an adapter for medium sized nozzles; "Wa" are W with an adapter for small nozzles. W fit IEMs that typically take size 400 Comply; Wa fit IEMs like Shure or Westone that take size 100 (or even slightly smaller).
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  10. garcsa
    Sonys nozzle diameter is 4mm.
    Take the Symbio Wn please.
  11. megabigeye
    By the way, several months ago I got the Wa for my Westone UM Pro 50. I kept quiet because, frankly, I couldn't get as good a seal as with my other tips (especially Comply, which I've been using for years with different IEMs). In general I had a bit of trouble finding the right tip for these IEMs. The Westone foam were ridiculously uncomfortable and just destroyed the treble, their silicone just didn't isolate well enough for me. Comply with WaxGuard also ruined the treble, but at least it was comfortable; without the WaxGuard was about as good as I could get, even though I've just found the sub-bass and impact to be severely lacking. The MandarinES Symbios, for whatever reason, I just couldn't get to seal well, less bass than with Comply. I'd delegated them to the back of my junk drawer. $15 down the drain. Oh well.

    BUT! I recently moved and happened to have the Symbios sitting on my desk. On a lark I decided to try them again. I'm so glad I did! These are precisely what I've been looking for: They're super comfy and the bass is OUTSTANDING! Way bigger than with Comply. And the treble is intact! I'll see later how they do for isolation. I'd love if they isolate as much as the Westone foam, but if they're as good as the Comply I'll still be very happy.
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  12. julianlopez85
    HI just wanted to ask a few things, how durable are these ear tips? also i'm currently using tin audio t2 (original) which i think has a 5mm bore, which eartip should i get? also any guidance with the various sizes 9 (e.g is your large similar to competitors sizing or are your large bigger)? Thanks
  13. CheeseInTheSky
    Can anyone help me and verify i need the Wn tips for Carbo Tenore?
    They have 3.5mm nozzle acording to this pic

  14. garcsa
    Take the Symbio Wn , you'll receive Eartips with adapters. If you'll don't need the adapters you can use them without.
    Doubt that the nozzle is 3.5mm .
    According to translator: "... 3.5mm gold plated, stereo mini plug..."

    Don't forget on coupon code :wink:
  15. CheeseInTheSky
    You are right, it seems to be the regular fit is enough... although i cant find anywhere what is the actual nozzle size.

    Ordered a S/M/L set of the Symbio Wn to test it out, we'll see!
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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